Marjan Event Planner Company’s Analysis

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The chosen business for analysis in the current work is event planning and decoration; therefore, before conducting the interview, it was essential to research background information on the industry. Event decoration primarily includes the design of weddings, baby and bridal showers, and table set-ups (Nugraha & Mandala, 2020). For this line of work, establishing connection and trust with customers is necessary for the development of the company; therefore, it is of particular interest how enterprises operate the business. The chosen organization is Marjan Event Planner which is managed by Maria Nazeer, and the primary purpose of the company is event planning and decoration. This particular enterprise was chosen due to personal interest in the industry and acquaintance with the CEO of the company. Due to the long-term relationship with Maria, it was possible to conduct an open and transparent interview including the hardships that she went through commencing the business.


Background of the Company

Marjan Event Planner is a relatively young company that has been in business for six years, and the primary purpose of the organization is event planning and decoration. The CEO, Maria Nazeer, firmly believes that the principal mission of the company is to make the dreams of the clients come true. Marjan Event Planner does not only schedule and decorate the event but also provides any type of service that customers might find appropriate including all the possible little details concerning the installation. The events include weddings, baby showers, proposals, birthday dinners, and specific requests of the clients. Marjan Event Planner is ready to take on any type of official or informal ceremony to gain the trust of the customers.

Concerning the structure of the company, Maria Nareez is the chief executive officer of the business group and is responsible for most responsibilities in this line of work. Maria manages the finances of the organization, plans meeting venues, operates communication with the customers, and develops the schedules of events. Other responsibilities primarily involve inventory management, which includes both the assessment of the existing equipment and loading of the commodities at the event. Furthermore, the company requires the service of a truck driver that is used for the transportation of decoration goods and any other additional items that might be necessary for specific events. It is essential to maintain a healthy atmosphere within the team to gain the trust of the customers and potential contracts in the future (Nugraha & Mandala, 2020). Therefore, Maria ensures that both employees and clients are content with the flow of work and eventual results.

Obstacles for the Development of the Company

Inevitably, every business group faces various obstacles and hardships that emerge in the process, and Maria was generous enough to provide compelling insights on the matter. During the interview, she mentioned that Marjan Event Planner had experienced several troubles with customer communication and the general process of work in the initial stages of the company. At that time, Maria was not certain whether the organization would be profitable and considered quitting. Nevertheless, sticking to the primary mission of the business, which is to bring happiness to the clients, allowed Maria to endure the struggling initial steps and continue the development of Marjan Event Planner. Furthermore, Maria has learned about different cultural backgrounds and understood their impact on the ceremonies and decoration. Taking culture into account during event planning is the primary difference between the process of work at the start of the business and its current state. A more recent complication concerns the pandemic and the respective restrictions on the business groups. Nevertheless, Maria reports that the company takes all the necessary precautions for the safety of both employees and customers.

State of the Company and Future Implications

Currently, Maria considers Marjan Event Planner to be a successful company; however, she believes that the organization might achieve even better results by expanding and increasing the number of personnel. Additionally, Maria has emphasized the significance of marketing strategies to gain clientage. She has also mentioned that the primary method of advertisement of the company is through social media, such as business promotion posts on Instagram and Facebook. At the present time, Maria enjoys the process of work, specifically the phase of drawing the project and presenting it to the customer, and is satisfied with the state of the business. Therefore, Maria has claimed that there is no necessity for adjustments in the organization; however, she mentioned the possibility of expanding the business, so more people might get jobs.


Summing up, Marjan Event Planner is a relatively young but successful company, and the CEO, Maria Nareez, is wholly satisfied with the business. The most important information I learned about this line of work concerns the social aspect of event planning. Communication with the customers plays a vital role in this business, and it is essential to establish a connection with clients to effectively transfer their ideas into reality. Due to the nature of this line of work, it is also necessary to continually promote the organization via advertisements on social networks. Regarding the interview process, the most important thing I learned also concerns social interaction. I believe it was easier for me to conduct an interview with Maria since she is my long-term acquaintance allowing for a more transparent dialogue. Nevertheless, if I had no personal connection to the interviewee, it would have been complicated to learn certain intricacies concerning the business that one might not be willing to share. Therefore, it is essential to properly evaluate your relationship with the respondent and adjust the questions accordingly.


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