Managing and Motivating Technical Professionals


For any particular nature of a project to be carried out with a great deal of success, the managers should at least posses some basic skills of coordinating the human capital. The managerial techniques which one holds will have very little impact if at all the intended motivational status is not created among the technical team. For one to fit comfortably in the world of information technology one has to keep on updating his or her own skills to remain relevant in the field. In this case, the members of the technical team are highly associated with egoism in the sense that every one thinks that he or she is far much better than the other and most especially in relation to the manager. In our case we are going to look at a project which aims at introducing an online system of offering services in a campus. In this system the students performing most of the tasks online (Warner, 2007, p. 1). These tasks will include online registration and also checking their results online among many other tasks. Here we are also going to look at how knowledge of new team management skills will help in making the complex implementing process of a project a success. We will also describe some issues and provide references while noting why the strategy seemed to work so well.

Team management skills

There are various new team management skills which can be used to facilitate complex implementation process for any given project. Firstly, one of them is ensuring effective communication process. This demands that the message should be passed in a clear and open manner from the leader to the individual members of the team and vice versa. The members of the technical team should be provided with all the information which is relevant in their performance of day to day undertakings and there should be no assumption on the part of the leader that the members are comfortable without confirmation. This will call for practice of some of most convenient and effective communication methods such as emails to overcome the possible barriers of communication such as noise and many others (Creighton, 1990, p. 63). The effectiveness of these communication methods will translate into great deal of success towards implementation process of the project in question.

Secondly, the leader should cultivate spirit of sharing among the technical team to encourage information flow among members. This is very critical because some members of the taskforce may tend to be secretive about the things they do, both personally and professionally. Thus, sharing of this information with their colleagues will lead to overall good result of the project. Thirdly, the technical team should be adequately motivated for the implementation process to be a success. This can be realized by ensuring that the professionals are given tasks that are in line with their careers. This way success will be guaranteed since the members will always work to achieve what their career goals. The motivation can also be attained by use of some external factors such as good working conditions, fair remunerations, security and above all by creating an environment whereby all members feels respected and valued. Finally, the other team management skills can include: the feedback which should always be constructive and meaningful to facilitate for improvement regardless of whether it is a positive or a negative response, settling of the acceptable performance standards to control the confusion and frustration in the work place and finally ensuring that the team is accorded with relevant training to be able to perform current tasks (Sawyer, and Rosenbaum, 2000, p. 502).


Some issues could also arise in the course of implementing the process. One of them could be the ego issue. This is whereby the members want to do their tasks without the guidance from their manager because they believe they are much better than anybody else including their manager. This can be addressed by creating an environment of mutual respect and unity which will ensure that the members appreciate one another and also their boss. Secondly, the gender issue can also prevail whereby males and females may require some special treatment. For example the female staff may need her working hours to be adjusted in order to for her to go home for breast feeding. When this problem is resolved the mothers will feel so comfortable and offer their services to their best since their needs are well taken into consideration. Thus we can say that the strategies used had clear anticipation of the issues which could arise, thus making the process of implementation a big success.


It is clear that leadership is of paramount importance in any given project undertaking. This is because leadership plays a big role in influencing the other factors which are very crucial for the overall performance of the project in question. From the discussion above, it has been shown that among the various functions of leadership, motivating and managing personnel well is one of the most important determinants of success.

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