Seniors at Home Food Service Organization’s Plans

Seniors at Home Food Service is a hypothetical organization concerned with the welfare of the elderly in society. Its strategic plan is to end hunger among seniors by the year 2016. The organization is committed to ensuring that the seniors are free from hunger by the year 2016, and to this effect, it has outlined some management plans to ensure that it realizes its strategic plan by the agreed time frame.

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The key step that showed the concern for the welfare of the elderly was the organization’s formation (Seniors At Home Food Service). This could be seen as a sign of the organization’s commitment to helping the elderly. One of the alternative courses of action is to partner with other like-minded organizations to ensure that there are many players involved in the welfare of the elderly, not just seniors at Home Food Service. This is a good alternative because it would ensure that more resources and people are committed to fighting hunger among seniors.

The other alternative is the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter so that many people may get to know the organization and its campaign. This would make the organization raise more funds to realize its objectives effectively. This alternative is crucial, given that there are many people out there who are philanthropic, but what they lack is the infrastructure to help those in need. These two alternative courses of action, if implemented properly, would ensure that the organization realizes its strategic plan by the year 2016.

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