Benefits of Hiring Senior Experts Despite the Costs Involved

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All organizations expect their employees to perform excellent work and improve productivity. They invest in research, training and other resources to equip their employees with the skills required to improve performance. However, not all of them are successful in implementing their policies and achieving their objectives. Therefore, this means that the availability of financial resources is not a guarantee that an organization will improve its performance. Companies should hire senior experts because they are pillars of improved performance even though they are expensive.

Benefits of Hiring Seasoned Engineers

A seasoned engineer is a person that has professional knowledge and experience in various construction matters. The individual has a lot of experience working in different organizations, conducting research and providing technical support to organizations and employees (Falcone 22). The following reasons explain why it is important for companies to hire seasoned engineers, even though, this may cost them money and promotion and employment opportunities for other potential candidates.

Albert Einstein argued that people gain knowledge through experience, and those that do not take risks cannot succeed in life. Senior expert understand what their employers expect from them to meet the requirements of their professions (Armstrong 46). Therefore, they do not require a close supervision to do their work. A senior expert understands work pressure and how it affects the performance of employees. The experience gained through working in organizations for a long time is adequate to ensure experienced employees understand the cultural aspects of their professions. In addition, they understand work ethics and what they are supposed to do to perform their duties properly. Senior engineers have been working with different companies for a long time, and this makes working easier for them than the new employees. They reduce the expenses incurred in training new employees to understand the responsibilities of their offices. In addition, senior experts have a lot of experience that is gained through years of achievement, failures and mature sense of responsibility that differentiates them from other engineers (Armstrong 54). It is easy to work with seasoned engineers because they streamline work and facilitate good performance.

Discipline is an important aspect that controls the performance of engineers and determines whether they will succeed or fail in their projects. Employing experienced engineers is important because they respect professional codes of conduct and are guided by company policies to enhance their performance. An organization that has naughty employees cannot maintain a good performance record because they are unreliable and unpredictable (Falcone 31). Engineers are guided by professional codes that dictate how they should behave in different situations. Seasoned engineers understand the importance of discipline in ensuring a company achieves its objectives. There is a high possibility that experienced engineers rarely cause conflicts because they know how to manage situations and eliminate confrontations. Companies should employ senior experts because they know how to shape and popularize the image of a company and ensure the public develops a positive attitude towards it.

Leadership is vital in organizations because it improves communication and creates room for consensus when there are conflicts (Falcone 52). Seasoned engineers are good conflict managers and know what is required to avoid chaos in organizations. They use their skills and experience to steer other employees in directions that are less likely to cause conflicts. Excellent leadership skills in engineering are acquired through experience and working for a long time. Engineers experience work and personal challenges that affect the quality of services they offer to their employers. Organizations should employ experienced employees because they understand how these challenges occur and what should be done to avoid them.

Senior experts are committed to their work and do not take chances because they understand their roles in the society. Therefore, they make serious commitments because they understand the gravity of their work and may not want to compromise the safety of other employees or the public (Falcone 69). They are committed and pay attention to their duties. Therefore, it is easy for organizations to achieve their objectives when they employ experienced engineers who will start producing good results immediately they are employed. It is not easy for seasoned engineers to make mistakes of omission or commission because their commitment guides them to stick to professional codes and follow company policies. Seasoned engineers make their careers because they understand the importance of commitment to ensuring that work is not compromised by excuses or laziness. Issues like unplanned leaves, lateness and lack of seriousness in places of work are not common among experienced employees (Armstrong 60). These issues reduce the effects of accidents that occur at construction sites and the long delays in making decisions and completing assignments. Senior experts understand that time is of the essence and should not be compromised because a delay may cause injuries or loss of lives or profits. Therefore, companies should hire seasoned engineers, even though, this may involve short-term losses and risks.

They have a vast knowledge that enables them to have different perspectives and attitudes toward various situations (Falcone 81). Work experience gives experienced employees the knowledge that cannot be obtained from books or other forms of training. The experience of seasoned engineers helps them to shape perspectives and ensure their objectives are integrated into the expectations and mission of their companies. Most experienced employees are not stubborn when solving a crisis and this enhances their personal and professional growth. They have a wider perspective about different issues and understand that the class work knowledge is not sufficient in addressing practical problems. In addition, senior experts have a wider understanding of the application of theories in solving practical issues. For instance, a seasoned engineer knows how to establish rapport and solve problems that involve construction companies and local communities. Experienced engineers are god because they join construction companies with open minds. They have a rare gift of shifting perspectives to accommodate and manage the immediate and future challenges that affect their companies (Armstrong 66). These gifts are not gained in classrooms, but through hard work and experience, and this make seasoned employees reliable and indispensable in organizations. Therefore, organizations should recruit experienced employees to enjoy their benefits.


Seasoned engineers are important in companies because they provide leadership and influence their colleagues to respect the professional codes and work ethics of their professions. In addition, their experience helps them to be better managers and know how to solve conflicts and avert disasters. They communicate easily and freely, and this promotes coordination among departments in a construction firm. The commitment of seasoned engineers pushes organizations to achieve their objectives because they instill discipline in other employees. Therefore, senior experts should be hired even though companies will incur additional expenses.

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