Wholesome Human Resource Management

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Resource management in the organizational approach for operations must always tackle efficiency issues. As highlighted above, human resource management attributes of the organization determine the level of motivation that the employees and management teams embrace in the discharge of their duties. In the globalized scenes of the labor market, the high integration of cultures implies that the challenges involved in managing human interactions proportionately increase. In such a challenging integration level, the motivation of employees and management must always take the human resource perspective, as opposed to the personnel management perspective. Welfare considerations in management include ensuring that remuneration and work-life balance facilitate a smooth transition into the work environment from external settings. Adopting an ethical treatment of human labor adopts a departure from scientific management, which facilitates bringing out the best of motivational outcomes.

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Application in Career

The emphasis on a balance in education, skills, and abilities at the workplace exposes management students to demands of academic and extracurricular indulgence. As an illustration, personal commitment in the delivery of duties informs me of their suitability in the roles assigned in the future. Besides academic excellence, commitment to the task might obtain desirable outcomes from previous commitments in tasks such as membership and leadership in clubs. Participating in the delivery of the organization’s objectives requires contribution and initiative, a reflection of an individual’s engagement in different extracurricular activities. A personal profile of a lengthy indulgence in community service for instance obtains higher credit worth transfer in terms of value addition to common organizational tasks and roles. The premise is that hypercompetitive environments need highly skilled individuals as managers pose a personal challenge to exploit extra strength inabilities.

In career development, I will always create networks to facilitate continued growth from internal and external perspectives. In a management job, positive relations with employees for instance will enable generate vertical motivation and positive appraisal for the manager and employees. The manager can obtain a platform of exchange of ideas to handle weaknesses among individuals, by encouraging integration in the organization. Interacting at the personalized level of positive relations and accommodating everyone, enables me to gain rare access to the motivation perspective desired from a competent manager.

Personal orientation with ethics and morals as applied in management supports the practice of an effective manager. Professional ethics fall within the jurisdiction of the law of the land, failure to which follows hefty consequences. As for deterrence, I would rather avoid falling on the wrong side of the law in career development, but the overall good in staying positive determines achievement. Presentation of personal achievements for suitability in professional service captures my personal branding, which depicts suitability in a summary form. In making myself a career brand through additions to my resume, I have gained the presentation standards that professional practice demands. In fact, the management course taken will enrich the potential to present desired traits to employers in the business environment.

Personal orientation with career developments in technology takes care of advancements in the industry, in order to remain relevant in the professional arena.

Human resource management as a strategy to ensure competitiveness in operations presents modern-day organizations with inevitable ethical and moral considerations. As a proponent of teamwork, I reckon that closer management of team dynamics, which surround welfare and empowerment concepts, must suffice. In view of the need for constant interaction between the management and employees, managerial skills acquired underscore the usefulness of enhanced human resource motivation. My interpersonal skills coincide with the standard teamwork requirements of the modern organization setting.

Application in Life

The application of learned skills in various life scenarios translates into a higher survival chance. As an illustration, perfected negotiation skills always assist people to secure good jobs in interviews and evade potential antagonism through diplomatic engagement. Interpersonal skills inside the lecture halls equipped me with the necessary resources to pass examinations and develop a positive outlook on my personal development. Participation in extra-curricular activities proves to be beneficial in my perception of culture and social settings that require everyone’s participation. Skills and talent exploitation at any level of effort assist in decision-making, especially in complex scenarios. In various life achievements including balancing education and social life, overcoming proves the success of decision making against a backdrop of myriad challenges.

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In the effectiveness of life scenes as learned in Covey’s perspective, establishing friendly relations came in handy in social life. Young life presents a dose of identity challenges, which may lead to loss of focus if negative energy takes charge in relations. Establishing positive relations at home, at school, and in the community facilitated forming a foundation of confidence possessed in life. Personally, I am learning to accommodate people because I previously insisted on knowing people with whom I associate. Understanding people as proposed by Covey’s habit 5 has helped me improve my efforts of accommodating people in life. Following such efforts, tremendous success in handling disappointments and resolving conflicts appears favorable.

Ethics in life stretches to the observation of appropriate conduct that corresponds with acceptable values in society. Behaving appropriately before people and when alone has facilitated the development of a respectable personality. Possession of a reputable personality assists in favorably fitting in the social scenes. In observation of human moral values, I believe I possess the necessary skills to live and survive in any part of the world. Despite the difference in cultural practices around the world, acquaintance with basic moral foundations equips me with the moral foundation that humanity needs. For instance, dressing and eating habits vary across different cultures, leading to challenges in integrating cultures effortlessly.

Awareness of right and wrong has facilitated in molding the individual that I am since I was a child. Presentation of my personal character before the various platforms of interactions assists me in developing the appropriate life networks. Packaging my profile as a positive individual in terms of image and behavior also increases life success in social and private aspects. Such packaging entails following and familiarizing emerging trends in technology usage, in order to keep up with socioeconomic and political changes around the world. Managing relations with other people at the personal level demonstrate difficulties in dealing with disillusioned individuals, making a strong case for motivation in teams.

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