Marketing Communication for Washing Machines

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LG’s market entails business users and consumers who are interested in drying and washing clothes conveniently within a short period. The company’s specific targets include launderers, guest houses, families, hotels, and boarding schools. Customers make their buying decision depending on wash and dry, and wash only functionality. Increasing competition in the market has influenced the company to establish different marketing strategies including pricing and promotion (Krizanova et al., 2019). The company has considered lowering its prices to boost sales in the lower-end market. Many customers are investing in the newer multi-purpose models to realize value for their money.

The current communication for washing machines is promotional and advertising strategy. The company is striving to establish huge brand awareness by engaging in diverse communication channels. Since it prefers selling its products directly to its customers, advertisement is important in enhancing communication (Stepaniuk and Jarosz, 2021). It provides information to potential customers through diverse channels such as the internet, newspapers, TV advertisements, and magazines. Advertisement through social media has enabled the company to provide information regarding new models and their features to its customers.

Advertising great deals have enabled the company to achieve huge sales and gain a competitive advantage in the washing machine market. LG has remained aggressive in its marketing campaigns since it has been launching a series of washing machines. It has called several famous personalities to support advertisement of its products and improve its reputation. Akshay Kumar is one of the personalities who has participated in the company advertisement campaign. LG takes the initiative of engaging celebrities in the targeted country to become the brand ambassador. This helps the company associate its washing machines with success and outstanding performance (Stepaniuk and Jarosz, 2021). Moreover, LG advertises its products through sporting events and learning activities. For instance, sponsoring world cup competitions enable the company to enhance awareness of its washing machines and eventually promote its brand.

Characteristics of the marketing communication tool are that they support understanding the target market, strategize with a definite purpose, and promote innovation and credibility. The tool is measurable and performance-friendly since its responses can be tracked and determined. Having high credibility helps achieve the company goals sustainability in the planned amount and time (Klepek and Starzyczná, 2018). Moreover, the tool encourages the management to develop new ideas from time to time and continue creating a positive impression in the market. They remain motivated in researching new platforms and data while updating the database constantly. This helps incorporate improved information and improve the marketing strategy. The marketing communications tool helps the company understand its target audience and their needs. It supports the understanding of psychographics and demographics to gain more information regarding the market expectations.

The communication tool is focused on fulfilling the company’s needs through persuading customers and encouraging them to prefer the company’s washing machines to those of its competitors. Front Load F14TDS is one new washing machine model that the company has launched recently. The product offers an exclusive combination of features at a competitive price. The product targets of specific segments entail customers interested in an easy-to-use machine that has a bigger capacity and an appealing design.


LG Wash Tower is an innovative machine presented recently in the market. Its advert on YouTube explains that the product is a single unit WashTower design. It has an ultra large capacity of 7.4 cu.ft for the dryer and 4.5 cu.ft for the washer. The product has tempered glass doors. It has advanced washing and drying capacity with a wash cycle/turbo steam and turbo wash 360°/Allergiene. It also has a built-in intelligence supporting smart pairing, learner, and all fabric sensors.

The target market is hotels, guest houses, hospitals, boarding schools, hostels, and launderers. The message is quality mass cleaning within a short period. The message will appeal to the target audience since it comes with better features in terms of load size, cleaning effectiveness, and reduced cost of operation (Klepek and Starzyczná, 2018). The company provides a more efficient model than its previous machines. With automatic load size sensors, the machine is has upgraded features and it uses less soap and water. Moreover, the machines make less noise and clothes come out clean and fresh.


The company offers up to $700 off to washing machine customers. The offer comes with an additional 5% or 10% cashback to those buying at least three appliances. The target market is customers intending to replace their old washers with more advanced equipment to improve their cleaning experience. They include households, launderers, hotels, guest houses, hospitals, and boarding schools. The message is value for money in redesigning the cleaning process (Stepaniuk and Jarosz, 2021). The company is interested in providing the best experience at a competitive price to motivate customers to keep on coming. The message appeals to the target since it helps improve the cleaning experience by reducing the cost of operation while promoting the outcome. The market requires washing machines with better features in terms of required space, cleaning efficiency, and innovation at an affordable price.


LG partners with the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK) to promote sports personality in Kenya. The 2021 contract will enhance the recognition of sports winners for their achievements in different disciplines. Winners will take home LG products and amazing cash prizes. The company is intending to hold the greatest award ceremony in December and recognize all the winners in the year. The company intends to take part in the rewarding and recognition of talents in a country that is known for winning global athletics.

The target market is sportsmen and women, sports lovers, and young people. The message is to advance development in sports by nurturing talents. The sponsorship was meant to improve the company’s brand and help the company improve its reputation in the country. Since Kenyan sportsmen and women had faced many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company motivated and gave them hope (Klepek and Starzyczná, 2018). The message appeals to the target since it would help them just start sports activities and restore confidence. Sports are beneficial in enhancing cultural and socio-economic development. Sports benefit the young generation in many ways since it provides business opportunities and it’s a source of livelihood.

