Qualities of a Successful It Manager

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Generally, a great IT manager is the one who provides a result-oriented team assigned to him with direction while carrying out the leadership role assigned to him. They exceed expectations consistently as they possess a clear perception of what is expected from them and when. Great managers tend to achieve bottom-line results easily and with less energy consumed. They understand and embrace timely delegation of tasks, tasks follow-ups and frequently motivate team members. Most characteristics possessed by great IT managers are common to all managers with a few being specific to IT managers. The necessity of an IT manager to possess great leadership qualities has changed over the years; this has been necessitated by technological improvement.

Reliable decision making

The most essential characteristics are geared toward achieving reliable decision-making, innovation, and invention in the technology field. Self-motivation is a major character, the IT manager should be capable of carrying out his role without supervision. He should understand the basic goal of the IT field and develop strategies to achieve them. Commitment in the job is vital as it ensures timely delivery of services being offered (Oak, 2009, p. 1).

Time management

Time management is essential in the IT field, supervisory duties are overwhelming and stressful especially when there is a specified deadline in services delivery to be met. This calls for the IT manager to be time conscious in handling and assigning tasks promptly. He has to ensure the tasks are carried out on time and in the specified acceptable way. Possession of outstanding project management skills, planning, and organizational skills assist in time management. Communication skills are very essential to the IT manager due to the regular contact he has with the management team and employees in his team.

This enables him to communicate clearly and effectively with other parties involved; fellow managers, customers, team members, and other business partners in the field. It allows him to translate and assimilate information that is complex into a concise format understandable by all parties involved. It is a must-have character, to be excellent in written and spoken communication to groups and individuals if you are to become a great manager.

Conflict resolution abilities

Conflict resolution abilities, conflict occur daily today bases on a career-based environment. He should be in a position to listen, pinpoint an issue and concur on the issue, outline solutions, discuss the solution and agree on them. Usually, the conflict between employees in workplaces hurts tension resulting in bitterness. The manager should be in a position to resolve the conflict amicably without favoritism and in the best interest of the firm (Hopkins, 2010, p. 1). He should carry out follow-up checks regularly to ensure the conflict does not reoccur or continue.

Personality traits

Personal traits also play a vital role in one’s capability to handle issues arising in his line of duty. He should be charismatic, understanding, mentally stable, have high-stress tolerance, a good listener, willing to learn, adaptable, and creative. Management positions are hard to fill due to key qualities necessary for one to qualify; hardly will you get a person possessing all the qualities. Experience is another vital character required by an IT manager; virtually every manager has some past supervisory experience. The majority of those who become managers are either hired after being in the same position in another firm or climb up the ladder of ranks in the same firm to a managerial position (Pixielor, 2007, p. 1). Experience is acquired through having knowledge of the job for a long period; during this time one acquires the knowledge firsthand from practicing.


Responsibility is another manager’s essential character in the workplace. He should make sure tasks; assignments and deadline limits set are achieved on time. It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure appropriately qualified personnel are hired for a specific position. This enables the job to be carried out in an appropriate effective and efficient manner. Integrity and trustworthiness traits are the foundation of a great IT manager. This reduces stress to the firm owner and the customers as the manager can be relied on in crucial decision making and carrying out the tasks assigned diligently (Pixielor, 2007, p. 2). Great customer service skills are vital in the IT field as they ensure customers are satisfied and feel free while interacting with the manager. As a result, the firm grows with time as new customers are acquired while the existing ones are retained.


There is no conclusive answer to whether a leader is made or born. Through researches carried out by scholars Bass’ theory of leadership explains three ways a leader can be created. Traits theory suggests that some people are born with leadership traits that lead them to leadership naturally. Great events theory suggests people may find themselves in leadership positions due to important events or a crisis. The situation may lead to the discovery of extraordinary leadership traits from an ordinary person. Transformational leadership theory suggests that leadership skills may be acquired from learning them.

There is a controversy between natural talents and acquired skills. Astrologists believed leadership traits are born with; they believe those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are born natural leaders and tend to be leaders when they grow up. Scholars on the other hand believe most traits can be acquired through intensive learning and knowledge in specific fields of study. They believe the higher number of managers in the world currently were not born with natural talents but acquired them through training. Also, there exist people with natural leadership traits yet they are not great leaders. They came to conclude that even if one possesses natural talents they need to be natured through training for them to be great leaders.

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