Clocking In and Out at the Pear Company

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Good leadership is the backbone of the success of any company. Through it, a company’s management can set and achieve challenging goals, outperform the competition, and make a stand on the decision necessary for the company and the workers (Kjærgaard & Meier, 2021). The Pear company has implemented good leadership by offering teaching and training to its workers who have issues adjusting to the new requirements by management to clock in before and out after work. Margaret Mendoza, a 28-year-old Spanish woman, got the chance to work for the Pear company as a customer support representative. She is hired to take both English and Spanish calls and offer customer support via the phone. The company has most of its employees being older individuals aged between 55 and 65 years. Keeping up with the new digital era has imposed a new policy regarding collecting data on who has reported work and when they have departed, whether physically within the facility or online.

The Pear company has a phone application that educates its workers on clocking in at the start of their assigned shift and out at the end of the assigned shift. Through this new system, the company can track and record the number of hours its staff has worked, as a result avoiding payroll errors. Time tracking software usage has dramatically impacted the company as it accurately reports those who have attended work. For Margaret, who works for five days, two at the company and three at home, this new policy seems not to be causing any challenges since she is tech-savvy. However, her colleague Mary, a 58-year-old woman, faces this challenge since she is not tech-savvy. Margaret is among the trainers offering to tutor those in need of it. Given the older age of the majority of the employees, technological advancement poses a significant challenge that negatively impacts the introduction of the new system, hence the need to be addressed effectively. One of those facing challenges is a 58-year-old Spanish woman named Mary Jane. Mary is not tech-savvy; therefore, she requires the training offered to adjust to the new policy of clocking in and out of work and lunch. Margaret offers her additional training during off-hours since they are just neighbors and can be accessed physically, making the tutoring more effective. The need to provide training for the current employees rather than just terminating their contracts and employing tech-savvy personnel shows that the company has good management and influential leaders. The administration aims to equip the existing employees with the necessary skills and retain their services rather than new ones.

For the Pear company to record those who have attended work, checking in and out is the easiest and more secure way. Additionally, the company will know if any form of overtime is covered. Margaret’s line of work indicates she will be in contact with customers who have issues with the company’s products or services, and she would need to offer support through guiding and directing the customers. She is to provide her services to English and Spanish-speaking customers. The company also provides business phones to all employees with the pre-installed phone application to propel the policy. Live training is ideal for countering the challenges by introducing the new system to old employees with limited modern technological know-how. Proper planning is vital, and it can only be in place with good leaders taking over the company’s management, thereby ensuring its success. The application will enable all workers to learn how to update their working status, check in at the commencement of their work shift, and check out at the end.

All employees are given a two-week grace period to have adjusted to the new policy, with further action being an option if they fail to change given the training provided. As a leader, necessary action is needed if one fails to adjust since many resources and time have been put in place to ensure success. The supervisor will also be available for an additional two weeks to ensure all emerging questions and concerns from the trainees are answered, which will be taken if one fails to adjust. To prevent training from interfering with the work schedule, the company has set the commencing thirty minutes into the shift and performed daily. An additional questionnaire will be provided at the end of the daily training, and all trainees are required to answer all questions and concerns. Through this, the company can know what the trainees have understood and what additional changes might be needed to make the training more effective and the new system successful.

A professional solution seems ideal when looking at the challenges that a new policy might implicate. It can only be steered if good leadership is within a particular company or organization. The six steps to better offering professional solutions are: listing the current problems, picking one, fixing the right situation, diagnosing before solving, getting the relevant expert, and finally making the solution stick (Kjærgaard & Meier, 2021). All these steps can be implemented at Pear company, thus ensuring the new policy’s success. Good leadership has enabled success by offering all the requirements that propelled the new system towards success. In guaranteeing the new checking in and out system works, the leaders within the company were ready to ensure the solution sticks and were also prepared to pay what it costs. It can be seen when they offer a two-week training to all of its employees and offer business phones at no charge at all. All costs are incurred by the company, thereby portraying good management.


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