Consumer Buying Process

Consumers experience sequential steps when deciding and during buying a product. They possess a set of behaviors that contributes to their buying process. Consumer behavior refers to the interplay forces that occur during the process of consumption based on consumers’ needs and their environment. Consumer research occurs at all phases of the utilization process, which includes prior to purchase, during, and, after purchase. Various factors influence consumers’ purchasing decisions including the buying situation, background, personality, preferences, motivations as well as economic status (Fill and Turnbull, 2019). Since people have different tastes, it becomes difficult to predict their final purchasing decisions. The consumer buying process starts with identifying the needs and wants, and followed by the search for information, evaluation of the available choices and finally purchasing of the product.

Stages of Consumer Buying Process

Identifying the Problem

Before consumers buy a product, they have to recognize the need of solving a problem they are experiencing. Thus, the product to be purchased must work towards solving the current problem the consumer is facing. Washing clothes is a very complex task to many people especially if one has a tight weekly schedule. In marketing washing machines, LG Company promises its customers ‘Good Life’ through its ‘Life is Good’ logo. The consumer identifies the need to buy a washing machine to solve the hand washing requirement.

Information Search

After realizing the need of washing clothes with less struggle, they search for more information about an ideal washing machine that would suit their needs. Information search tries to look for available options as well as the best solution for their problem. Consumers tend to look for advertisements, videos, print, online, or even from family and friends. LG has realized that online marketing has yielded more benefits due to its increasing online sales (Fill and Turnbull, 2019). To attract more clients through an online search, their website marketing strategy utilizes keywords such as Laundry, Laundry Equipment, Washing Machine, Selection of the washer. The keywords must be of high volume to enhance more organic searches. A recent development is the LG’s designer washing machine that was launched during the London Fashion Week in September 2021. To attract the attention of the customers, the washing machine is decorated with a unique fashion print. In this consumer buying process, proper advertising and marketing are essential since they enhance consumers’ choice of the best washing machine.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Consumers need to evaluate the available alternative products that can solve their problems after gathering enough information about the product that will suit their problem. The information gathered during the information search is used to evaluate alternatives. The evaluation of alternatives is based on various attributes such as looks, quality, durability, price, brand, popularity, social media reviews as well as service (Ayman and Kaya 2020). LG is becoming a family brand as almost every homestead has an LG electric appliance in the U.S and U.K. This gives the company a competitive advantage of being selected as one of the trusted brands by consumers. In this segment, a company’s reputation becomes important as far as customer choice is concerned. The Slogan ‘Life’s Good’, low prices as well as offering luxury appliances has enabled the company to compete with US brands such as Viking, Sub Zero, and Wolf. Therefore it is becoming a trusted brand to many customers around the globe.

Purchase Decision

Identifying several options give customers an idea of product pricing and available payment options. The customer contemplates whether to purchase the product or not. A decision on whether to buy might be interrupted by some factors such as receiving negative feedback from friends or people who had purchased the item before (Fill and Turnbull, 2019). Furthermore, the customer may experience a sudden change in plans or face financial constraints. In such a situation, the marketer should try to find out why the customer is hesitant to buy the product. In persuading customers, LG should strategize its marketing campaigns towards encouraging potential customers and providing information regarding the benefits of the washing machine. Furthermore, the company should give more details regarding the product and reiterate that it is the best washing machine that would fulfill the customer needs. Simple reminders through email or texts can enforce customer purchasing decisions.

Post-Purchase Behavior

This is the last stage in the consumer buying process and is more often ignored by most marketers. Upon buying the product, customers make a comparison between their expectations and the product. The possible outcomes will be based on whether the item met the required customer need or not, hence a case of either satisfied or not. When a customer is dissatisfied with the product, they feel that a poor decision was made and may result in returning the item. The company will be expected to offer an exchange of the purchased washing machine (Fill and Turnbull, 2019). Most LG electric machines come with one year warranty where customers can present their claims. This means that if a customer purchases the washing machine and realizes it is not performing properly, the company recalls the item and tries to identify the problem. The company should note that this is a critical stage that determines whether a customer will come back for more purchases or not. The experience with the machine forms part of customer reviews through forums, social media conversations, and websites. LG has a positive post-purchase experience due to the one-year warranty that comes with its washing machines.

Another piece of communication is noted in the company mission statement where it shows its commitment to providing better lives to customers. The purpose of the statement is to express the company’s interest in innovating quality and effective washing machines to meet unique customer requirements (Stepaniuk and Jarosz, 2021). It shows commitment to adding value to customers’ lives by enhancing their washing experience. The statement helps customers identify their need of owning a washing machine that would solve their cleaning problems. It persuades and convinces them to buy and enjoy the indicated benefits. Customers can search for relevant information on the company website and social media sites such as Facebook. They then evaluate alternatives in the market and realize that LG’s washing machines are the best and eventually take the bold decision to buy.

