Developing Your Team on Example of Netflix

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Being a leader is a significant challenge for the managers in every company as it requires constant control of the team and, at the same time, sharing responsibilities with other members. Netflix was chosen for a detailed analysis of the working system. This example is beneficial because this company is focused on producing entertaining content and is also well-known for its technical force and high-qualified employees in the sphere of computer programming. It is important to analyze how managers cope with the issue of diverse directions of work and how they control different teams’ processes. This research would be an illustration of incorporating innovative ideas to increase the team members’ effectiveness based on theoretical studies and concepts in the sphere of strategic and emergency management. This paper aims to describe the ways of creating a team of specialists of diverse professions, methods of improving its dynamics and controlling team behavior, and their desire to work according to the company’s mission.

Creating a Diverse Team with Different Strengths

For producing entertaining content with the use of technologies in Netflix, it is necessary to create a team with specialists in diverse professions. It should include a computer program, a director, a social media manager, and a producer. People with different backgrounds would experience significant difficulties in communicating with each other. In this case, the purpose of a manager is to establish good relationships with everyone in the team and help them collaborate to make a high-qualified product. First of all, it is crucial to provide the conditions of competitiveness among them (Hitt et al., 2016). It would be beneficial both from the point of view of investigating the members’ strengths and weaknesses and making the work more efficient. Human resources management also has to be taken into consideration: it is possible to assume that using professional methodology would positively impact the working process. A manager can make the system of evaluation for all members according to the sphere of their specialization. It would help to motivate the employees and to control both personal and general results.

It is crucial to mention that evaluating the strengths of the team members is a challenging task for a manager. It includes not only the professional sphere but also significant research on employees’ traits of character. Some may be latent leaders; another person wants to see the results of his or her work in an immediate moment. It is necessary to determine the specificities of every human and make it his or her strong suit (Hitt et al., 2016). Taking into account the professional skills of the workers, it is important to provide constant motivation for them, so that they would try to improve their knowledge regularly by following educational courses.

As an illustration of this hypothesis, it is possible to introduce the scenario of working with a specialist in computer programming. The professional knows that without his or her work, the product cannot be finished; that is why he or she decides that there is no need to improve the skills. In this case, a manager can try to talk to other team members who prefer to educate themselves regularly. They can motivate the programmer to try some courses to learn more about new technologies or find new friends in the professional field. Moreover, a manager can encourage the specialist to communicate with colleagues from other groups to establish good relationships with them and exchange experiences, problems, and results of their work. The role of the manager is often underestimated in creating and organizing a team with diverse specializations. However, it is necessary for evaluating the strengths of each team member and make the working process more efficient.

Methods to Improve Team Dynamics and Employee Behaviors

Team dynamics is an essential part of the working process. The purpose of the manager is to provide comfort for the members to have a better result in the future. It is possible to assume that one of the most efficient techniques is to exchange feedback with the group. What is more, it is necessary to create a system of control, such as establishing the rules of communication and treating each other. There has to be no racial or any other discrimination, no arguments, or quarrels. Implementing the set of rules would help the manager to have an overview of the team behavior and give the tools to correct it in stressful situations.

Motivation is noticeably important in the process of organizing positive team dynamics. It is possible to suggest that the system of rewards is a good starting point for the team. What is more, it is necessary to explain why a particular project is important for the company and what the team would achieve by completing it successfully. It can be observed that the leader’s techniques should be implemented. For example, the producer may become an informal frontrunner of the group and motivate others to perform efficiently. It would help establish more trusting relations among the team members that are needed to provide high-qualified results in time. What is more, the manager has to keep in touch with his or her colleagues to learn more about diverse strategies in the sphere of human resources used in the organization.

Another strategy that is beneficial for team dynamics is exchanging the experience and results of the implementation of several ideas. On the one hand, it would prevent severe mistakes on the level of the whole corporation by sharing examples of negative experiences. On the other hand, it would be useful in case of the successful results of other managers. Moreover, it would help control the decision-making process of a particular worker or manager and give a more objective overview of the current situation. Nevertheless, it is necessary to point out that the methodology may vary depending on the specificity of the product or professional sphere.

Two Management Techniques to Align Team Behaviors to the Company Mission

The company mission is crucial for the efficient functioning of the organization. One of the techniques that would encourage the team members to follow the guide is to explain to them what is their particular impact on the success of the organization. It is necessary to introduce regular meet-ups where the employees would learn more about their role in achieving the company’s mission. What is more, it is possible to make a system of rewards and punishments that would control team behavior and, at the same time, provide supplemental financial payments for following the mission instructions.


To identify the team members’ strengths, the manager has to establish trusting relationships with them to control the situation. Motivation and exchanging experience are beneficial for the positive team dynamics and supervising team behavior. It is crucial to implement regular meetings with a detailed explanation of the role of each employee in reaching the global aim of the company. Moreover, a manager has to create a system of rewards for following the company’s mission.


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