Human Resources Management and Strategies


Human resource management is said to exist in larger organizations, it is geared towards labor unions and relations, research and information systems, employees’ assistance and compensation. It also focuses on human resource development i.e. helping individuals in the organization to develop their career plans, helping employees to initiate and manage change through organizational development and also training employees to equip them with the relevant skills in doing their jobs.(Small Business Bible, 2008) Therefore, it is very essential for HR to take part in strategic decision making which facilitate effectiveness in achieving short term and long term objectives/ goals of the organization. They include:

  1. selection and staffing: This involves having the right people in the right place since they are the ones to work towards achieving the set goals of an organization.and if new employees are to be hired then it is also very essential to have the right people.
  2. Organization development: Strategic planning in the HR entails change of procedures, systems and processes in the work place, since every department in an organization is aware of its status, they are aware of the initiatives and the changes hence they will be able to uniquely analyze the changes which will impact the already existing systems and procedures.
  3. Training and development: This means initiating training programs for the already existing employees to facilitate new inventions and innovations. This is necessary so as to provide input that could hell p an organization achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently.

Importance Of Strategic Human Resource Management In Business Operations To Be Successful.


Human resource management helps an organization in managing its employees, it provides assistance and recruitment of staff and training of employees, for the human resource department is responsible for the development of a systematic plan within which they hire staff and develop their capacity in their profession through test plans, training sessions, employee’s interviews and internship programs.(Razi, 2006)

Secondly, it provides consultancy services, since there are many challenges and issues facing employees in an organization set up, HR provides a medium within which employees’ needs and queries are addressed. This is very effective in settling down managerial disputes and employees problems in a professional and technical manner. Another advantage is that it helps the business in planning and making marketing decisions i.e. it has more qualified professionals who are in a position to devise new plans and implementation of new marketing strategies which would increase the sales and subsequently the profits of an organization.

Moreover, human resource management facilitates forecasting i.e. the department helps to evaluate the future trends of the business and lays down strategies which would be profitable to the enterprise in the long run and enhance stability and continuity. Lastly, Human Resource helps businesses in building up public relations whereby the business develops an association with other businesses in the market hence increasing its earnings through collaboration with other business sectors. This is achieved through business meetings, official gathering with the market and other business organizations.

How Human Resource Management and Organizational Development Can Partner To Help an Organization

Due to the increasingly competitive business environment for organizations, the increasing human resources are also seen to be of great advantage..(Small Business Bible, 2008) This has inculcated a substantial interest in developing advanced work systems that will attract, motivate, and enhance retention of potential employees in an organization. In this regard, human resource is used to imply the all inclusive view of employee management, interrelations in the labor sector and also organization development as the main point of focus.

The functions of human resources and the practices of human resources management are getting absorbed into the usual practices of Organization Development.

Partnering of HR and Organization Development

This partnering functions with organizations internal clients, helps in achieving the corporate mission and objectives. O.D. and HR enables managers to guide their organizations into the future by understanding the corporate culture, policies and plans , recognizing future problems and solutions of work; dealing with all types of people; ; recruiting and training future executives.

Lastly, organizations are vastly moving towards combined and collective systems and financial resources in managing human capital, the organizational structures have given a provision for the combination of both HR and O.D..(Small Business Bible, 2008) This is because the opportunities of O.D. skills have greater implication on an organization capability and has a measurable influence on its productivity. O.D managers must therefore prove that they are in a position of working faster, wider, deeper,, smatter and can deal with a variety of human resources than before. Where as on the other hand, HR gains an advantage from the strengths, existence and effects of O.D.

Justification Of HR

Currently in most organizations, HR provide vital services to job applicants, employees, supervisors, middle level managers and the executives. Since its always placed at the end of the business chain and is perceived to be focused on carrying out activities rather than the desired objectives.

The role of HR function is therefore seen to be the one of providing training needs after formulation and initiation of other operations and strategies accomplished by others.(Small Business Bible, 2008) Since the beginning of personnel management, it has undergone rapid revolution due to rapid growth of organizations, increase in the workforce, workforce unionization, and integration of huge numbers of labor turnover experiences..(Small Business Bible, 2008)The personnel management lead a record keeping function which involved disciplinary systems, recruitment, safety programs, time and motion studies, and labor union relations geared towards enhancing morale of the employees and also boosting cooperation within the organization setup.

Therefore, the transformation of personnel management to Human Resources Management was actually affected by the introduction of human resource development field from the training and development field. It focused on the importance of developing people through employee training programs, education and development. (Sharon B, 2007)This was brought about due to the transformation of HR management from the traditional specialists with HRD practitioners are rather specialists.

HR specialists have now taken great attention on issues such as technological effect, employee’s rights, retraining, outsourcing, and downsizing, recruitment of skilled personnel during labor shortage and employment records of employees..(Razi, 2006) Also establishment of cost-efficient management of employee’s benefits programs such as health, insurance, employee’s compensation and pension schemes is also focused on the efforts of controlling and minimizing costs and impulse expenses. Other HR issues of interest at stake are, employee’s retirement income security, sexual harassment avoidance, talent acquisition and development, family and medical leave issues, employees hand book, policies and procedures regarding employees privacy and confidentiality and applicants tracking systems.(Razi, 2006) Organizations emerging capabilities of HR organizations should be linked with the primary objectives of the organization and its initial strategies to achieve the set objectives. In this case the accomplishment of the goals rests in the hands of the people employed.


Being strategic is a commonly used term in HR which means having an impact or rather an impact on the main/ corporate objectives of an organization. (Sharon B, 2007)Finally whether an organization is small or big, building and maintaining an effective and efficient human resource system is very essential if the organization /enterprise wants to avoid problems and disputes both in the short run and also in the long run. As the business grows, human resource can be deployed in small organizations by gradually hiring minimal staff as the business grows to its expectations.


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