Industrial and Organization Psychology Group Project

The organization’s problem is depicted by the performance gap among the employees of Butterfly Medical HR, which is very wide. The information got from the survey show how the company chooses compensation and dismissal. The company has overlooked the difference in the characteristic traits of the employees and; therefore, they have used a uniform method of compensation. Regardless of how much one sells, he or she is given a flat rate of twenty percent. The main reason for giving benefits and compensation is to boost the morale of employees to work harder in their official duty. Butterfly Medical Company needs to carry out the assessment of the customer’s characteristics and form an employee portfolio.

When this will be done, the organization will get to know what the employees like and what they dislike. When a flat rate of twenty percent is used in rewarding salespersons without taking into account how much one has sold, employees who work hard to get more sales will be discouraged; this is because, they get the same compensation as those who do not work hard (Ryan, 2010). The organization is also using the performance on sales to dismiss the poor performers. As shown by the findings, the company dismisses those people who get below 10 percent. This low performance may be because of the lack of understanding between employees and management.

There are employees that may have the potential to improve his or her performance. Some employees may be performing poorly because they do not get the right method of compensation. Use of the financial compensation cannot motivate all employees and, therefore, giving a bonus to the top twenty may not be considered as motivation by all (Ryan, 2010). These people maybe best motivated by way of promotions, offering vacations, being assigned responsibility and other benefits that are not monetary. The survey also shows that women dominate the composition of those in the sales department; normally women tend to have very different ways of being motivated. Some women will feel highly motivated when they will be given favors such as early maternity leaves so that they can get prepared psychologically for their maternity.

When such provisions are given together with the bonuses, women employees are more motivated than when the only bonus is used as the method. Some women, especially those who have young babies, can be best motivated when they are given a section within the company to leave their babies while they are in office. When the child is around, female employees, tend to be more concentrated than when they leave their children at home. Women also are highly motivated when they are considered as equals to their male counterparts (Ryan, 2010). Women would want to be treated the same way men are treated and not be despised as weaker employees.

The company should consider women in responsible positions just the same way as men. When there is discrimination, women will not have the morale to work harder for they will be sure that their hard work will be overshadowed only because they are women. The characteristics of women need to be studied to know a motivational method that works best with them. In summary, the company should use diverse methods of motivating employees and know that every employee is unique and has a unique way of being motivated. The great task for the company, therefore, is to assess employees’ characteristics and form an employee portfolio plan to come up with the best motivation method (Ryan, 2010).

The problem, in this case, is how the employees handle clients. Most employees are very rude to the clients, some are very difficult to reach, and others are stressed out. The company needs to find the best way of helping in stress management and provide counseling sessions within the organization. The firm may work hard to establish a panel that is very professional and that can be easily reached for advice by the employees (Aamodt, 2011). This office can also be a place where employees can register their displeasures concerning the operations of the firm. Those employees who go for pieces of advice should be privately handled, and their problems should be kept secret with the officers concerned.

Some employees may just be rude because of personal problems or domestic issues that can be best handled through counseling. Domestic violence can affect employees so much that, even when they come to work, they still carry with them the problem up to their workplace. They feel irritated by everything, and when this happens, their performance goes down and normally ends up being insufficient. Such employees need someone with whom they can share his or her problem. It stands to reason, that a problem that is shared is half solved. Therefore, identifying employees who seek counseling in time is a very important thing as that will help solve the problem before things run out of control (Aamodt, 2011).

Stressed employees tend to have low esteem and are rarely motivated by incentives. Materials, such as bonuses may not be the solution until the problem is identified and solved from the root course. In an effort to manage stress by offering counseling sessions in the organization, measures must be used to identify those employees that show an extreme level of rudeness when handling the clients (Aamodt, 2011).

The best way of doing this is asking clients to leave their short comments written in a short note and dropped in a closed box at the exit point. On the receipt issued to the clients for the services rendered, there should be a place where the person who has served the client is written to help the manager be able to trace who has been issued, what kind of service has been provided and who has got a comment from the customers.

With the help of such a place, the management will be able to know which employee does what and at what period and therefore they will be able to know the origin of the problem. When the company realizes that the problem is a personal matter, they can make arrangements on how the employee can be advised, which may include giving him or her recess to go home and settle the issue quickly and then come back after a while (Aamodt, 2011).

In short, the problem of stress, disrespect, and being unreachable can be symptoms of personal or domestic problems and require special attention. When the company identifies where the problem comes from in time, it may save damages that the employee may cause. The company should find the best way of handling the problem in a humane way as organizations in most cases are treated as a second home to employees and; therefore, they deserve help from the firm.


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