24 Blue Ocean Strategy : Definition, Examples, and More

Do you need to write an essay about the Blue Ocean Strategy but require help knowing where to start? This article introduces you to this business strategy and compares it to the Red Ocean Strategy for contrast. Moreover, after reading our examples, you’ll be able to understand how it works in the world market.

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🔝 Top-5 Blue Ocean Strategy Examples

  1. Emirates Airlines' Information System and Strategies
  2. Innovation, Cooperation, Competition, Development
  3. Porter’s Five Forces Model Industry Analysis
  4. Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  5. The Ocean Blue Business Strategy Analysis

🔎 What Is a Blue Ocean Strategy?

A blue ocean strategy seeks to separate your company from similar businesses by gaining unchallenged market space. In this approach, business owners create their markets rather than compete with existing ones. A business may modify its products to propel them into an uncontested market with low prices and little competition. Companies should prioritize buyer utility, price, cost, and adoption in building a blue ocean strategy framework.

Why Is the Blue Ocean Strategy Important?

Tailoring your marketing approach requires understanding why the blue ocean strategy is essential. If you’ve had the vision to get out of the red ocean and try your luck in the blue, it’s a promising idea. As the blue ocean is free of competition and, thus, enables businesses to find new opportunities and dedicate resources to innovation and creating prominent offerings. When this happens, the blue ocean strategy maximizes the profits and growth potential of the business. Of course, the risk is always involved since there is a lingering possibility of attracting competition. If this occurs, you must separate yourself from the pack and venture into the blue ocean again.

🤔 Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean Strategy

In the same way, these strategies contrast in name, so these business strategies are different in their concept. To better understand the differences in their strategic management, we have prepared a comparison table below:

Red Ocean StrategyBlue Ocean Strategy
Compete in a known and existing market space.Create a market with no competitors.
Take the competition head-on and beat them.Put an end to the competition by making it irrelevant.
Identify existing demand and capitalize on it.Capture new demand by creating new products and services.
Focuses on the value-cost trade-off.Pursuing differentiation and low cost simultaneously.
Taking a significant share of a limited market by gaining said share at the expense of another company’s loss.Focuses on unlocking a new demand by championing innovation.
Less work in research and testing because the market has already been tested and there are existing cases.Market analysis, research, and testing are imperative because you bring in something completely new.

✨ What Are the 4 Strategies of the Blue Ocean Strategy?

To implement the strategy competently, we need to understand the concept of this tool. It’s structured into 4 main elements, which form the recipe for its successful realization. Below, we have explained each of the components:

  • Buyer Utility. Creating buyer utility is the fundamental goal of any product. To achieve this, companies must find something beneficial about their product. It should motivate people to reach for their wallets and buy your offering.
  • Price. Pricing can make or break a product’s success, even if a company introduces it to a new market. That’s why it’s crucial to develop a sound pricing strategy that entices customers and makes the product accessible to a broader audience.
  • Cost. A company must watch its profits, not just ensure the product is affordable. The key lies in bringing down costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Adoption. Adoption is the ultimate test of goods’ success, and barriers can be a significant roadblock. To ensure a smooth implementation, the company identifies and addresses obstacles from the start, paving the way for a successful launch and a loyal customer base.

📝 Examples of Blue Ocean Strategy


Apple has repeatedly created blue oceans to come out on top. For example, the company made the iPad since it could not beat the competitors in the PC space. They also did the same with the iPod. Its storage capacity rivaled a hard drive but was also easy to operate and transport. Unlike most MP3 players, the iPod allows users to navigate hundreds of songs intuitively.


The blue ocean strategy of Starbucks is worthy of imitation. It isn’t the first coffee shop in operation, but the company focused on making the product different. Starbucks eventually became a social venue while developing unusual products like smoothies and frappes.

Nintendo Wii

When it comes to Wii, Nintendo has chosen to focus on innovation. The company did it by simultaneously reducing costs and differentiation. Nintendo removed the hard drive and DVD functionality and introduced wireless motion control that had never been seen in the gaming world.

Tesla Motors

As the first electric car inventor, Tesla has minimal competition in this market. Success also follows from the fact that its cars are comparable to high-class sports cars. Some car manufacturers have also developed electric models, but Tesla’s technological edge is unmatched.

In conclusion, the blue ocean strategy provides a framework for creating uncontested market space and making the competition irrelevant. Thus, companies can create new demand and grow their business by focusing on innovation and customer value. If you’re interested in the topic, check out the samples we have prepared below.

💡 Essay Ideas on Blue Ocean Strategy

  1. Chery Automobile Company: Marketing Mix for USA
    Business essay sample: Chery motors have struggled to keep its American competitors at bay especially after seeing the benefits, which came by way of strategic co-operation with the Chinese automakers.
  2. Emicos International: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Operating in the global economic environment is a challenging task even for an organization as well established in the home market environment as Emicos International.
  3. Nike Inc.'s Marketing in the United Arab Emirates
    Business essay sample: Nike does not have its own factories and a permanent production base, which makes its organization mobile and dynamic.
  4. Hybrid Electric Cars Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: The concept of plug-in hybrids emanated from the Chevrolet Motor Car Company when they made Vue to operate partially with the gas engine.
  5. G Company’s Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Company G targets small electronic appliances users by providing high quality and innovative electronic solutions.
  6. The New Hybrid Toyota Prius: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Saud Bahwan Group has partnered with Toyota Motors Corporation to improve sales of Toyota cars in the local Omani market. In this plan, the focus was to improve the brand and sales.
  7. Volterman Smart Wallet: Strategic Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The strategic marketing plan for Volterman smart wallet focuses on how this company can use its limited resources to achieve market success.
  8. Microsoft Corporation' Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: This paper describes how product, place, price, and promotion affects the development of the Microsoft marketing strategy and tactics.
  9. Adidas Company's Vision, Mission, Competition
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  10. Marketing Strategy of Adidas in the UAE
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  12. Emirates Airlines: Marketing Analysis
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  13. NMC Healthcare Company's Mission and Vision
    Business essay sample: The work uncovers the topic of the importance to be a mission- and vision-oriented company operating in the healthcare sector on the example of NMC Healthcare.
  14. The 4p’s Marketing Strategies Analysis
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  15. Marketing Mix and Strategies Used in Combination With 4p'
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  16. Nivea Visage Products' Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: Since NIVEA prides itself as a leading cosmetic and skin care brand, it is unsurprising that the customer profile of the company is mainly comprised of women.
  17. Industrial Technical Development Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The company, which will be analyzed, is engaged in the sphere of repairing services and technical maintenance of the steel furnaces and supplementary equipment.
  18. Emirates Airline Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: The article describes the marketing strategy of Emirates Airline, the scale of the company, the level of development and development potential thanks to well-structured marketing.
  19. Marketing Strategy for Asda
    Business essay sample: Asda is a retailing store which is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart. The retail store is based in the United Kingdom and is among the largest retail store in the United Kingdom.

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