Employees Management: Restaurant Team Recruitment

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Waiters / waitresses

First of all it is necessary to mention that the best strategy for starting work on the highly competent market would require attraction of the workers from competitors. On the one hand this strategy would help to get to know the industrial secrets of the competitors; on the other hand, there could be spies, performing business and industrial espionage. Originally, there is strong necessity to know the key tips of competitors’ business performance. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity to employ experienced workers, and attract them with the increased salaries, as there will be no need to spend for their qualification improvement. Thus, the first question for all the employees will concern the previous working experience. The applicant will have to answer where he or she had previously worked, and for what time. Surely, the best reply for this question would be the letter of introduction form the previous place of work. However, such job as waiter is not serious enough for such letters, as TGI Fridays and similar restaurant nets prefer employing students and part-time workers, who do not look for building career.

The next question is required to touch upon the expectations from the job the applicant is going to apply for. The expectations will help to define the real requirements of the applicant and create the successful salary / fine / bonus system. Originally, this system may be based on quite different data; however, meeting the real salary (including fines and bonuses) with the expectation creates the additional encouragement factor for fruitful work. It is often emphasized, that the workers with the lowest expectations work with the increased effort if they are offered an opportunity to get additional financial reward.

The third question will be required to find out the expected working schedule and define if the worker will be able to work overtime and on weekends (for additional reward). On the one hand, working overtime distracts workers, however, there is an important factor for increased productivity – working overtime unites the team. There are lots of instances, when the united teams helped the corporations to survive.

The question of the working motivation will be rather important during the interview. Surely, everyone needs financial resources in order to live and be able to rent an apartment, buy necessary foods, have medical insurance etc. However, these are the general aims. If the worker has a dream, a family (pregnant wife or a small baby), keen on some activity (sports, art, extreme), or just some hobby, this person will be interested in working overtime and on weekends for earning more, as the listed factors require additional financing. Thus, active employees are the real treasure for the company.

The final question may be optional, depending on the results of the previous questions. The interviewer may ask either of the attitudes towards corporative uniform (as some employees prefer traditional clothes for waiters: jacket, white shirt, black trousers and sometimes apron) or of the general carefulness while performing the working duties.

  1. Working experience
  2. Expectations
  3. Working schedule
  4. Motivation for work
  5. Attitude towards uniform.

Barmen / Bar. Women

The aim of the barmen is not only to mix and serve cocktails or alcoholic beverages, but also to amuse and entertain the visitors. If it is the position in fast food restaurants like TGI or McDonalds, this job is boring and even less requiring than the position of a waiter. Consequently, if overnight parties are going to be arranged, the position of a barman will be rather responsible. Thus, the question on the previous experience stays the same. It is necessary to know whether a barman had studied this mastery, or he / she is a self-taught. It is difficult to say what variant is better, as self-taught people are originally initiative and careful, however, such worker will be required to study the traditional skills of the barmen school. On the basis of the traditional knowledge and skills a self-taught barman will be able to create some innovations, and become the special appeal of the restaurant. Those, who had studied in special schools, will not require qualification improvement; however, they will not be so initiative as the self-taught employees.

Basing on the reply as for experience, it will be interesting to ask if the applicant has some secrets, and ask him / her to show some (but not explain), and ask whether he / she had invented some original cocktails.

If the credibility of employing some applicant is rather high, it would be reasonable to ask, what range of ingredients he / she needs for successful work, and what equipment will be needed.

  1. Experience
  2. Education
  3. Secrets / inventions
  4. Equipment
  5. Readiness to work (when?)

A Maitre D

Originally, the job of Maitre D is the most responsible among all the required positions listed in the case study. Surely, there are more responsible jobs in the restaurant, however, the Maitre D is the face of the restaurant, and he / she defends the interests of the visitors, as well as defends waiters and barmen from unjustly dissatisfied visitors. Thus, appearance and the ability to communicate are the key features of successful Maitre D. Maitre D is the job, which requires essential experience, thus, this question will be present here. Moreover, the experience should be supported with the high observation skill. Any test for observation will be suitable (one of such is to change something on a table during the “performance” and ask what has changed). The expected schedule may be discussed beforehand. The reply will help define the level of responsibility and the actual readiness for work. Thus, the applicant will reveal his / her attitude towards the job in general.

The other questions may be standard, as these questions are sufficient for defining the experience and suitability for this job.

