Employee Contribution to Achieving ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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Many people think that being in my place is the most comfortable position in a business company. Well, they are quite wrong on it. A serious business company should have as one of its main objectives the improvement of the overall performance as an organization. They also should not forget that businesses are there to serve the customer and this is the last that should be the focus of business policies. In order to meet customer requirements and expectations, the organization should improve itself. For this reason, adequate leadership is needed from people like me, presidents and CEO’s. if you want to have good leadership, you must have clear objectives for the future and constantly implement policies to make the company improve and meet customer expectations. That is exactly what my job consists of. As in my case, the president of the company should prepare the ground for a “quality culture” within the company. It is my duty to constantly overview its implementation. Fortunately, I had to deal with an excellent management team which inspired me to have the commitment to continuously implement courageous management strategies and constantly push for continuous improvement of quality-to-customer policies during management review meetings with other members.


As you may have read from above, if presidents of a company should lay the principles and policies of quality improvement, I would be the one who should begin implementing these policies. It is people like me, MRQ’s who have the duty to manage activities and related resources as a sole process. I have tried to do this by identifying, managing, and understanding interrelated processes as a single structural unit and not as independent of each other. If you read the ISO 9001 manual you will find out that it is an ISO 9001 standard requirement that companies should establish quality objectives and adequately plan processes to achieve these objectives. Thus, processes should be efficient and effective in every location or affiliate it has. That is the difficult duty of people in my position; managing as one unity the different locations of the company. In collaboration with the team, we achieved this by implementing the correct quality culture among all company’s employees and setting adequate standards of process control implementation regardless of location. You should not forget this part. Try to treat employees fairly and equally regardless of location and position. If you ask me, it was this feature that made the company function as a single unit. And finally, I might say that we did it because we promoted the beauties of unity instead of division.


Well, every company has to think carefully when it comes to budgeting and spending. One should try to achieve as much as one can without spending as much. That is my job, to try to achieve that situation. It is an ISO 9001 standard requirement that a company should be efficient in its spending and need to have clear requirements for purchased products. A quality culture is not effective without the proper financial backup and attention. As CFO, I am responsible for not allowing the company to make inadequate spending if it company wants to be efficient and effective. I think that with the help of all department members, we achieved this. as mentioned above, I also do believe that the employees should be treated in a fair and equal way in order to become a strong factor for the company. This treatment cannot be achieved without the proper Human Relations policies. So, I and my team tried to implement policies that had in focus both the staff of our company independent of location and the “duty” of getting to the customer the quality message by proper public relation strategies. I would like to thank my team for the proper implementation of a professional improvement strategy for the employees by training and a detailed job description (duties and responsibilities) policy. I personally insisted that this should be associated with adequate monetary reward (and other forms of) incentive programs to boost their morale.

Internal audit group manager

“The company and its processes should be regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and effectiveness”, – tells us the ISO 9001. That is the duty of the internal audit department, and this sector manager has the responsibility to overview the policies and practical procedures that we mentioned above. As an internal audit manager, I have been very careful in evaluating the ongoing processes and the following of procedures during policy implementation in the company in all of its locations. You have to be careful in monitoring the roles assigned to different sectors and the fulfillment (the responsibility part) of the duties assigned to these roles if you want the plan to implement successfully. That’s my job, that’s what I did.

Training & Development Manager

My colleagues before mentioned that ISO 9001 standards also concern the treatment of employees from the company. I believe that it is common sense in business today that a company cannot (and will not) do well in the market if it does not treat adequately its labor force, its staff. The implementation of the policies mentioned above regarding employee training and morale is the responsibility of the Training and Development manager. I am happy to tell that my team did the work par excellence. Together we managed the achievement of high morale of the staff by implementing the right incentive programs and professional improvement training programs. We also achieved an increase in performance by the staff by setting up the correct procedures to be followed and clear job duties and responsibilities for them. This way an employee, independent of location, knew what he should do and how to do it procedurally. That is my, and my team’s, contribution.

ISO Team member

First, I have to explain what the team is about. This team was like a general audit for the fulfillment of the ISO 9001 standard requirements of the company. We functioned as a connection unit between different departments and even locations of the company. I am glad to say that we “rolled out” the implementation of quality management policies from headquarters to the other locations of the company ensuring that the company functions as a whole unit. It was my job to help connect the different units mentioned above with each other and, importantly, bring the thoughts and suggestions from different locations of the company to headquarters in order to implement them as policy. Gladly, we achieved this all together as a team in a perfect way.

Supply company MD

As a member of the supply company MD, I also had the objective to safeguard the quality that is delivered to customers. along with other members, I had to watch over correct procedures to be implemented, members of its sector fulfill adequately the duties they had. It was my duty to make sure that every employee in his sector does his role correctly by following the procedures in order to deliver the best quality to the customers.

Aviation company MD

I may be last but not least. As a unit, we also had to watch over the correct ongoing quality management processes. My, and our teams, the aim was to provide the customer with high-quality standard products. In order to achieve this, together with my friends and colleagues, we made sure that everything went as it should in the processes designed by policies to achieve this high-quality standard.

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