Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation: Quality Assurance Work


Working for the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is an extremely challenging yet very fascinating job in that it provides a plethora of opportunities for professional growth and helps train the skills that are considered vital for any member of a Quality Assurance Department. Allowing for determining the quality of the product and services delivered to the customer, the skills acquired in the process of working as a member of the Quality Assurance Department have shaped me as a professional greatly.

The job of a member of the quality assurance staff

To start with, the price scale at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is quite impressive for such a demanding and exhausting job as a QA specialist. The traditional wages for an average QA employee in the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation make $18.00–$27.40 per hour.

The benefits of working as a quality assurance specialist at Sikorsky are worth bringing up. First, the chances for professional growth are truly ample, as it has been stressed above. With every single assignment, the experience of a QA grows exponentially; more to the point, new skills are trained whenever a new quality check procedure is assigned to a QA specialist. Also, a QA expert learns the importance of providing accurate regular accounts of the state of aircraft, which creates the premises for developing social responsibility in a QA employee. Last, but not the least, the fact that a QA member has to work with various types of customers predetermines developing unique communication skills that help reduce the possibility of a conflict to a minimum and come to terms with even the most demanding customers.

The downsides of being a QA at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation are quite obvious and, unfortunately, inescapable. Needless to say, it is a very exhausting job. In addition to rather tense working conditions, conflicts with customers can be sparked easily, while attaining a compromise is very problematic. However, these drawbacks are barely noticeable when compared to the advantages of being a member of the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation QA team.

The requirements of enrolling in the QA department at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation are rather harsh as well. According to the existing regulations, a QA at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is supposed to meet such quality expectations as improving, developing, and sustaining the quality management system, providing technical solutions and carrying out supervisions for the Repair Station and Manufacturing Quality Department, maintaining a particular schedule for regular audits, with the inclusion of AS 9100; AS 9110; FAA Part 21 and Part 145; EASA Part 145 (Quality Manager. Composite Technology, Inc para.3–10) and other audits.

A QA’s working hours depend on whether the Day Shift (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) or the Night Shift (5 p.m. – 2 a.m.) has been chosen. The company has several affiliates located not only all over the USA (Beeville, TX; Wappingers Falls, NY; Turnbull, CT, etc. (Sikorsky para. 4)), but also worldwide.


While the job of a Quality Assurance Specialist admittedly has its problems, it is an overall perfect way for one to start developing both specific profession related qualities, such as the ability to keep in mind the specifics of different Sikorsky aircraft models, as well as rather general yet nonetheless essential qualities like being attentive to details, punctual and able to learn new information fast. At the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a QA specialist is capable of becoming a high-class expert.

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