E-Thanks Letter Proposal to Employee

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Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to congratulate you on the hard work and the devotion that you have displayed towards the company and other co-workers. Since you are the most recent addition to our team, the results of your work and originality of ideas came as a great surprise. Your work has become an example for other employees, as well as created a standard that the managers and department leaders will strive towards.

To be more specific in our acknowledgment, let us say that your teamwork was outstanding. The help that you provided to your fellow workers and the support of those how are not that familiar with the concepts, was very thorough and much needed. The experience in the field of electronics, your knowledge of the functions and usage of our equipment was truly amazing. The precise nature of your advice and the ability to predict the most common breakdowns and errors was very informative and to the point. It has been noticed that you work well alone but the work that you displayed within the team is extraordinary. We have received numerous thank you letters and recommendations from other employees, who describe you as a great person, a teacher, and someone who they look up to. This sort of behavior is very unexpected since our company is rather young and such attitude has not been seen before. The way you structured the working shifts and the breaks for your team, made the work environment much more laid back but at the same time increased the productivity and the progress of the orders.

It has been noted by our top managers that you have displayed the skills and role of a leader in working with other workers. We also received thanks from other departments that are not directly related to your work. They have acknowledged that you are very determined in finding out the best solution for any problem that they have come across and have taken great care to provide any information in resolving the issue. We look forward to your further advancement in the field of battery and cell power management, as well as the amplification department. It has come to our attention that you have done some work about hard disk data recovery and were very successful in finding new ways to accomplish the task. This can be considered a technological breakthrough, as such work was not observed in the previous years. Your experience and talent have provided much room for improvement in the company but also in the personal spectrum of each worker. The communication that you have shown between the different departments also deserves special attention. It was a great idea to create a computer system, which enabled everyone to contribute to the data collection. The pooling of information made this a great resource that benefited several divisions, specializing in electromagnetic interference and current analysis. They have all complimented your work and have shown great want to have you as the leader of the department.

Considering all your accomplishments in our company, customer service deserves special attention. Since you started your work, we have received numerous letters via email and many customers have come in, to acknowledge your care. They have all described you as a kind and helpful individual, who would do anything in his power to find the product best suited to their needs. The customers also noted that you have taken an extra step to describe to them the issue or the cause of the problem, which helped them better understand the root of the problem. This allowed them to diagram the source and look for a solution by themselves. Even though it might seem that this could decrease the flow of business, it has had the quite opposite effect. The reputation of our company has spread out in the community and your accomplishments with the customers have become known to the greater public. Over the past several months the amount of customers has increased by 20% and all have mentioned your department in some way or another.

Another area that deserves special attention is the work area that you have created for yourself and others. With minimum resources and using waste materials, you have established a well-functioning workshop, which can be used for several purposes. Not only we have noticed your experimentation with the frequencies but the process, which allows the increase of velocity without a significant power increase is unheard of. This opens up several opportunities, which our company has not even started to comprehend. Also, the insulators that were previously used were greatly enhanced by your work, making the workshop area and products of the company much safer. All these accomplishments came as a pleasant surprise, making you the best employee that every worker in our company and possibly in the field of electronics.

We would like to acknowledge your skills by offering you several different positions within our company, where we are sure you will find anything you need for your unique and outstanding work.

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