The U.S. Small Business Organization Documents


The author of the document is SBA (The U.S. Small Business Organization).

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There are four ways through which the author can be contacted:

  • By Mail.
  • By the phone.
  • By Email.
  • At their local office.

The purpose of the document is to give information and services based on the various needs of people in small businesses. The document serves three main purposes:

  • To enable business people to find resources locally. An example of a resource provided in the document is disaster loans. The document offers information on disaster loans. Furthermore, it offers a platform for the application of these loans. Not only are these loans beneficial to business people, but also other people. These are people such as homeowners, renters, and other organizations.
  • To enable business people to network with other business people. This is done through the open business blog. The open business blog is a forum that enables business people to meet and update each other on business concerns. This forum promotes the growth of businesses.
  • To make it easier for business people to achieve their business goals. This is the overall purpose of the document. It brings business people together, and this creates an environment where business people develop their businesses.
  • The author is qualified to write the document. The author of the document is a reputable organization. This is deduced from the fact that the organization’s actions are regulated by the Recovery Act of the U.S. Government.


The document is authoritative as it is published by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The domain name of the document ends with (gov) which means that it is run officially run by an agency of the U.S. government.


The objectives of the document are clearly stated in the organization’s mission statement. These are:

  • To ensure that the interests of small businesses are met.
  • To maintain an environment of free competition in businesses.
  • To maintain and strengthen the overall economy of the U.S.A.

The document contains advertising for small business loans, grants, bonds, and other financial assistance. The document provides detailed information about each of these programs. It provides information showing that the products advertised are intended to meet the needs of small businesses.


The information on the document is current. All the articles on the document are dated 2012. All the links on the document function fully and lead accurately to the information required. The information produced through the links is up to date and is directed to the right target audience (small business owners).

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  • The information on the document is entirely free. There is no need for membership or log in details.
  • The information is comprehensive for its target audience (small business owners). It is up to date as most articles on the document have recent dates.
  • Any information which does not belong to the author is indicated. Links have been provided to enable immediate access to such information. The links lead to information that is relevant to the document’s theme.
  • The document could be viewed on two different web-browsers (Mozilla and internet explorer). There is no need to download any software to view the whole document.
  • Most of the content on the document is text. An option to print the content on the document is available.
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