Grammar Mistakes in Business Writing

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The error of apostrophe and word misuse

The mistake in the ad sentence is the use of moms. Moms should be capitalized only when it is being used as a noun, for instance, ‘your Mom’ but then ‘I called mom.’ Another issue with the statement is the use of the apostrophe. An apostrophe in moms should only be used when it means ‘Mom is’ or ‘Mom was’”. Maybe, this scenario is an exception because normally an apostrophe is a correct way to form a possessive, which is what the author of the advertisement was trying to do. (Biber, 1999)

The grammar mistake and simple errors make customers develop negative perceptions towards professional services to be offered by the service provider. It shows that the person is not keen on details. It reduces the chances of getting many clients to the function and therefore reduced business. In a nutshell, it is a reflection that the author is not keen, which is not advisable in businesses.

The second error is on this pictorial advertisement

'colossal' should be colossal.

In this sentence, the word ‘colossal’ should be colossal, which will be interpreted in the advertisement as a gigantic chicken.

Therefore, the advertisement should read

Colossal onion, chicken wings

It is a serious error that might be assumed by the company, but keen English native speakers might identify and will be wondering the meaning of the whole advert. One will question the quality of service the company is offering if they cannot pay attention to their adverts (Holmstrom & Keefe, 2010).

“Treat yourself well. Everyday.” for Coca-Cola’s Dasani mineral water

This is a slogan for Dasani mineral water produced by The Coca-Cola Company, which contains an egregious error. English has been mauled here through the use of the word every day. In the sentence, the word which is an adjective is not relevant in this case. We know adjective tells us more about a new, and one would be wondering the noun the word addresses in this scenario.

The company should, therefore, use every day whereby everyone is an adjective describing the noun day (Ide, 2007).

The advertisement which is meant to attract people should not contain any mistake. This kind of mistake portrayed Coca-Cola as a company that does not pay attention to it. Some customers might associate this with poor services, which the company is likely to offer.

Example 1 Fewer fees more smiles

I believe that the application of ‘less’ here is not a common confusion between the words less and fewer. In the context of the advertisement, the author meant that there are reduced fees, but ‘few’ would mean no paying fees, which would be misleading.

In the second example, besides the pinned mistakes the portion of the ad read,’ by comparison shopping with’ the sentence is in a present continuous tense and therefore ‘comparison’ should be replaced by ‘comparing’ (Ide,2007).

Example 2

I agree with the correction of ‘Were opening at 3 is on Black Friday.’ By replacing ‘were’ to be we’re. Besides, I believe that the insertion of 3 AM in the sentence is unnecessary because the advertisement time has been included after the date.

Were opening at 3 is on Black Friday.


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