Software Applications Support Center Project


QualIS Company is a renowned American corporation that started its operations 15 years ago. The company was initiated with a mission to provide quality and high-class IT services to clients. Its key objective is to be the world’s largest producer and provider of IT-related support services to in-house and outdoor clients. Indeed, the 50 billion dollar company services a wide range of clients that include top manufacturing corporations in the US, financial institutions, and various industries. The company furnishes them with quality software application equipment or valuables that aid their operations.

The company also provides them with proper maintenance services and infrastructural support programs for various operating systems. These support systems are essential in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the institutions.

The company has been able to record its exemplary performance due to its effective operating strategies and administration. The strategies have enabled it to develop a consumer-oriented approach when dealing with client issues or developing software programs Despite the noble gains, the company faces some evident challenges that require the adoption of conventional techniques of operation. The challenges are evident due to the increasing changes in the technological sector. This has made the company embark on undertaking an ambitious program or project that aims at improving its service delivery. That is the company is set to apply conventional and innovative techniques to develop a state-of-the-art software application support center. The support center is to aid the centralization, control, and management of various information or clients issues that are received at the help desk.

Software application support center and solutions

As noted, the new software support center that QualIS America Company seeks to integrate will help in streamlining service delivery in the company. It will ensure that the company whose services are critical in the economy delivers unquestionable services in terms of quality (Arthur and Krar 10). The new system will be integrated using modern techniques, programs such as SQL servers, Hi-Fi Visual outlook, IDAM, Xcode devices, and control protocols to guarantee its effectiveness. It will also be integrated with quality software infrastructure, effective processors such as IDIS data exchange devices, high bandwidth systems, and quality VPN programs. These tools and software setups are to ensure that the intended objective of the company is achieved. This is evident since they are bound to foster effective, timely, and efficient delivery of IT-related services to clients with limited complications. They are also set to enhance maintenance of support infrastructural systems that aids operations in the manufacturing, financial and health institutions, especially in the US.

It is important to note that the new system is developed to aid the centralization of clients’ data and management of their issues as its primary objectives. That is it will present viable incentives that will provide holistic solutions to diverse issues that clients may face about the application of IT systems (Arthur and Krar 10). Notably, the project will take a substantial amount of resources and the company has set aside over $250,000 billion to finance the system’s integration to ensure that the project is a success.

The implementation of the project and its budget

The state-of-the-art software application support center will be integrated into five phases that will be executed under ethical guidelines of software development. These phases that will be rolled out in a spurn of five years will facilitate its successful completion and effective functionality. This will enable the system developer to follow the system design process diligently to develop a sustainable and quality operating support center (Donaldson and Stanley 149). Indeed, the system will be integrated with high-quality and standardized software setups and hardware infrastructure that include SQL servers, Xcode, and IDAM support systems among others. The procurement of the necessary materials will be based on quality ideals and pertinent specifications that are ethically designed. This is essential in ensuring that the programs and software setups that are installed are of significance and can provide much-needed assistance. Particularly, the company plans to upgrade its system with effective control measures to safeguard data and quality processors to facilitate the timely processing of information (Power 5).

Due to this, key infrastructural setups that it seeks to integrate include Nmap 6.25, PeerBlock, and Event Log Explorer 4.1 beta1 are key firewall software setups. Other infrastructural setups include VPN gadgets, anti-virus, intrusion detection systems such as Wire Shark, XML, and high bandwidth gadgets. The company also seeks to integrate relevant IT tools that will foster customer relationship management and data dissemination such as share point and quality payroll systems. The installation of these systems and programs that include Javascript, LinQ, and MySQL will enable the company to transform its service delivery techniques. This will enable the company to provide quality solutions to clients’ requests (Power 6). Notably, the company is to employ qualified IT personnel to manage its operations and offer maintenance services under a high level of professionalism. This is vital since the realization of quality service delivery to clients in most settings is dependent on the personnel capacity. They are the ones who coordinate and design the operating procedures. They are also monitored and feed the system with pertinent information that a system can process easily.

As indicated, the project is to be financed by internal mobilized funds or cash from operating activities with no borrowing. The projected capital for its completion amounts to $200,000 to $ 250,000. The budget on how the money is to be utilized is provided below.

