HR Management and It’s Significance

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Human resource department (HR) is a significant body in any organization. It is true that the effective and efficient staff is the main factor for success. In this respect the pivotal destination of HR management is to have an ability to designate each employee from the side of his/her personal skills and habits. Moreover, the work of HR department includes thorough determination of laws and principles of hire of labour. Social and labour guarantees are also considered with HR manager. Thus, the advantage of this body within an organization straightforwardly concerns the competitive outlook of it in comparison to rivals.

Contemporary observation of HR management shows that the whole picture of responsibilities as of this kind of work exceeded. To be on a safe side, HR departments urge to be more familiar to employees. The professionalism of this type of work improves through direct communication. Furthermore, HR department is a significant link between the senior management team and ordinary employees. To be more resourceful and useful for the positive development of an organization is the main objectivity of HR managers.

The changeability of organization is no surprising. The personnel usually elaborate dynamically. That is why an HR professional should be able to meet the requirements of both employees and customers. The thing is that in contemporary business relations customer-related and collaboration management are very significant. Hence, firms, corporations, or organizations lay the main burden of responsibility on HR department.

The report introduces with the significance of HR department, as a mentor, controller, and provider of positive development inside the staff of a company. It emphasizes on this body, as an employee advocate in terms of different aspects.

HR advocacy: Definition

Logically the act of advocacy is the representation of care and support in needs. Thereupon, HR specialist is a person who is capable and willing to help employees for the purpose of further positive results from this very employee. There is a reciprocal relation between sufficient management of HR department and employees. In this case there should be no confusion about the needs of organization and the needs of an employee. These are different parameters. However, the advocacy of HR department leans to satisfy and complete the needs of an organization through the constructive relationships with employees. It is the real fact of professional implementation of direct responsibilities of the department.

Continuing this discussion, the role of HR manager also comprises the significance of valuing and encouraging employees in order to stimulate them. Another simple role of HR management is to be willing to listen to employees and to respond to them as well. The definition of advocacy then becomes clear. It is the feature of a successful management.

For strengthening this peculiarity of HR department, it also provides appropriate etiquette and culture inside a company. A responsible person in the department advocates as an instructor for making applicable atmosphere within employees. In turn it makes anybody among workers think of their company from the top. Thus, the advocacy of HR department also provides impulses for the effective intra organizational business-related communication. In turn, scheduling current and potential opportunities for the personnel, HR department plays a strategic role, as a problem solving and regulatory body.

Significance of HR department

Looking at the paramount significance of a company’s main perspectives, there is a debate over the destination of HR department. Some experts think that the needs of employees can be ignored and left unanswered under the menace of misemployment. Others tend to insist on the extra-ordinary significance of this body. The needs of employees are better to be underlined by means of special regulations. They should not go against the prior intentions of a company toward more profits and growth.

Hence, the importance of HR department is in finding equilibrium between the forces of senior management and needs of employees. Today the main task of this department expands over the reliability of an employee advocacy. However, the importance of explanation of what is required from an employee and what is guaranteed in turn is logically correct. There should be a space for an employee to feel his/her responsibility motivated by social and financial advantages. It is a serious task, and HR manager should primordially explain it to a current or new employee.

Providing better conditions for employees is one of the straightforward tasks of HR department, as an employee advocate. Such advocacy should spread over the sphere of interests among employees. An advocate is definitely aware of the problems which irritate workers. Solving such issues is a ground to make a company grow rich. The thing is that with the constructive dialogue between the upper and lower layers inside an organization appears harmony and cohesion in the working process. In contrast to trade unions, HR department serves, as a helper not for the mass of employees, but for everyone individually. In this fact there is the main advantage of employee advocates, meaning HR specialists.

Goals and objectivities of a company are at a core for a professional HR manager. Thereupon, the schedule of working hours should contemplate the ability to encompass commands of senior management and needs of employees. Working under such pressure makes employee advocates attentive to every minute spent. Thus, an effective HR department values time and spends it appropriately to the working time-table.

If there are conflicts within the staff, HR manager provides solutions in this case. Cultural domain of a company and determination of corporate ethics and traditions are of great interest for him/her. This person, first, rallies his/her thoughts about the most optimal way for decision making, and then acts. It is not vice versa. Assisting in programs and sharing profits and gains as for employees make HR professional closer to each worker. Bearing in mind that such closeness is a guarantee for efficacy in the workplace, an employee advocate supports this trend in relations.

One of the most important factors for HR department is its sufficiency in number of members working in it. It means that in case of proper arrangement of HR experts per each employee face-to-face contacts are possible. Thus, the drawbacks in work of HR department may relate to the physical inability to advocate problems of all structural parts of the personnel at once. Reduction of HR members can be a reason for this.

Programs of HR department

Employee advocates can build up their successful and efficient work, if there is a great design of it. Previous and innovative policies and approaches of HR department occupy programs in improving the work process. Some among them are: health protection, effectiveness and reliability of work conditions, diversity, trainings, and assistance. It is better to have a look at each of them in order to get involved into the specialties and generalities of programs scheming.

  • Versatility

Employee advocates are effective in the case when they share the diversity of employees. Cultural, ethnical, religious and other peculiarities of each employee ought not to become an obstacle for driving the working process. Success of a multinational company is in providing human values which make no difference within workers with various identities. HR department is a body that is responsible for making equality in rights and obligations constant for all employees.

  • Trainings

Knowledge of how to do the work or to behave is necessary. In this respect HR professional develops a schedule of training programs for making more emphasis on the professional, cultural, and ethical aspects. It serves, as a guarantee for competitive performance of a company.

  • Gain-sharing

The purpose of this kind of program is to motivate employees to behave correctly in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Thus, workers have an opportunity to improve on their performance, as part of a company.

  • Health protection

Health safety programs are concerned with assisting employees in terms of the work requirements and safety of labour. It should be supported by trainings and proper regulations, so that to decrease the risk of danger for employees’ lives.

  • Rewards

Rewarding employees, HR department makes attempts for making their work conditions more convenient and satisfied. This kind of program is fully motivational. It touches upon the inner stimuli of employees to succeed in their jobs and lead in them, supposedly. Motivation is prior here.

HR department: Main tasks

Looking at the wide scope of responsibilities of employee advocates, it is needful to state the main tasks of HR department. These are related to meetings with the personnel, suggestions for effective work, employee surveys and communication etc. However, there is a list of initially vital tasks of HR managers:

  1. Representation of the will of employees to management team;
  2. Ensuring in guarantees for sufficient labour safety and support;
  3. Promotion of feedbacks between upper and lower parts within an organization;
  4. Assistance to employees in making improvements in the workplace.
  5. Provision of effective instructions in terms of a change.
  6. Communication with the personnel as of good and bad news.

Outcomes of HR advocacy

Following the requirements for effective HR management, the outcomes are not long in coming. In fact, outcomes of employee advocates realize the fulfilment of a company’s goals. These are as follows:

  1. Increase of productivity and effectiveness of working process.
  2. Growth of a company’s incomes.
  3. Stimulation of employees to work more successfully.
  4. Improving the whole performance of a company’s competitive character.
  5. Convincing investors, partners, and customers in qualitative advantages of an organization.


The essence of relationships between the management line and employees is based on the effectiveness of HR department. This body serves, as a link between these parts of an organization. The importance of HR department is in making company’s goals realized by means of finding out solutions for employees. Thus, there is a mutual profitability inside an organization. For the purpose of meeting the higher results of a company, HR department provides constructive atmosphere within each stakeholder in the working process.

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