HRM Management in Accor Hotels

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The provided report revolves around Accor hotels and the in-depth investigation of policies used by it regarding HRM management. The choice of the object of study is preconditioned by several factors. First of all, Accor is a giant multinational hospitality company that owns and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties in different regions (Accor overview, no date). At the moment, it is the largest company of this sort in Europe and the sixth-largest in the globe (Mendieta-Peñalver et al., 2018). These achievements demonstrate the extreme effectiveness of policies employed by the company, including the sphere of HRM, as its workers demonstrate unique qualities and performance. At the same time, the ability of the Accor group to manage its different organizations demonstrates the practical utility of the dominant leadership style and values boosted by the company to attain success.

The company’s report states that it operates in 100 countries and has 4.800 hotels with, 300,000 employees working in them (Accor overview, no date). It means that Accor has a complex task of selecting an appropriate mission, value, HRM strategies, and leadership styles to ensure that there is an environment characterized by aligned cooperation between all specialists and their correct understanding of the mission and how it should be achieved. For this reason, Accor devotes much attention to the formulation of these basic postulates, which is followed by the in-depth analysis of the market, its current state, and the demands of clients. The given approach helps to remain informed about the change in requests and respond by using the needed and effective strategies.


Accor’s mission is available to everyone who wants to see it as the company emphasizes its readiness to cooperate with multiple partners. Thus, the company aims at creating a developed infrastructure and chain characterized by the outstanding quality of services provided to its clients and by the useful cooperation between specialists working in the brand, which comes from the beneficial working environment (Our philosophy, no date). Accor also views its prior mission in promoting access to professionalization, employment, and entrepreneurship, or by supporting projects that might help to improve the position of people in countries where Accor operates (Our philosophy, no date). The given mission demonstrates the sustainable nature of the company and its focus on multiple social concerns that are vital for the modern world. At the same time, by following these goals, the Accor group remains capable of building and managing one of the most potent franchises in the world.


The brand also emphasizes the priority of human values and its focus on their promotion. The company’s report proclaims that it recognizes the significance of every person and their contribution to the development of the corporation (Our values, no date). Additionally, Accor states that the success of the franchise rests on human values, which help it to evolve and remain a leader in the selected segment (Our values, no date). The group values passion, the readiness to move forward, and put much effort. For this reason, it provides employees with numerous opportunities for self-improvement and professional growth. Accor also values diversity, innovativeness, inclusion, and creativity as a part of the working process (Our values, no date). In such a way, the brand forms its image by building hospitality linked to strong human values and readiness to accept unique aspects of every individual working for it.

HRM Policies

Because of the developed infrastructure and the existence of multiple hotels in different parts of the world, Accor devotes much attention to human resource management (HRM) and the selection of policies to attain better outcomes. The current HRM approach presupposes the creation of the most comfortable and supportive working environment for every member of the team to feel confident and realize himself/herself as a part of the group (Our philosophy, no date). The policies are focused on providing opportunities to improve employees’ skills, experiences, and promotion of the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment by engaging in continuous learning and mentoring program (Prasad, 2014). Accor emphasizes the culture of inclusion created within a company and views it as a vital part of the HRM approach, which helps to motivate people to work harder and demonstrate high levels of performance.

The developed organizational structure of Accor Hotels also demands a high level of coordination between all departments and the effective alignment of organizational activities. For this reason, the HRM policies are focused on the correct delegation and coordination of the staff and physical resources to ensure that the current goals can be achieved (Prasad, 2014). HR managers delegate tasks by creating groups responsible for a particular activity and determining a sufficient number of specialists and the number of resources needed to succeed (Masset, Uzelac, and Weisskopf, 2019). At the same time, there is a focus on job specialization for employees to be able to perform their tasks at a high level. Using this very approach, the HR department of Accor Hotels helps new workers to adapt and acquire skills vital for the accomplishment of current goals (Shulga, 2020). The effectiveness of the employed strategy is evidenced by the high level of satisfaction among workers and the results achieved by the brand today.


The values promoted by the Accor group and their strategy in HRM impact the choice of the approach to leadership as it should be able to guarantee a high level of performance and motivation among workers. For this reason, the style used by the company can be determined as the coaching one with the elements of the democratic method (Chestnut, 2017). The brand emphasizes the fact that it views its employees as the main contributors to the further rise of the brand, which means that unlocking the potential of workers is critical for the achievement of existing goals. Under these conditions, the coaching style seems the best option as it allows leaders to provide team members with opportunities for their personal and professional development (Chestnut, 2017). At the same time, the elements of the democratic approach help to avoid conflicts and use the potential of all workers to create a competitive advantage and succeed in the future.


Altogether, Accor is an extremely popular and influential franchise operating in numerous countries across the world. The success of the brand can be linked to its mission and values. The company views its workers as the fundamental resource and the heart of all achievements. For this reason, its HRM strategies presuppose much attention to cultivating a positive climate, inclusion, diversity, and access to courses that will help workers to evolve. The leadership styles are also selected resting on the current demands of the company, which means that coaching style and democratic vision are preferred by leaders. The combination of these factors guarantees the success of the brand and creates the basis for further evolution. Correctly using and managing its human resources, the Accor group remains one of the leaders in the industry.

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