  1. Experience
  2. Observation test
  3. Expectations
  4. Expected schedule
  5. Motivation

Alternative Selection

Waiters / Waitresses

A short exam may be arranged, during which a person should quickly, accurately and carefully serve several tables (in an empty hall, surely). Such an examination encourages the spirit of competition on the one hand and makes the person got used to the working atmosphere on the other hand. Various assignments and difficulty levels may be invented: from the simplest task to serve the table, till overcoming “barriers” of numerous visitors on the dance floor (if there is some). Waiter should be able to count quickly and accurately, thus, math tests with simple actions will be the effective tool for further selection.

Barmen / Bar Women

The same test may be arranged for barmen. The ability to count quickly proportions of the cocktails and the prices for the beverages are the essential tasks for them. That is why barmen may be subjected to math tests as well as waiters. Those who pass these tests may be examined for technical skills and artistry. The work of barmen is similar to a show, as the customer may not only enjoy their cocktails, but also be pleased with the quality of the service and the beauty of barmen’s performance.

Maitre D

In order to examine the ability to communicate and the inventiveness in communicating with customers, a short “stage performance” may be arranged, where the applicant will be required to calm down politely some angry visitor. Maitre D is obliged to be able to act in a team, thus, the role-plays aimed to examine their skills should be arranged with the other applicants who are going to be applied. Thus, the applicants will be able to show their skills, get acquainted with each other and form the newborn team. Surely, some of the team members will be probably rejected; nevertheless, it will be a great opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Induction Plan. Training Session

The induction plan is the final stage for employing the team for a newly created organization. Originally, it is no longer the selection process, but explaining the specification of work for the newcomers. They should be instructed on the issues of corporate culture, traditions and origins in order they were able to take the necessary decisions basing on this knowledge.


Corporate culture

These employees should be instructed on the issues of the serving etiquette. Originally, the serving manner is not mentioned by the visitors, as they generally come to enjoy their meal or a friendly chat, nevertheless it should be a part of corporate culture. Another factor of corporate culture is the manner of communicating with visitors. As well as etiquette, it forms the atmosphere of the restaurant and forms the impression and the word of mouth among visitors. Thus it plays essential role in the allover reputation.


Safety technique and fire safety lectures should be arranged for all employers. They should be explained who is responsible in the case of emergency situation; they should know the evacuation plan and the location of fire extinguishers.

Accuracy and care

Personal equipment and workspace should be kept clean and in order. There is no much practical use for the general performance of the working responsibilities, however, it is aimed to increase the general self-discipline and ability to keep fit.


Barmen are obliged to remember the location of the beverages in the bar and act quickly and accurately.


This training plan entails the acquaintance with the working space and the location of the bar equipment (fridge, burner, blender, shaker etc). Cash desk is also in barmen’s responsibility, thus, they should be trained to use it (if still unable).


Along with awareness of the fire extinguishers location and the emergency evacuation plan, the barmen should be instructed on the issues of dealing with fire: it is linked with the specification of their work, as some cocktails are served burning, and barmen should be extremely accurate in order not to cause fire or burn customers.

Culture and etiquette

As well as waiters, barmen are obliged to be instructed on the matters of corporate culture and serving etiquette. It is crucial to form the united corporate culture, consequently, all three categories of the employees should attend the etiquette instructions together.

Maitre D

Maitre D as the face of the restaurant should be aware of all the actions by waiters and barmen, and on what principles they are based. Thus, Maitre D is obliged to attend all the induction courses for waiters and barmen.


Along with etiquette and culture, separate training should be arranged concerning the appearance of Maitre D. It is the crucial factor in communicating with customers. Such components should be emphasized: make-up, jewelry, clothes (as corporate uniform will be used, it is necessary to emphasize the distinctive details of the uniform, special features of clothes and rules of taking care of them).


For the reflection part the questions for waiters were selected. The respondent gave the following answers:

  1. Working experience is minor, as I have just entered the university and would like to have some working experience. First I applied to #companyname# café as a waiter, however, found out about the recruitment of the team for this restaurant.
  2. The expectations are not too high, however, I would like to be sure that I will be able to have a free day if I have test or exams in my university
  3. The working schedule may be free, and I am even able to work the night shift.
  4. I’m fond of coins, and part of the salary will be spent for purchases in the antiquarian’s shop
  5. I appreciate uniforms, especially if it is linked with the prestige of the company.


Completing this assignment was important for understanding the principles and rules for recruiting the team for a newly created corporation, or corporation department. Originally, these rules are general for any company; however, the restaurant business entails its own specialties of recruiting. The necessity to keep workers “fit” (being able to complete their obligations at the professional level) is of crucial importance for the successful activity of the company.


Reasons, explaining why people attend restaurants (Concerning professional sphere of this business)

Concerning professional sphere of this business

Reasons, explaining why people change their preferences in restaurants.

Reasons, explaining why people change their preferences in restaurants.

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