Employee Development: National Training Awards

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The National Training Awards’ main objective is to distinguish and compensate workers and organizations from any sector that show apparent benefits attained through the process of training and increasing the ability of their workers.

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National Training Award helps make the best use of career progression motivation and chances. Individuals are able to identify and recognize their potential thus get to know what they really want in life. In organizations, the training has helped in improving people’s skills, identification of high prospective managers, and upgrading cross-departmental working. It has led to a cultural transformation in various organizations. For instance, when a top integrated construction and support Services Company requires to move to a more relationship-based future from a task-driven past, they do collaborate with a training expert to establish a management Development Program.

It has assisted more people than organizations especially in the local society people have benefited from the evaluation and the program, which, has clearly revealed that the goals set for the training have been achieved including the development of a support network, volunteering, and employment (Gideon, 2001). National Training Awards has assisted drug users to transform and recover their lives. First, the program focuses on suitable trainees, who do not always have experience so that they could learn in general about drugs, how to communicate with those who use them and methods of treatment and intervention.

Functions of National Training Awards

It offers training, especially to people who live in areas with high levels of deprivation and unemployment together with low educational achievement. The training aims at targeting women in particular in order to create a chance for them to maximize emerging and current opportunities, retrain, and develop their skills. This has improved their self-employment and employability predictions. The training enhances people’s quality of life, which improves their behavior, reduces statutory attachment, encourages greater autonomy and liberty, and provides important skills. The learners acquire nationally recognized qualifications that enable them to develop a range of core employment skills e.g. looking for interview methods and looking for people’s work. These skills also help the learners have more self-confidence.

It creates an opportunity for young people to acquire new skills and develop the existing ones thereby, opening them chances to have working experiences. For instance, groups of students who have gone through training are exposed to the job world whereby they get a chance to put into practice the skills acquired in the training process thereby realizing their weak and strong areas. National Training Awards boost the economy of a country by improving its financial stability. The young and the most energetic population are productive thus participating in the country’s development. These also help them developmentally and socially thus becoming productive and useful members of the development and progress of society (Bottcher, 2002).

It allows an individual to apply a positive solution to an event. An individual also develops socially through interaction and socialization with others. For instance, when people come together with similar interests they help each other grow; realize their opportunities, interests, weaknesses, and strengths. Thus after the training one comes out a different person who has developed morally, physically, emotionally, and is exposed and well informed therefore participating in the development and the well-being of the country. This brings an overall change that affects the country positively (Mackenzie 2001).

In big organizations, the training improves efficiency, and as a country, the individuals are able to compete with the global competitors since they have the required skills. This is because; the organizations say that their staff is their biggest asset. They, therefore, involve all the personnel at all levels according to the goals of the organization, its rules and regulations. This is very essential since everyone understands his/her contribution to the organization.

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National Training Awards reward people, institutions, and companies that have acquired everlasting success through training and learning, they are a means whereby the government hopes to support employers in order to give efficient training to its workers. It gives people from different regions an opportunity to come together and exchange cultures, opinions, views, and ideas. This reduces tribalism and ethnicity and thus the environment becomes conducive for everyone since every individual can interact freely with no fear. These individuals also get a chance to adventure (Borque,1998).

Politically, the training helps people become informed and enlightened. They are in touch with what is happening to society. Within the training environment, some individuals are able to realize their leadership roles and potential by organizing others, and becoming team leaders. They fight for the rights of others within the environment where they are confined. In addition, through individual responsibilities given one is able to develop mentally and able to handle responsibilities in the right manner and become a useful member of society.

Importance of training to employers

This formal training assists the employers to ensure that workers are contented and that internal and external fairness is maintained, and also the management sustains control over reward costs. It will also help keep core workers, encourage permanence, and attract top talent. An efficient training award covers the following events: job analysis and assessment, job pricing, pay banding, worker classification, and pay increases.

In order to ensure that this training benefits both the workers and the company, an analysis of the sales plan is required to substantiate that the rewards sales workers receive are proportionate to their expertise and effort sets exploited to achieve their sales objectives (Guillermo 2003).

They provide a coherent process of evaluating the training practices and gauging their efficiency. The top managers in the organization will assess the areas that need to be trained and choose the workers to go for training. The trained workers will be monitored to find out whether the training had a positive impact on the individual and to the organization. In cases where the outcome is not effective, another strategy will be used to ensure positive effects.

The chance for evaluation of training and development with training experts from the entry support team is important to the organization because they will professionally identify the weaknesses in the organization and use appropriate ways of solving them. The significance of having a highly qualified workforce in an organization is that it is an economic requirement. However, developing our proficiency is more than competing in the universal economy. It is moreover an efficient way of dealing with poverty in the family, inspiring people to struggle for improved life and developing social mobility (Jennifer 2001). This happens when we bring about a step transformation in the organization’s approach regarding training and skills.

People commemorated by the NTA

The NTA normally commemorates individuals and organizations that demonstrate exceptional personal and business during investment in training (John 2000). As a result of identifying the most excellent practices, the rewards intend to raise consciousness and motivate others to devote themselves to learning and advancing as a path to becoming world-class.

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In the contemporary ever competitive and dynamic economic climate, the training of workers is more vital than ever. Highly trained employees enhance effective performance and effectiveness, contributes to the success of persons and organizations, and contribute to the entire nation, improving our integrity and name as a force to be identified within the worldwide economy. In simple terms, training brings in treasure and it is within the authority of every company to elevate its standards and guarantee encouraging change and potential success.

Awards are given to commemorate the name of prominent people in the organization such as the Chief Executive and human resource managers of the organization. They will be commemorated for their hard work to make sure that these awards were recognized as the best award for training and progression. Acknowledging the prominent people in the organization, especially those who led in the past is very significant (Thomas, 1997). This is because it acts as a challenge to the current leaders in that they will be expected to perform better than their predecessors. A lot of training will be conducted for the efficient job and to maintain the good image of the individuals and the organization.

Tailored comments from the evaluator on entries assess whether the employee is a winner or not. If he/she is not successful this comment can be the foundation for a future entry. The organization will be able to plan and schedule the training to get rid of the weakness of its workers and the organization. If he/she is thriving it can be used for more review, assessment and advance your training progression.

It raises the self-esteem of workers and those responsible for administering the training. The workers who are identified for the training humble themselves and understand that they are not being looked down upon but it is for their own good and the organization. For this reason, they take the training more seriously with an aim of improving the performance of the organization. Through training, they increase the level of their knowledge in that they can do even more than they could do before training and this boosts their self-confidence.

The management focuses on improving the worker’s self-awareness and capability to work in a team (Sanchez 1993). The training provides them with the tools to tackle their problems and comprehend how teams came about and how different individuals could contribute. It also provides managers with logical ways of dealing with dilemmas and adding value to the organization, whose accomplishment relied on efficient team working.


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