Performance and Career Management

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Employee’s Name The employee inserts his/her name in the space
Position The employee points out his/her current position
Last Assessment The supervisor states the date of the last assessment of an employee
Results The supervisor put his/her comments in respect of the overall results of the assessment. This may include recommendations like “gainfully employed”, “out of turn promotable”, etc.
Strength Identified The supervisor and the special committee outline the strongest points in the employee’s performance for a period of time (a month) being just and non-biased.
Areas for Development Here the committee and the supervisor point out the sides of the employee’s performance needed improvement according to the assessment results.
Skills The skills of the employee are listed in accordance with assessment results and the employee’s performance over a certain period of time (preferably per month). The level of the skills should be pointed out as either high, or medium or demanding development.
Experience The employee provides the data about his or her experience, and the supervisors are to check the data and analyze them with the proper use for the current position of the employee.
Training & Qualifications Full list of qualifications, degrees, if any, and any trainings of the employee should be recorder in this space.
Career Goals The employee outlines his or her short-term, medium-term and long-term career goals and development in the organization.
Supervisor’s Comments Supervisor analyzes the goals outlined and makes respective comments.
Individual Career Plan The supervisor and the staff manager of the company analyze the assessment results and create individual plan for the employee in respect of his or her career development in the current or desired position.

Report on Career Management Plan


The career management plan for the new employees of the PCC Company is the integration of all the necessary points that provide for the successful career development. One of the most important sections of the plan is the section dealing with the issue of feedback. Feedback, especially mutual, is rather significant for the performance of the whole company. Due to this, our company provides the opportunity of feedback to the employees through direct contact with the CEO of the company, via online messaging system of the company or with the help of staff managers who are the connection between the CEO and the company’s employees.

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Moreover, after the feedback is given to the employees, they are free to react to it and express their own ideas or remark in respect of the feedback. This creates the partnership atmosphere in the company, improves its performance figures and provides for the better commitment to work (Baugher et al, 551).

Help to Employees

Each new employee, according to the career management plan, has the opportunity to improve his or her level of skills and the company is obliged to help with it. The major instruments of the company’s help to employees are supervision by more experienced colleagues, advice and remarks from the managerial staff and the CEO and special training that takes place inside the company and on the basis of the company’s partners in the country. This allows the employees to obtain and share experience and develop their levels of performance. The very career development plan and especially the evaluation process are also the means to help employees. These documents outline the strong points of the employee’s performance and give directions and recommendations as for the improvements.

Promotions and Education

Other means to improve the performance of every employee of our company are the educational opportunities presented. The employees are to take up the program of qualification development that helps them deepen and implement their knowledge and practical skills.

For example, our sales managers have to take up the updated course of economy, marketing and communication skills development every 6 months. This allows us to state that educational opportunities provided by our company are rather sufficient. The same is true about promotions because the most successful workers are promoted to higher positions without any prejudice and based only on the results of their assessments. Promotions, however, are not possible without constant qualification improvement which is guaranteed by our company (Baugher et al, 551).

Dual-Career Parents

Special attention is given by our company to the demands of time. That is why we treat rather carefully the issues of dual-career parents. Thus, the people in whose families both husband and wife are employed but have to care for children, have rather flexible schedules of work and opportunities to take vacations more often than usual employees (twice a year (60 days) compared to once a year (30 days)).

Further on, dual-career parents are provided with considerable financial aids in case if they have to hire care takers for their children because of the intensive working schedule. The higher access to social services, like for instance, medical care, education, insurance, and many others are provided for dual-career parents as well. Thus, the people whose activities are limited by taking care of children are provided with more flexible and appropriate working conditions in our company, as well as with financial and social aids (Ferk, 21).

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Team Diversity

It goes without saying, that the diversity of the team employed in our company poses troubles with handling the needs in career development of each separate worker. However, the career management plan presented to your attention allows our company to follow the individual preferences and career perspectives of every worker of ours. The procedure of the performance assessment presents the objective data about every single employee and the staff managers, and then the CEO, are able to consider them through a procedure that is not time-consuming. Moreover, the plans of career development for people of diverse qualifications were created beforehand. This allows the company to conform to the expectations of all its employees (Ferk, 21).


Taking into consideration all the above presented information about the career management plan for the new employees of the PCC Company, it can be stated that the plan will work even in case if the budget of the company will be zero. This is explained by the fact that the expected benefits from the staff career development initiatives are much higher than expected costs might be. Thus, for example, the benefit from educational and promotional programs of our company will be the greater commitment of employees to work and consequently the greater effectiveness of the company’s performance.

The same can be said about dual-career parents who have rather appropriate working conditions in our company. All this will bring the substantial benefit to our company because the concern about the employees will result in their concern in the company’s state. On the contrary, the possible costs that all training and educational programs will involve will be covered by the benefits obtained.


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