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Human resource management forms a very important department in an organization. Organizations aspiring to be the leader in the industry not only have good human resource departments but are also consciously working to improve their competencies in order that they are not left behind by opportunities of the moment. A properly functioning human resource department is critical to organizational diversity, dynamics as well as a competitive strategy. The direction in which an organization is set to go is largely determined by its knowledge database i.e. the constitution of the workforce and they’re relevant technical and professional qualifications. Human resource is actually the organizational engine. In this company, we are able to see several departments implying that the organization is actually medium in its size. Medium organizations are characterized by sophisticated human resource management procedures including vigorous and rigid recruitment processes, regular training, staff appraisals schemes, and motivation. (Kramer Management Group, 2006)

A firm that is able to recruit and hire must also be able to motivate and retain employees perceived as being critical to company operations. The most probable staffing plan that would apply to this organization should be one that is flexible enough to accommodate the global changes. This is a freight and Forwarding Company trading both overseas and domestic. The staffing plan applicable will ensure that there are equal employment opportunities to everyone both international and domestic and that there are no complaints rising that can adversely affect the going concern of the company. The company can therefore maintain a good commercial relationship between itself and the environment from where it operates. This may increase the public confidence and credibility about the company and hence help acquire a good image.

Staffing refers to a process where an organization manages the entire employee’s work schedule. The organization sets a timetable for managing the activities of its employees. Staffing should be done with respect to the company’s policies. In this company, the following staffing could be appropriate. (Kramer Management Group, 2006)

Import section

This section will be dealing with goods mainly from overseas. This is a very sensitive area and will require employees with such necessary skills of offloading and dispatch. Any delays experienced here can seriously cost the company and therefore I would make sure that most of the operations associated with offloading are either automated or computerized. This will create more convenience and help the company achieve its cost-cutting strategy. The responsibility of the human resources manager will be to determine the number of employees required and of what caliber is appropriate. I would require three sessions here, those working during the day, those working during night hours, those that are working overtime. Those who work overtime may also stand in for others in case of other commitments. These will not be permanently employed but maybe on a casual basis. My work will be to ensure that the organization achieves its objective of cost-cutting while at the same time making the employee’s welfare a big priority. I will ensure that the long-serving employees are actually made happy by promoting them in accordance with the company policies. (Kramer Management Group, 2006)

Export Section

This section will comprise mainly domestic cargo ready to be loaded to other countries. The same procedure will apply here with most essential activities being automated. This will be to provide efficiency and convenience. Here there will be transport managers in charge, the loading staff, the warehousing, and the operations managers. There will also be three sessions i.e. day time, night, and over-time workers. Employees will be deployed according to their relevant professional and technical competence. The remuneration will be in terms of wages and salaries and be based on the content and nature of responsibilities that are the subject of an employee. (Kramer Management Group, 2006)

Number of staff needed at specific functional units

There will be no standard number required in each functional unit, but there may be a minimum required so that the company can break-even. The number will depend on the nature of work and the responsibilities that are directly attributed to a department. Again this number might be determined by the business seasons. In business there are only two seasons that is either booming or recess. During the peak seasons responsibilities become more and there a need to recruit more personnel. Another option is to have some people working on a contract basis during the period that the business is perceived to be in peak. Having a fixed number of employees working in a department can sometimes be costly especially when the business goes under recess or the business is hit hard by an economic downturn currently facing many countries in the global market. (Berger, 2008)

Appropriate recruitment procedure

As a human resource manager I know very well that my department forms the engine of the whole organization, I should develop credible recruitment procedures that will ensure that not only professional with technical and academic qualifications join the organization but also staffs who are ambitious, ready and innovative qualify. This will help my company achieve its core functional objectives by being an initiator and the leader in the business industry(Berger, 2008) The probable recruitment procedure would be:

Adequate recruitment resource

The success behind carrying out an effective recruitment procedure lies with the ability to have proper resources. If there is no enough money to pay the recruitment committee to compensate them then the result can be inferior. One has to marshal resources to perform al this procedure. The second step will be to place an advert in the dailies or websites. This will provide the intended interviewee with an opportunity to read through the advert to determine whether he she qualifies for the job description, speciation, and analysis. (Berger, 2008)

The third step will be to select the best employees that the company feels have qualified. This process will be followed by an interview. During the interview the interviewer should be careful to avoid asking irrelevant questions as the desired outcome may not achieved. Remember that the essence of any interview is to help the organization select the best candidates to join the work force. This procedure should be rigorous and thorough to ensure that only those who qualify become part of the work force. In some places candidates are interviewed more than three times. The organization should also decide on whether it’s appropriate to use a recruitment agency, outsource or do it by them. While doing this care should be taken to ensure that the company complies with the relevant regulations as well as company policies. (Berger, 2008)


Human resource management should be a culture in every business organization. Without it a company may not be able to attract opportunities in the environment as well as in the global market. There should be competent staff to drive the organization into meeting its desired objectives.

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