Asset Maintenance Management

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One of the most important issues which appear when the organisation grows because it is necessary to pay much attention to the maintenance and development of the existing facilities as well as incorporation of new facilities. The current organisation is the University A which has some teaching facilities that are to be maintained and developed, while it also requires new-build facilities and their incorporation into the existing organisation. So, it is necessary to set up a maintenance management team which would consist of a service manager that would be responsible for service maintenance including information, facilities, and delivery, a human resource manager responsible for relationships between the maintenance management team and the staff members of the university A, a financial manager responsible for planning the cost expenditure and cost reduction on the required changes. The engineering consultant that was appointed by the University A to undertake an initial technical review of potential maintenance and development areas within the city campus can be subordinate to the service manager that deals with assessment and planning of measures necessary to improve the facilities.

The service manager and human resource manager should be subordinate to financial manager because financial aspect of the issue is approximately the most important one in terms of reducing expenditures. As the competency means the condition of being capable to govern people, the leader should be able to coordinate and control actions of the group accountable to him/her in terms of moral and physical abilities. In regard to the responsibilities of different roles within the maintenance management team for this project, it is necessary to assess competencies required for each member. Thus, the human resource manager should be able to inspire others, meet the needs of employees and organisation, and be able to improve his /her skills in terms of technological progress; financial manager should be aware of all possible strategies that should be implemented into the organisation and risks that the company can face, moreover, this person should be a strategic contributor of the team as well as the human resource manager and service manager; a service manager should be able to find a balance between the human resource manager in order to save a healthy environment and with the financial manager to cope with his/her responsibilities.

The next stage after having set up a maintenance management team is to introduce maintenance strategies. The maintenance strategy should comprise measures concerning all aspects. As there are three major aspects in the University A (one aspect for each maintenance manager), it is necessary to develop goals and methods for each one and include them into the general strategy. Goals are the results that are expected to be achieved, while methods are ways to achieve these results. Thus, the financial strategy has a goal to reduce expenditures and to maintain and develop the existing teaching and administration facilities, as there are different campuses including specialized schools which require specialized equipment. Another goal of the financial management is to provide incorporation of new-build teaching facilities with appropriate and sufficient financial costs.

The service management should provide the University A with aspects from electrical and mechanical surveys. In this respect, it is important to receive complete information concerning the potential changes needed in order to guarantee normal maintenance. An engineering consultant should assess and plan some possible measures to be taken in terms of potential maintenance and development areas within the city campus. The human resource management should take all possible measures to create a healthy environment because the employees should be aware of changes that take place in the University A as well as the efforts required from every staff member in order to cope with all difficulties involved in the process of incorporation of new facilities. The evaluation criteria for the human resource management comprise a set of surveys for employees to assess the health of environment. As healthy environment is nearly the major goal of the human resource management, it is possible to assess the work of the human resource management via assessment of the environment. The financial management should be assessed with the help of financial control performed by specialized independent services that deal with calculation of expenditures, payroll accounting, and other financial issues. The service management should be assessed considering the completeness of information received by this department, appropriateness of decisions made, and measures expected to be taken.

The maintenance scheme includes ways to improve asset dependability and reduce expenditures. Thus, it is necessary to spend money once in order to save them further; the University managerial staff can purchase an automatic meter reading device which can be used to measure the amount of water, gas, and energy consumed. Automatic meter reading is a technology introduced in order to automatically control data from metering devices without personally checking each physical location of the devices. All the data are collected and analysed in terms of billing and troubleshooting. The design of the automatic meter reading device presupposes advantages that include reliability, upgradeability, interoperability, scalability, and maintainability. All these features facilitate the installation, operation, and maintenance of the device. When the meter reading device is installed, it is necessary to think about the territory in terms of the environmental protection and some space for employees and students. The parking lot should be sufficient as well as verdure which is aimed at reducing the effect of fume discharges.

It is necessary to reduce the costs for maintenance of the University A to reduce expenditures; this can be done via incorporation of the devices and facilities developed by the General Engineering and Research Institute which is a part of the Faculty of Technology and Environment. The European Institute for Urban Affairs can be useful in terms of engaging students and educators into creation of healthy environment and development of relationships between the new managerial staff and the existing employees. The major risks appear when not all consequences are considered, the goals and methods of their achieving are poorly defined, and the employees do not realise the necessity of changes and incorporation of new facilities.

The maintenance procurement means the act or an instance of procuring which presupposes that a certain company asks an independent services company to do some job. In this respect, the maintenance management team performs the functions of hired employees aimed at improvements in the University A in terms of reducing expenditures, improving asset dependability, and making employees aware of the necessity of incorporation of new teaching facilities. The asset management strategy includes awareness of the current condition of assets and expectations concerning their future maintenance. As lifecycle asset maintenance management principles comprise the standards, it is necessary to determine the designed function, type of construction, purpose and conditions of exploitation in terms of the current and future expectations and requirements including the replacement costs and expenditures on day-to-day maintenance. The actual condition and the expected one should be compared with regard to standards applicable to certain units.

Consequently, the top level award criteria for the most economically advantageous tender for outsourcing maintenance work should be given for one specific maintenance work to be outsourced. It is obvious that the outsourcing is necessary either when the company does not have employees engaged into the area where the outsource services are required, or when the employees of the outsourcing company are more efficient than the employees of the basic company, or when the outsourcing services are less expensive than the establishment, training, and maintenance of the department dealing with the required are in the basic company. As the University A did not face the problem of incorporation of new-build teaching facilities before, it did not require a maintenance management team.

The facilities dependability can be improved with the help of introducing new equipment necessary to provide energy, gas, water, and heat to the new facilities. As the campus territory is already divided into areas each having electrical and mechanical equipment, it is necessary to provide the new facilities with necessary conveniences. The purpose of the new electrical and mechanical equipment is to provide energy, gas, water, and heat to the new facilities. So, the outsourcing company should develop a plan in order to achieve the results that would not interfere with the work and maintenance of the existing facilities.

The maintenance information is an important part of the maintenance process because an outsourcing company cannot deal with facilities which are aimed at performing the same functions as the existing ones, while the new ones should be constructed in order to include the needs of the increased campus and the number of employees. Thus, the maintenance management team should collect all information that they may use while working on this project. The first data that is already available is the Technical Development Appraisal (TDA) report from the University A and an initial technical review of potential maintenance and development areas within the city campus, and the following information documents are adapted from this report by the engineering consultant appointed by the University A. As the maintenance needs may vary regarding the present condition of the existing facilities in terms of standards acceptable for certain units and expected requirements, it is necessary to take into account all minor and major units that may influence normal operation of the whole system.

The stakeholders are another important part of the maintenance and incorporation of new facilities; it is necessary to take into account the network of communication between the stakeholders. The existing employees are the first party concerned, while the maintenance management team are another party. So, the relationships between these two parties should not interfere with the maintenance process. Besides, the healthy environment provided by the human resource management is likely to facilitate the communication between the stakeholders. Moreover, the members of staff should cooperate with the maintenance management team in order to precipitate the incorporation of the new facilities.

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