Analysis of Disneyland’s Popularity and Aspects of Opening New Theme Park

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This paper aims to investigate Disneyland’s popularity and identify its causes. In addition, it is vital to explore if opening a new theme park would require an accommodation to the standards and traditions of local culture. In general, it is necessary to determine the factors attracting people to Disneyland and the idea of opening a new park in the area. As a result of the profound literature review, it becomes evident that people of all ages are drawn to the attractions. Regardless of age or social status, individuals like to experience some thrill. However, it is the crucial task of park owners to provide them with a lifetime journey to the world of amusement. When opening a park, the holders struggle to find a proper location and distribute investments.

Another major problem is that the locals may not be willing to visit a new place because it does not fit their culture. Thus, it is vital to develop strategies that the owners can apply to have a booming international business revenue. The improvement plan consists of accustoming to the chosen culture and attracting local investors, managers, and other stakeholders to the work process. This approach is selected because it contributes to the development of a better business.

Disneyland’s Popularity

Theme parks around the world are developing in parallel with the entertainment industry. Walt Disney devoted a significant part of his resources to the creation of the park. For example, he sent some animators on a trip to the United States so that they could see how amusement parks are arranged everywhere (Mittermeier, 2020). The creator wanted to found a place for the whole family, where an American of the century could spend the perfect day. Inside the company, he created a particular division, Disney Imagineering, whose employees came up with parks, attractions, recreation areas — and later, for example, cruises and other entertainment. Construction of the park began in the summer of 1954. On July 17, 1955, the first Disneyland opened in Anaheim (Mittermeier, 2020). The format of an amusement park at that time was not something revolutionary for America.

Visiting Disneyland was a unique experience, unlike other amusement parks. Only there in one day, it was possible to ride a rocket, take a walk in the jungle, visit the Wild West and get into a fabulous kingdom (Mittermeier, 2020). Even though the park did not receive immediate attention, Disney decided to launch marketing campaigns to increase the number of visitors. As a result, the primary reason for the park’s success is that it provides a person with a unique experience.

Statement of the Problem

The major problem of opening a similar theme park in a new area relates to the adaptation to a new culture. A new location would require a full accustoming to its traditions and views. Otherwise, it would be impossible to attract new visitors to the theme park. What is more, it would be difficult to compete against the existing amusement places which have already gained the public’s love and attention.

Causes of the Problem

The major cause of the problem refers to the different perception of cultures of what a theme park should look like. However, all people want creativity and novelty to be present in such places. Another problem relates to the area itself – whether or not is it visited by tourists. Therefore, the owners must consider as many factors as possible before creating a new amusement park..

Decision Criteria and Alternative Solutions

The primary decision criterion refers to allocation financial resources properly. Opening a theme park will require enormous expenses; thus, it is vital that no penny is spent for a wrong purpose. Another criterion relates to the time of implementation (Pathak, 2020). Launching such a venture needs a detailed plan with the specified time frames; otherwise, the opening date may be delayed many times. Therefore, there is a need to develop alternative solutions to avoid any problems.

Based on international experience, several main trends may be identified: virtual reality, a combination of shopping and entertainment (Retailtainment) in a new format of urban resorts. The demand for entertainment is growing, theme parks will develop all over the world, turning into a new type of local tourism — more and more residents of megacities will prefer to rest in urban resorts. With the development of the global economy and the growing demand for entertainment, more and more theme parks will appear, new operators will appear who will begin to use the multi-brand concept, offering more and more flexible business models.

The specifics of doing business fundamentally depend on the country’s culture and are reflected in all aspects of business relations – from regular contacts to the negotiation process and the forms of contracts concluded. At the heart of the cultural differences that exist between countries are fundamental differences in value orientations (Pathak, 2020). In case Disney’s follower decides to build an amusement park in a new location, they must stick to the developed plan, including the following steps. According to the theory of new venture creation, one must ensure to consider their financial abilities and define the cultural background in case they open a company in a different country (Pathak, 2020). First, the owner must choose a good area in the country which is likely to attract tourists from all over the world. Once the location is selected, it is vital to attract local stakeholders, including investors, designers, managers, employees who would further work there. They will significantly contribute to creating an environment that would appeal to the local visitor and best display the local culture.

Furthermore, consistency is not a must in every location because each Disneyland should reflect its traditions and legacy in a new country. For instance, when opening a theme park in Shanghai, Disney considered highlighting the state’s peculiarities. It is also indispensable to attract local workers who could promote their cultural perspective and ensure a high-quality customer experience in a host country (Pathak, 2020). Employment is also a significant benefit of having such a park as Disneyland in any area. Additionally, the owners of a new theme park must take care of the surrounding facilities – roads, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets, which is a great advantage as well, especially for tourists. As a result, the improvement plan is expected to boost the number of tourists in the area and bring income to the local budget. However, it will be quite difficult for my area to sustain such a venture since it is not a populated place.


In summary, even though Disneyland is a world-famous park, opening it in a new location will require a carefully thought-out plan to adapt to the local culture. This approach will help attract more visitors from different countries, which will contribute to economic growth. In general, the construction of a new Disneyland is a significant investment because its worldwide popularity is rooted deep in history, and it can offer a unique experience to visitors.


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