Goals for Human Resource Department

Being an employee requires much commitment; thus, motivation goes a long way to ensure the maximization of talents in the organization. Nonetheless, a motivated employee is willing to represent the company more than one who is not motivated by the company. The Human Resources department is an integral unit in ensuring talent and skills acquisition, maximizing the company’s competitive advantage, and ensuring everyone work to accomplish the mission and vision of the company. Additionally, the department ensures other departments’ functionality, organization, and recruitment of assets to the company. To ensure all this, Human Resources should align their strategies to achieve goals and motivate the employees through incentives like rewards and compensation.

One of the ways to align strategies in which the Human Resources department can function well is through understanding the business structure and goals of the company. For instance, a company with a large work order would require many employees. Setting goals is one of the most effective strategies to push staff to work. The SMART method of goal-setting is the best way to go. “S” denotes a specified aim, “M” denotes a measurable goal, “A” denotes agreeable, “R” denotes realistic, and “T” denotes a time-based goal. The aim should have a clear objective to achieve. In addition, a particular amount of time should be put aside to fulfill the goal. Workers would be extrinsically motivated to accomplish their jobs if such tactics were related to the aim. By understanding how businesses run and what is needed to achieve the goals, human resource can align their strategies.

Additionally, human resources are tasked with attracting and investing in quality employees. Studies prove that companies that introduce training and have regular incentives put their workers on their toes with skills and motivation, which immensely improves the company’s productivity. One of the ways human resource can ensure quality employees is by liaising with the finance department to facilitate proper training of the employees. There should be regular pieces of training to keep the employees on par with some skills which they rarely apply in the workplace. Nonetheless, human resources are tasked with getting the best of the best in every field. However, the “best” overprice their worth which may financially strain the company. Therefore, human resources should be able to negotiate with the “best” and create a win-win situation. Employee development is paramount in the company to achieve goals and good long-term performance.

Moreover, the company’s success depends on the employee’s behavior, which is in turn influenced by extrinsic motivation from the company through establishing trust and benefits. According to a psychology study, it is preferable to reassure someone that they are trusted rather than asking them to work to earn that trust from the management (Skinner, 1971). As a result, the employees would try hard not to betray the trust of the seniors and the trust of other employees, so they perform efficiently. Nonetheless, cultivating transparency in the workplace allows individuals to feel at ease in their surroundings. As a result, no one has to tread carefully at work, allowing them to work more efficiently.

Nonetheless, it is critical to provide incentives and punishments to inspire employees. People are more likely to either pursue or cease their conduct based on other people’s reactions, according to Skinner’s theory of reinforcement (1971). Recognizing the employee of the month, for example, would encourage the individual to work harder and other workers to push even more challenging to earn the distinction. Furthermore, negative reinforcement, such as dismissing a boisterous employee, would drive other employees to avoid the same faults as the fired employee and work more efficiently. Human resources are tasked with acknowledging the good and faults in employees so that they get appraised or corrected.

Another incentive for employees is the use of compensation. The various compensation elements include health benefits, disability benefits, death benefits, and lawsuit compensation. It is easy for employees to go to a work environment where they know safe. Nonetheless, it is nice to know that in the event of anything at work, such as an injury, the expenses would be taken care of by the company and not added expenses and burdens to the employee’s family. Compensation helps create a sense of satisfaction with the work environment, worker retention, and more work productivity.

The Human Resources department is a unit in an organization tasked with maximizing employees’ potential for excellent work delivery and achieving company goals. The Human resource should align its goals and strategies to ensure efficiency. One of the ways to do this is by setting goals through the SMART strategy of specific, measurable, agreeable, realistic, and time-oriented goals. Additionally, the department should invest in quality employees and create a win-win situation. The department should ensure employee development and retention through trust establishment and benefits. Nonetheless, compensation creates a sense of satisfaction and more productivity in the company. The human resources department should align strategies for retaining their talented employees to enable the company’s long-term success.


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