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ACT Contact Manager Integration

The modern world of business is characterized by the high competition and the fast pace at which the techno logy develops leaving those companies that did not manage to catch up with it behind in their technological development. Accordingly, technology and software determine the market position of any business entity, the time it needs to react to changes, the speed of its operational performance, and gives this business entity the competitive advantage in case if these technological and software equipment pieces are the most updated and properly implemented ones (Sage, 2009b).

Understanding the importance of technological progress and computerization in the modern business world, Sage Business Works Company developed the software package titled BusinessWorks 50 especially for accounting processes in a business entity (Sage, 2009a). Alone being a powerful accounting software package, BusinessWorks 50 by Sage became even more effective when the ACT contact manager was integrated with this package to provide mutual connection between the three main participants of business relations, i. e. the company, its vendors, and customers (Sage, 2009).

In more details, the integration of the ACT and the BusinessWorks by Sage allows (ACT!, 2009):

  1. Synchronize information flows (Integrated ACT and Business Works allow the company and its vendors to develop a unified bidirectional data-exchange system that updates automatically in both databases when changes are made in one of them);
  2. Launch accounts receivable, order entry, accounts payable, and inventory control and purchasing operations from within ACT (Users of the integrated BusinessWorks with ACT do not have to switch from one software to another and can save time and effort using the integrated ACT BusinessWorks by Sage);
  3. Map customized vendor data (BusinessWorks integrated with ACT allows its users to unite the two mapping systems so that the company can customize its vendors mapping, and the vendors can customize the company’s information);
  4. Keep track of the transactions and accounting history of both the company and its vendors (enables also to consider deleted and edited orders in their initial non-modified form);
  5. Provide BusinessWorks’ security from outside intrusions and from intrusions of the ACT users (thus the integrated BusinessWorks provides functions of ACT but at the same time protects from undesired ACT data requests) (ACT!, 2009).

Plug-ins and add-ons

Accordingly, the new version of the BusinessWorks package by Sage, i. e. BusinessWorks 50, displays a wide range of plug-ins and add-ons that make this very software package a valuable and highly updated solution for business accounting (Accounting Library, 2009). The major enhancements the BusineeWorks 50 displays include:

  1. The above discussed ACT integrations that allows BusinessWorks users to have integrated company-vendor databases and trace the accounting history of both business entities;
  2. Access to Sage Software Information Center that allows the BusinessWorks users to keep track of the latest Sage news and address Sage specialists for assistance (Sage Software, 2009);
  3. Facilitated installation process that allows fast installation of the new version of BusinessWorks on the computer where the previous version was used and enables the user to timely update the Pervasive version necessary for BusinessWorks operation;
  4. Access to the improved lookups toolbar that enable the user to operate with vendor, part, purchase order, customer, and order lookups and increases the speed of finding the data requested;
  5. Opportunity to access the customers’ and vendors’ inquiries on both accou8nts payable and accounts receivable (APs and ARs) through the Inquiry Balance Drill Down option (Sage Software, 2009);
  6. Set of additional features that allow saving time by copying the data from one balance sheet to another, backup the information potentially subjected to deletion, and make the work with the software easier. These features include Copy Company and Prompt to Backup options, Voiding AP Credit Card Payments and Improved GL Reporting Sort Options, and the opportunity to convert sales orders to invoices (Sage Software, 2009).

Best Sage Business Works 50 Application

Thus, the above presented features of the new BusinessWorks software package by Sage Software Company allows speaking that this software can be best applied by the small to middle-size business company dealing in any kind of industry and wishing to improve their accounting procedures so that to be able to take more time to business as such instead of developing accounting management system by themselves. In more detail, the software by Sage will be of great use for the companies that currently experience performance decline and need to better structure their operations so that to see where the root of their performance issues lies. BusinessWorks software package will benefit the growing businesses that experience the need to improve decision making process and seek unity in the process of solution finding. Finally, the companies whose profitability in on decline might find BusinessWorks useful as the clarity it brings to the accounting might reduce losses and restore the company’s profitability. Thus, BusinessWorks by Sage can be called the timely help to growing business entities and to the companies experiencing performance and decision making crises.

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