Converse Chuck Taylor: The Innovative Model’s Promotion

As described earlier, the innovative Converse Chuck Taylor model is aimed at people of three different age groups, different genders, and financial statuses. The new sports version of Converse will give people the opportunity to choose a genuinely comfortable shoe model for daily wear, sports, and walking. It will also be distinguished by its stylish design, which the consumer will be able to choose independently based on their preferences. The shoes are designed for both men and women, for young people and adults.

Young people aged 13-19 years are less interested in comfort than modern, stylish shoe design. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star will be able to provide comfort and style for daily wear, as well as for active sports. For people aged 20-35, everyday comfort is already more important because sometimes people wear shoes all day. In addition, it is essential for some that the shoes are universal, that is, suitable for many occasions. Undoubtedly, this Converse model will look suitable for everyday wear, active lifestyle, and sports.

For the category of people aged 35 and older, the wearable shoes must have a democratic cost, be comfortable, and have high quality. Summing up the preferences of different age groups, it can be seen that Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is a suitable solution for people of all ages , choices in style, quality, and financial capabilities.

There are various ways to promote the product on the market. The primary and most effective types are promoted through social networks, e-mail mailing lists, and work with influencers. Each of the proposed strategies is more focused on advertising on the Internet, because in recent years, consumer engagement on the Internet has increased significantly, which makes advertising quite effective (Suleiman et al., 2020). Even though all the proposed product promotion options are popular and will have their effect, they still have their drawbacks.

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram platforms are worth paying attention to as advertisements for stylish, modern, comfortable shoes on social networks. According to Statista (2021) Facebook is the most popular social network with 2.895 million users, followed by YouTube with 2.291 million users and Instagram with 1.393 million users. Based on these statistics, it can be concluded that by promoting the product through social networks, a sufficiently wide audience coverage will be provided, including the youth that the product is aimed at. In addition, the advantages of this type of advertising are low cost and large-scale user coverage. The disadvantage of advertising through social networks is that the third target audience, which includes people aged 35 and older, may not see the advertisement since few adults use social networks.

The next option for promoting the product is an email newsletter. Based on the collected data about the user, they receive a personalized product purchase offer by email. For example, a person can receive an email with advertising content and a promo code to purchase goods directly from the store. Thus, this will attract the attention of consumers and increase their loyalty to the company’s products.

After buying the product at a discount, consumers will personally evaluate the new Converse Chuck Taylor pair’s quality, convenience, and style and further recommend the product to their family members, friends, and acquaintances. The advantages of this marketing strategy are that it will attract new customers and low cost since advertising will be sent automatically to each user included in the mailing list. The disadvantage compared to advertising on social networks is that not all people open advertising letters, which excludes the possibility of storing information about advertising in buyers’ subconscious.

The help of influencers is also a good product promotion strategy. Influencers have many subscribers on social networks, in connection with which it is possible to determine the productivity of work and evaluate the effectiveness. Working with influencers will require higher financial costs than posts in the company’s account, but it will probably have greater profitability. This is because people trust influencers and actively pay attention to the products they use. It is often the idols of young people who encourage the purchase of a particular product. However, the older part of the population will not be involved because they are less likely than young people to be influenced by celebrities and use social networks less often.

Instagram and YouTube would be used for advertising on social networks, but I would also post the content presented on these social networks on Facebook. I chose these social networks because they are among the most popular and visited, according to the above statistics. An essential role, in this case, is played by the quality of the photos and videos taken, which in turn will be attractive to consumers.

Posts should cover the interests of the target audience to attract their attention, and therefore it is necessary to invite a professional person in the content compilation. To advertise comfortable, stylish shoes, it is essential to attract people engaged in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle to inspire people with their example and encourage them to buy comfortable shoes (Matthews et al., 2021). The main difference from competitors, in this case, should be the emphasis that the shoes are comfortable, stylish, highly respectable, and financially not expensive.


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