Partnering With Non-profit Organization

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The image of a company is one of the central factors needed to generate a competitive advantage and ensure that clients will be ready to cooperate with it. For this reason, firms should devote significant attention to cultivating a positive attitude among clients and increasing the level of their interest.

Today, social concerns acquire the top priority as people try to provide help to vulnerable groups and attain the improvement of the quality of individuals’ lives. That is why the cooperation with non-profit organizations working in different sectors can be an advantageous option for a company that devotes much attention to its image. Because of the existence of multiple problems in healthcare and the need to consider them to improve the health of the nations, cooperation with a non-profit organization operating in the given sector can be viewed as a preferable option. That is why Americares is selected as one of the possible partners.

One of the prior causes explaining this choice is the significance of this organization and its focus on the provision of care to the most vulnerable groups. Americares is a health-focused non-profit organization that tries to support people who are affected by poverty and disaster and cannot acquire the needed assistance because of the complex living conditions (Americares, n.d.a).

The group provides life-changing medicine, medical supplies, and various health programs that can improve the quality of individuals’ lives and contribute to the positive outcomes across the globe (Americares, n.d.b). There are also specific emergency programs designed for people in crisis to help them to recover from disaster and acquire the needed care (Americares, n.d.a). Working with the most vulnerable populations, Americares contributes to the significant improvement of community health and the quality of people’s lives across the globe.

The organization’s activities are diverse and are designed to ensure that people in need can have a chance for recovery. The three main domains include responses to disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, disease outbreaks, or global pandemics, guaranteeing access to medicine, and providing clinical services by cooperating with US partner clinics, Americares free clinics, and other non-profit organizations (Americares, n.d.b).

In such a way, the organization’s major responsibilities are related to the problem of community health and are designed with the primary goal to attain significant improvement in this sphere. Its functioning should be considered critically important for the development of contemporary society as it cultivates the better world, characterized by the reduced number of people in need. At the same time, Americares benefits from the existence of multiple partners who are also interested in incentives designed by the organization and try to change the planet.

At the moment, the selected non-profit organization operates in North America, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, which means that the scope of its activities and projects remains significant (Americares, n.d.a). Americares works in the most problematic areas characterized by the complex social conditions, the high level of poverty, and reduced access to healthcare services (Charity Truth Experts, 2018).

For this reason, its functioning is essential for wide populations and are appreciated by multiple groups living in different regions. It also contributes to the significant improvement of the organization’s image and its growing popularity in different countries. Americares can be viewed as one of the influential and powerful non-profit organizations that can introduce significant changes and make people think about existing problems (Charity Truth Experts, 2018). In this regard, its choice as a potential partner should be viewed as an advantageous option.

In general, cooperation with Americares has some positive moments that should be highlighted. First, the organization performs activities that are critically important for the modern world, and partnering with it can contribute to the improvement of the brand’s image and the increased clients’ attention. Today, the healthcare sector experiences hard times and needs additional help to cope with all challenges, which means that for the firm, it can be a good way to help communities and gain a specific reputation.

Moreover, Americares operates on all continents and in different areas of the planet, which means that its partners might also popularize their brands in these regions, This feature is critically important for the generation of the competitive advantage. Finally, Americares is open for collaboration and looks for companies that can help to deliver care to people in need, which offers multiple opportunities for other organizations to work with it.

Altogether, Americares can be viewed as a non-profit organization that should be selected as a partner to improve the company’s image. It works in the healthcare sector and tries to improve the state of communities by providing care to people in need or individuals who experienced disasters. Cooperating with this group, the firm can attain a significant improvement of its image, and, at the same time, take part in activities that are critically important for contemporary society. That is why the collaboration with Americares becomes the desired option fundamental for the future rise of the company and the achievement of high levels of sustainability.


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