Communication Process

The interactive model of communication considers communication as a process since participants tend to alternate positions as receivers and senders to provide meaning. Messages are sent and feedback received within the psychological and physical contexts. The model incorporates feedback instead of considering communication as a linear process. It considers communication as a two-way process making it more interactive. Feedback entails messages as a response to the received message to support effective communication between the company and its customers. Providing feedback enhances the understanding of the different roles of participants in the communication process (Fill and Turnbull, 2019). The sender and receiver tend to exchange messages to maintain a continuous communication process. The role of the receiver and sender usually changes very fast without conscious thought. The interactive model considers both psychological and physical context to enhance communication.

The Communication Process applies to LG for its washing machines range since the company sends information regarding the product to the customer and responds to the provided feedback. The company uses various communication tools to create awareness about the washing machines and explain their features and characteristics (Stepaniuk and Jarosz, 2021). Message sent to customers provides details such as the size, shape, capacity, efficiency, power consumptions, price, and where the product can be found. Customers respond by seeking clarification on areas that are not clear to them such as a warrant, delivery, and technical assistance. Customers become the senders when they provide feedback and the company answers their inquiries.

Asking questions and responding to them support the free movement of information between the company agents and customers. The approach helps the company understand the market requirements and makes an effort to improve its service (Ayman and Kaya 2020). The positive interaction plays a role in the improvement of customer experience and encourages them to keep on coming back. Responding to question or issues presented by customers helps build a positive relationship. Many customers feel that the company is determined to provide quality products where they gain confidence and trust, and eventually become loyal to the company.

Social media was used to communicate with customers and enhance sharing of information. It entails the use of social networks and media to market the company’s washing machines. The media provided a means to engage with existing customers as well as reach out to new ones. Some of the sites used to communicate the message included Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They enabled the company to use various strategies and tactics to engage people and promote content. Social media provided an effective way of exchanging information with customers eliminating the geographical differences (Stepaniuk and Jarosz, 2021). Customers could ask a question any time of the day in a week and expect an immediate answer from the company marketers. The timely and effective response encouraged many customers to buy the product and become loyal.

Five pillars of social media marketing were applied namely strategy, planning and publishing, listening and engaging reporting and analytics, and advertising. The strategy step entailed developing goals, determining social media channels, and content to be shared. In the planning and publishing step, the plan for the content was drafted included script, photos, and video (Juska, 2017). Listening and engagement entailed monitoring customers and users to understand their perception about the company and washing machines. Analytics and reporting involved evaluating the progress of the post and how they are being perceived in the market. Finally, advertisements entailed purchasing ads to enhance awareness about the washing machines.

The receiver of the message is the potential customers whom the company expects that they would buy the washing machine. Social media users will be the targeted audience and the message will be developed in an appealing and easy-to-understand manner. Households will be one of the message receivers since some washing machines will be designed to suit their requirements. Features such as saving on space and energy are likely to encourage many households to purchase the machine (Juska, 2017). Therefore, messages sent to them will focus on explaining the advantages of the machine that are not available in those presented by the competing companies.

Potential commercial users of the machine will form the other receivers of the message. The communication will focus on enhancing awareness of commercial washing machines and their features. Some will be fully automatic, semi-automatic while others will come with a dryer. Moreover, will have different sizes to suit the need of different users and ensure that they are satisfied (Stepaniuk and Jarosz, 2021). Since the market will be segmented based on socio-economic factors, messages sent will support diversity and ensure that every customer access washing machines that suit their needs. Washing machines meant for the household will be those below 6 kg to 8 kg while those targeting the commercial market will those exceeding 10 kg.

The effect of the message was that it influenced the customers’ decision to buy the product. It enabled the customer to learn about the existence of different models of washing machines. The message enabled customers to discover features coming with every model and understand how they can improve the washing experience. Sending the message and receiving feedback support effective sharing of information and supported the establishment of a positive relationship with customers (Juska, 2017). The audience developed an improved perception towards the product encouraging them to replace their old machines with those presented by LG. The message enabled the company to understand ideas, perceptions, opinions, and feelings of customers. It made it possible for the company to respond and ensure that customers are satisfied with services and washing machines. Therefore, the message enhanced positive interaction with customers and enabled the company to attain better performance.

An effort was made to ensure that the message was clear and easy to understand. However, interference of the message could have occurred due to misinterpretation by the audience. Some customers may have failed to understand signs and symbols in the message such as V for voltage and A for amperes. Some of the features in the washing machines are written in symbols due to the limitation of space and other factors hindering the ability of some customers to understand their meaning. Misinterpretation could have occurred due to inappropriate contextual understanding and variation in goals. Prejudices, random assumptions, and pre-conceptual judgment are the other possible causes of misinterpretation.

