Almarai Company: Total Quality Management

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Executive Summary

Almarai Company is the largest dairy producer in Saudi Arabia. It deals with dairy farms and produces processed foods, and markets all its farm products and fruit juices. Almarai comes from Arabic word, ‘green pastures’. It’s a well established company in Middle East and wishes to group itself in the Middle East region and to grow its markets to other countries.

The company uses best practices in its management by implementing the principles relating to the total quality management. The company is the leading producer of the farm products and juices. The company has been able to maintain its position as the leading company is the Saudi Arabia with its excellence in the implementation of the policies and execution of its operations. The reports aim at identifying the total quality management principles which are used by the company and the culture which is in place in the company. It’s through this analysis that we come up with the best recommendation of what the company should implement (Naagarazan 89).


The company is the best company in the implementation of the employment policies which have been in place and it’s through this that the company has attracted big companies for the partnership. The PepsiCo Company on February this year formed a partnership with Almarai so as to expand their territories of the markets. The company has established its reputation in the country and on the international scenes for its products and it’s through this that the customers are satisfied with the products of the company. There is competition in the country on the food industry but the company has been able to establish its market well in the region.


Almarai is a company which is respected in the Middle East. It has played major roles in assisting or contributing to the society at large through employment opportunities, provision of services, establishing social amenities, educational sector where it has sponsored many needy students besides building schools, and participation in social activities like organizing and sponsoring athletics in the region. This company motivates me as I would like to offer them advice based on their operations so that they can deliver the best in the market and that the company will rip a lot of benefits. Almarai has been participating in helping the less fortunate families through its charitable programmed department. It is an ISO certified company in all the departments it operates (Mukherjee 111).

Products and services

Almarai engages its subsidiaries in various processes from production, distribution, to marketing of all its products throughout the Middle East and to other parts of the world. Its main products include poultry, Arable and Horticulture, Bakery, Dairy and Juice. The company uses the Almarai as its own identification name in all the products it produces and sells across the country. The company utilizes quality supply chain management in all its distribution in the whole region.

The company culture

The company has a well established culture which has enabled the company be well informed and take up responsibility as soon as it’s identified. The company has a well established capital base which has enabled the company expands its territories at all times in the region and across the world. It’s through the culture of reaching out to many customers in the potential market and its existing market that the company is well placed to execute the details of its niche in the most desirable manners as well. The company is the one which has been running within the vision and mission of the company.

This has formed a basis of its culture. The companies also have a culture of equal employer opportunity to all the employees and potential employees. The company has been in the lime light in the training of all its employees well before they are posted to their respective sections of operations. This fosters the total quality management in the company which will be reflected in the effective execution of duties by these employees and ensuring that the customers are satisfied on the products hey buy from them (Mukhopadhyay 45).

Total quality barriers

The company is utilizing a technology which needs to be changed so as to have the products produced in the most efficient and cost effective means. The company also has a poor system of rewarding employees hence there is increase in the high turnover of the employees. The company should be in a position to reward its employees well in the most attractive perks so as to maintain the highly skilled, trained and experienced ones. This is very expensive to the company in the sense that it invests a lot of resources in training the employees only to have them leave the company without any proper reason but that which relates to the lack of motivation to work for the company.

Reasons for the barriers

The technology used is a barrier in the company since it is the one which can tell how efficient and quality the products of the company are. This is the main determinant of the quality of the company management and production of the products. This barrier ensures that the production of the products in the company takes a longer time which will prohibits the faster access to the resources in the company of production for efficiency.

The employees reward system also is a barrier to the quality management of the company. This is because the company should be in a position to have motivated employees so that the production is really as per their own will and creativity is promoted. This will ensure that the employees are working well and aim at producing quality work at all levels of the production which will eventually be reflected in the product quality. It’s through also the employees that the customers will be satisfied in their service delivery.

Quality culture

The quality culture of a company is identified through the ultimate satisfaction of the customers. This is through the products which they use and their interactions with the company employees. There should be continuous improvement of the planning process of the company production and the utilization of the resources. There should be no fear from the employees of what ever dimension in their work and production.

There should be implementation of a policy which is aimed at improving the company employees self improvement. In Almarai Company these policies have been implemented and it has ensured that the company is operating well. The difference is the reward system which the employees are lacking in the Almarai Company. The company has not effected the excellent policies in the motivation of the employees (Allotey 147).


The company has shown quality leadership in the management of the company as a whole. The management has explored the quality leadership in the company which has ensured that the customer satisfaction is attained. The company management has utilized the customer satisfaction as the main key in the quality management. The quality management in the company is of great benefits as the products which are being produced meets the standards. The quality management also has been indicated in the treatment of employees where all the employees are treated equally without any discrimination. There is effective communication between the staff and the company management in the implementation of the policies which are to be executed within the company (Liebler and McConnell 124).

Cultural change

The company should effect the quality management culture in the company such that there is effective communication between all the people concern with the company processes. The culture also of expansion should be in the interest of the companies increase in the revenues. The expansion of the market also should be at the forefront so as to have access to many customers hence there should be customer satisfaction which should be enhanced.

Recommendations on improvement of the total quality system

The company leadership should be enhanced and effected appropriately so as to have the right decisions made and implemented within the right time. The company should also exercise the best policies in rewarding the employees so as to be motivated to work harder to attain the best in company production. Total quality management should include the effective communication so as to have everyone in the company responsible for their actions. There should also be inclusion of the company employees in the decisions which are being made which affects them so as to have adequate contribution from all of them which will result in the effective management and accountability. The quality management also should cover the policies which are customer based so as to have effective policies in place.

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