Saudi Basic Industries Corporation: Assessment of Recruitment Process

Method of Recruitment in the Organization

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) uses job adverts to attract potential candidates to apply to a specific position. The adverts are placed on the website of the company in the section titled careers. Candidates wishing to apply can access the website and click on the advert which will take them to a portal where they fill out their information. Additionally, the recruitment portal enables candidates to fill out the forms and leave their resumes in the portfolio of the company for future use. This allows the company to develop data on potential candidates who can be called up when new opportunities arise. SABIC also conducts video interviews in two phases. In the first phase, interviewees are subjected to one interview which is aimed at helping the company have an idea of the candidate. The second interview consists of one interview and an assessment. The interviewee then discusses contract terms and conditions with the company’s Human Resource (HR) representative. SABIC ensures that all individuals are notified of their results in the interview even if the decision is not positive.

Recruitment Policies

SABIC aims to employ individuals who are qualified and ambitious. The company targets the people whose goals and objectives match those of the company. The corporation conducts its recruitment thoroughly and believes that dialogue with potential candidates can help unlock meaningful values. SABIC has moved to align with Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 by pledging to give women more opportunities at the workplace. The firm believes that women are as capable of delivering quality as men. SABIC ensures that the recruitment process is fair and does not lock out any candidate due to bias. The company vets the people in the recruitment process to ensure that there is no bias. For recruitment to happen, a job opening has to be available and an advert has to be prepared. Each job advert includes the job description, person specification, and the application procedure. Normally, the application process is done online to enhance transparency and efficiency. Candidates are shortlisted and invited for online interviews which are done online. Successful candidates are provided with a three-day induction program to help them familiarize themselves with the new workplace.

Recruitment Processes

The HR department at SABIC first identifies the hiring needs. This involves identifying the departments in the company which need additional employees. The hiring needs have to be in line with the company’s objectives and goals (Waxin et al., 2018). The next step involves creating the job description for the position(s) being advertised. This is dependent on the department and area where the new employee(s) will be located. The job description has to include the job type, responsibilities, duties, and skills required (Waxin et al., 2018). An advert is then created to assist attract potential candidates for interviews and shortlisting. This is by far the most important step in the recruitment process at SABIC.

The potential candidates have to apply online through the SABIC recruitment online system. The candidates undergo various vetting processes which involve two online interviews. Interviewees are required to present to the company why they should work by explaining how their skills will benefit the firm. Before the end of the interview process, the candidate must discuss the contractual terms and conditions with the HR representative. SABIC provides feedback to all the candidates who participated in the recruitment process. The final step of the process is to invite the successful candidates for introduction and induction.

Channels of Recruitment and Development

SABIC uses the online recruitment system to interview and select new hires. The company identified the need to change the way recruitment is done due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The online system also makes it easy for candidates to apply for vacancies in the company. Online recruitment is seen as advantageous to an organization especially because in modern times most people are technologically prepared (Waxin et al., 2018). The firm posts its adverts on its websites and social media platforms. A company’s website is an efficient way since it does not require funds. Also, a company can provide all the details of the job on the website. Candidates will find the link to apply on the website which makes it easy for them to apply. The organization offers recruits training programs that are aimed at enhancing their skill levels to ensure they can be able to meet the goals and objectives of the company. SABIC offers graduates internship opportunities that can be made permanent if the organizations feel the intern suits the firm’s needs. Interns can provide an organization with new ideas which can help expand the business opportunities.

Interview with SABIC HR Representative

The interview with the HR representative covered the recruitment process, the effects of the pandemic on recruitment and employee’s wellbeing, diversity in the recruitment process, how recruiters are selected. On the issue of diversity in the workplace, the representative notes that SABIC ensures that the workplace is diverse and does not discriminate against any person. The HR department ensures that all people are given a fair chance of applying and getting a job. Regarding the selection process of recruiters, the representative indicated that recruiters are vetted before the recruitment process begins. The respective departments which need recruits are represented by one individual. SABIC ensures that the recruitment team is changed based on the needs and requirements of the job. External advisors also form part of the recruitment team to enhance objectivity. The HR representative officer notes that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the organization recruits. The use of an online recruitment system provides the employment team with an easy task. According to the HR agent, employee wellbeing is important and the management has introduced mental health programs to assist employees in these uncertain times.

Findings and Conclusion

SABIC has embraced technology in its recruitment process which is a testament to the forward-thinking strategy employed by the company. The corporation has an online recruitment system where recruits can fill out their details and submit their resume. The system also enables potential candidates to leave their resumes for consideration in case a new job comes up. This helps the organization have a portfolio of candidates who can be called for interviews when a need arises. The group ensures that there is diversity in the recruitment process and recent years it has pledged to increase the number of women who work at the organization. SABIC recognizes the importance of the recruitment process in advancing the goals and objectives of the organization. The HR department ensures that all recruits are well prepared to start work in the shortest time possible. Recruitment should be done fairly and transparently to ensure that the organization benefits.


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