The budget for the project

The budget for the projectThe budget for the project

Safeguard of users rights, ethical, social principles and how the system will achieve them

The software support system will be integrated with pertinent programs to ensure that it safeguards users’ rights. This is essential since a centralized data management center is a crucial severe administration center that requires effective monitoring (Donaldson and Stanley 156). This is because the center controls and coordinates the dissemination of a vast amount of information that needs proper security. For instance, information about payment issues, employee payroll details, budget documents, and patient diagnostic data is vital information that requires responsible management.

As noted by Hamiltom (193), the realization of safety and ethical management of information will be through the adoption of quality security programs. The aspects will also be realized through the adoption of effective processors, strong memory systems, and control protocols. These elements will promote quality service delivery by enhancing efficiency, the effectiveness of data management, and timely response to clients’ requests. In particular, the new system will provide a secure system that will enable financial institutions to use it without fear based on user rights protection issues. It will enable them to execute a vast amount of financial transactions, process various types of data, payment reports, financial statements, and payroll details. Secondly, the new system will enable manufacturing corporations to execute their activities that are appertain to stock taking with much ease. It will also enable them to have a more conventional approach to sorting information (Hamiltom 194).

In this project, the engineer is ethically under obligation to create a favorable environment to facilitate the success of the software development. Firstly, he is under obligation to undertake his duties with a high level of professionalism to ensure that the end product is beneficial to all stakeholders and that the user rights are guaranteed. He is also required to commit himself to make a proper analysis of the project before it is rolled out to ascertain its key deliverable, the items that are needed, and possible areas of weakness. This helps in the planning and execution of activities in a satisfactory manner (Hamiltom 199). The engineer also must ensure that the development of the system is done systematically and that the procedure for system development is followed appropriately from the initial stages to its completion.

He has a responsibility to execute proper analysis of the project, perform project specifications, design, development including testing and maintenance activities. Commitment to these system development procedures is vital in ensuring that the new software will be able to work effectively, enhance user safety and guarantee its durability. Indeed, software engineers should ensure that any program that they develop is user-oriented and is capable of meeting the needs of the public. They should also ensure that the software or hardware that is developed is given to the public for usage after testing its safeness and if it meets the required threshold for usage. Consequently, system developers must take full responsibility for their actions or work.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools and how they will be integrated

In the present day, clients in various institutions are concerned with the pace at which IT service providers can serve them. Their growing demands are forcing various IT service providers to integrate new systems to promote timely responses to various requests that they make (Schwaber 31). This explains why the new system that the company seeks to integrate is of great relevance to its clients including manufacturing and financial institutions. The institutions are bound to benefit immensely when the project is completed since it will provide the requisite support incentives that foster growth. A “share point” system with a quality IDIS program will be integrated to facilitate coordination of activities between clients and service providers through a systematic process of data sharing. The system is also to be developed using modern software setups and IT programmers such as XML and HiFi devices that are highly effective.

These infrastructural systems and programs will provide the requisite safeguards and control protocols that are necessary for the effective management of data. They will ensure that the relationship between clients and service providers is based on quality ideals (Tsunoda 193). Variably, the development or the implementation of the new system will be done procedurally by adhering to the system design procedures. These procedures that include problem identification, feasibility study, system design, system development, implementation, and testing will be followed appropriately as shown below.

These procedures that include problem identification, feasibility study, system design, system development, implementation, and testing

Firstly, the system developer will identify all the necessary programs and pertinent materials that are crucial in ensuring the holistic integration of the new system. This is important in ensuring that all the support materials are put in place to facilitate smooth and quality integration of the system.

Ongoing metrics regarding client calls and their problems/resolutions

The new system is designed to provide credible solutions to the evident complications that have been impeding quality service delivery to clients. The system will provide technical, commercial, and nontechnical support applications to help in managing clients’ issues at the company’s help desk (Zanoni and Jorge 28). In particular, the new system will be integrated with proper ticketing software and data sharing systems. This will foster the provision of tickets and sharing of crucial information about system functionality that has not been well executed. The ticketing software setups will enable financial institutions to keep proper records of financial transactions undertaken on daily basis.

Variably, the automated ticketing software will ensure that tickets are delivered to clients at the point of transaction. The software will process the tickets with a client’s particulars and payment details to ensure that every stakeholder is satisfied. This is a major solution that the new system seeks to introduce since serious complaints had been raised by various clients about the receipting and ticketing system of the company (Zanoni and Jorge 29). Their concern was that they were not getting tickets and receipts for various transactions promptly. Therefore, the new system will help in addressing needs at the help desk.


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