Marketing Communication Strategy for LG Washing Machines in Singapore

LG manufactures different models of washing machines to meet diverse market requirements. With a population of about 5.7 million people and more than 1.4 households, the country has a huge market for washing machines. The company will use the S.M.A.R.T approach to market a new machine in Singapore. Specific aspect implies that LG should create more customers by offering unique features based on the expectation of people in the country. Offering quality and durable products at the most competitive prices could enable the company to penetrate the new market. The marketing approach needs to be measurable to boost market share, customer base, and revenue. Increasing customers would be an indication of higher returns and profitability. Attainable implies that that the product needs to include unique and beneficial features. Related aspect shows that the strategy needs to be focused on enhancing the company vision and mission. The strategy should generate desirable results within a short period and help attract many customers.

The Product Life Cycle

The washing machine is at the introduction phase in the product life cycle and it requires the development of an effective marketing strategy. Marketing and advertisement tools will be used to enhance the awareness of the product and explain its benefits to consumers. The stage will entail the development of demand and as more customers learn about the washing machine. This product is likely to succeed because it is designed to satisfy market needs.

The Target Market

The target market will be both households and commercial users of washing machines. For households, target customers will be young married, adult single, as well as older married. Commercial customers will include launderers, hotels, guest houses, hospitals, and boarding schools. In terms of gender, both males and females will be targeted but the focus on females will be higher during household marketing. People as young as 15 years up to about 60 years will be considered more since they constitute the largest population. Since the product might be a bit expensive for low-income earners, the company will mostly focus on the middle and high-income levels. Moreover, the product will be segmented demographically for generation X since they are more interested in advanced technology.

The Overall Pricing Plan

Customers in Singapore are interested in the provision of quality washing machines at reduced prices, the company will focus on reducing the cost. Therefore, the pricing model will offer the product at the lowest prices to enhance its ability to penetrate the new market (Dahiya and Gayatri, 2018). Many customers are likely to prefer the machine to those presented by competing companies since it will be more affordable. However, the company will gradually increase the price as the customers base improves. Since LG is well established in other countries, it can absorb losses during the penetration period to develop a strong footing. The strategy will facilitate the development of a loyal customer base and build a reputation in Singapore.

The approach will prioritize market share over a return for the first six months to build demand and optimize brand loyalty. Many customers will switch to cheaper options and get a chance to try the new product. The company will ensure that the washing machine is cheaper than others in the market by setting up competitive prices (Dahiya and Gayatri, 2018). Competitors will have limited time to respond to the availability of cheaper options since the product will take up a significant market share within a short period and become a standard of choice. Penetration pricing will be applied because demand for an innovative washing machine is expected to be high. Moreover, price elasticity is likely to influence demand for the product since customers’ buying habits tend to change based on price. This implies that high prices are likely to limit growth and hurt sales during the launching period. Therefore, reduced prices will be the foot at the door for the new washing machine in Singapore.

The message for the Campaign

The message for this campaign is the introduction of an innovative and efficient washing machine at an affordable price. The products come with advanced features that are not available in competitors’ washing machines. It will be the best washing machine in the market but with the lowest price (Klepek and Starzyczná, 2018). Potential customers will enjoy an improved experience in their washing and a reduced cost of operation. Unlike competitors’ washing machines that require large volumes of water and space, the new product will address these issues and consume less power. Moreover, it is more superior because it works silently and it has many sensors to detect fabrics and determine the best cleaning experience.

Integrated Marketing Communication

An integrated marketing communication will be applied to establish a seamless and unified experience to promote consumers’ interaction with the washing machine. Different communication tools will be used to provide information about the product to the target market. They are sales promotion, advertising, social media platforms, direct marketing, and public relations. The five tools will work together to offer a unified force through their respective mix of activities, methods, tactics, and media. All communication and messaging strategies will be customer-centered and consistent in every channel (Dahiya and Gayatri, 2018). The approach will offer a strong strategic value for the product and promote its usefulness and effectiveness in satisfying the needs of the targeted audience. It will offer an ideal solution by unifying targeted audiences and aligning common goals. Advertising will help solidify the brand as well as provide a convenient and faster method of passing the message to consumers.

The communication tools will work together by ensuring consistency in sharing information. Messages will be sent on all platforms and reinforcement and support will be provided equally. Coherence will be ensured by connecting all the communication tools logically. These tools will work together by promoting complementary and continuity. Elements of will work together and support each other when the need arises (Dahiya and Gayatri, 2018). Moreover, the campaign will be a continuation of the previous marketing activities to ensure continuity and smooth transition. Marketers will ensure that campaigns and communications are fully integrated to enhance the performance of the washing machine in the new market.

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