Diversity of Danford Products

Danford Leadership Impacted

Danford’s leadership does not appreciate the idea of diversified work place ethics and it openly discriminates women against holding managerial position. As a result, they cannot be able to benefit from the diversity of leadership skills that women would have brought to the firm given the nature of their personalities. Women are empathic, caring, deal with details and consistent. They take time to scrutinize idea and are less likely to make crude mistakes in their decision. Danford’s management team is dominated by white men who are well educated and are they feel that they are at the cutting edge of everything at the company. With such arrogance and egoistic character, they are less likely to listen to opinion from juniors and worse from women!

Lack of Objectivity

There are some things that Marc Johnson said or did that clearly show he lacked objectivity in carrying out his responsibility hence making him biased against women. One of the evident incidences is when he privately mentioned to his subordinate that it was likely that minorities were not adequately trained or intelligent enough to do the technical and financial tasks in his department. Besides that he also mentioned that he did not believe that women have the temperament for that kind of job.

Second, during the interview with Marita, Johnson was focusing on her physical appearance and dressing rather than on the response she was giving after being asked questions. Basically she was appropriately dressed and seemed sophisticated though she had a Spanish accent which Johnson though could affect communication. She also gave strong solid answers that Johnson openly indicated he did not expect from a Hispanic woman. This was racist actions that can illicit discrimination to the rest of workers (Jackson 284).

Johnson appeared at the interview with a mindset that Marita was not going to make it through the interview because she was a woman, Hispanic and at the end of the interview she said she lived in Chicago, an area Johnson disliked because of what he believed that people from there were violent, unreliable and unmanageable. He deliberately asked her questions that senior financial experts could know so that he could prove his assertions. Furthermore, when asked about her by his boss, Mr. Roche, Johnson says he felt that she was not fit for the job enough. As a result, Johnson rejected her for the job and sent her a regret letter.

The “4Ps of Diversity” impacted this case in that they prevented the selection of the candidate because she was not from the male dominated class of managers and as a Hispanic she was regarded as being inferior because generally, Hispanics or Latinos have a rich history of not being educated.

Diversity Factors

There are two main diversity factors that are implicated in the case of Danford products. The first factor is sexism. Despite the call for diversity and increased employment of women to managerial positions, Danford has male dominated management team. This affirmative action has remained elusive and in the male dominated workplaces women faces obstacles to get a job and promotion into management position (Jackson 284). Johnson implied that the women did not have the temperament of doing the financial stressful job or could be less qualified.

Another issue was racism. Diversity concerns require that people should not be discriminated because of their race, sex or other socio-cultural statuses (Thomas 172). However, in this case, Marita is discriminated because she is Hispanic. Basically the Latinos or Hispanics have extraordinary history because of their cultural background. They have experienced political problems, poor education; they have suffered homelessness and are economically poor. Because of the varied background, they have been considered and very inferior in terms of education and capability at work. Besides they are regarded as violent individuals because of the areas they reside are often characterised by violence. Johnson proves these when he implied that people from Chicago, the Hispanic were violent and not employable.

Healthcare Organisation

If this was a healthcare organisation, the situation could not be any better in my opinion. This is because technical jobs like medical practise and technology careers are still dominated by men (Jackson 285). In that regard, men dominate management positions and women are only given jobs as nurses to assist male physician. However, the trend is healthcare is changing quite faster than in manufacturing industry because of legal requirement to adhere affirmative action principles to include women in management positions (Thomas 175).

Work diversity Strategy

Goals Outcomes Actions Responsible Timeframe Indicator
Increase awareness & dedication to workplace diversity issues All workers to be aware and embrace the principles of equity and diversity Carry out training for all staff on diversity issue and state their roles under law Management staff Starting 2011 All management trained and updated on legislative regulations
Incorporating concept of diversity in company policies (Gloria & Julie 308) Promote diversity and equity always Supervisory staff ongoing Published on the company magazine, newsletters and notice board
The concept of divert is used positively on daily conversations Communicate new employee information to the rest of workforce during induction
Include diversity principles to all position description
Human resource Ongoing


Every new personnel briefed on concept of diversity and equity during orientation
No one promoted to managerial position without demonstrating understanding of equity and diversity principles
Equity and fair policies and practice in HR Fair treatment of those seeking employment during recruitment, selection and requirements for employment Trained interviewer on the recruiting panel
Train all managers on recruitment & selection
Monitor processes of recruitment and selection of managers and supervisors (Gloria & Julie 308)
HR Ongoing No selection of panel without trained interviewer
Completed training
No serious complaints of non-compliance with equity and diversity policies (Gloria & Julie 309)
Assign jobs according to the performance in equity and diversity policies to avoid breaches in future
Review the HR policies and practises to ensure compliance with Equity & diversity
Senior managers ongoing No serious complaints of non-compliance with equity and diversity policies

Consultative meetings prior to adoption of polices dealing with diversity

The workforce clearly reflects diversity and equity A workforce that reflects the community diversity consistent to the knowledge and abilities of the workforce Maintain connection with employment agencies for minorities
Provide opportunities for unpaid work experience employees
Provide mentors for new recruits
HR ongoing Vacancies advised to and from employment agencies
Number of work experience placements in every group
Successful recruitment of minorities into the firm
(Gloria & Julie 310)
Develop harmonious and supportive workplace and organisational culture that support diversity, equity and fairness A workplace that upholds respect for every individual and their differences.
Abolish humiliations, intimidation and offending behaviourImplementing practises and policies that uphold fairness, equity and diversity (Gloria & Julie 310)
Train all employees on harassment and bullying prevention
(Gloria & Julie 312)Train managers and supervisors on conflict resolution skills

Review of the policies and regulation of harassment prevention

HR To Commence later Reduced number of reports of workplace conflicts and harassment

Nature of workplace allegations

Complete training
Model of conflict resolution
Time takes to respond to the workplace conflicts

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct could have changed the shape of the case because the code guides the actions of the managers and all other employees. The code has clear statement on diversity especially the women involvement in management positions, recruitment process and other employments standards that must be upheld for good work ethics (Gloria and Julie 313).


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