IMedia Integrated Media Solutions L.L.C Company: Human Resource Management

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IMedia Integrated Media Solutions L.L.C Company strives to make its workers satisfied with their job. It is also striving in improving its performance and makes its clients satisfied.It is the objective of the organization to hire and retain highly performing. This is the work of human resource management in every company is to hire and train its employees. In the past years this activities were carried out by the other workers in the company. Human resource managers and the other employees working in the human resource sector carry out this function. However they work hand in hand with the executive of the organization in planning. The human resource plans for training of other employees in the company. This will help them improve their skills and improve their performance. Good skills in a job will also increase the satisfaction of the workers in the workplace.

In IMedia Integrated Media solution Company there is only one human resource manager who carries out the three main activities of a human resource. This generalization calls for extensive knowledge and skills. This is because its tasks can change depending on the worker’s requirement. However in this company other departments are headed by knowledgeable managers who can do the employment and placement jobs very well. The main objective of the company in the coming year is to ensure that the company’s resources add to the improvement of the workers competencies. Another aim of the company is to counterpart the human resource activities to corporate business objectives.

Literature review

A study was carried out in tree companies in Spain where they had the same objectives and were located in different parts. The participants who were the employees of the companies were given a chance to say about their performance in their work. The questionnaires were made for them concerning their workplace and their performance in general. Another method was employed where their supervisors were asked about the performance of the employees in the work place. The findings showed that the answers provided by the supervisors were more accurate as compared to the answers provided by individuals concerning themselves. The test was also very good as it provided a good time for the employees to check themselves and their performance in the workplace and be able to determine their experience.

Salary payment is gaining popularity in most companies. Technology is changing so fast and the payment of salary based on job is becoming obsolete as most of the work nowadays is being done by the computers. The reason behind adopting the payment based on competency is to motivate workers to maximally use their skills and knowledge in their work. The payment system that promotes high productivity for an organization is expected to be applicable for the companies and firms that are competing with other firms. Competency is therefore viewed as the characteristics of a person in a workplace. These characteristics include the knowledge and skills that an individual use in carrying out an activity.

Good communication skills in the human resource to the workers add more value to the firm that is competitive. Communication enables one to understand other individuals thus creating harmony in the workplace which will eventually lead to success. Communication is very important for leaders and especially the human resource as he is in contact with the workers than any other leader in the organization. It is through communication that they give instructions to the employees. It also through communication that they get to understand each employee and how they can be motivated. Communication is not only done verbally but also through actions. Employers can communicate to the employees through actions. Employees should lead by example. An employer can do what she/he expects an employee to do. Employees will be motivated if they do a duty which can be comfortably done well by their employer.

Compensating employees when they do something good is very important. It is the work of Human resource to put a good plan on the way of compensating the workers. There are several theories that had been put forward about compensation of employees. Compensating the workers will motivate them to work even harder. There are many ways in which an employer may be motivated.

Incentives have been indicated to increase the workers satisfaction. Rewarding employees may increase their satisfaction, or it may reduce it. Job satisfaction depends on the way a worker is treated at the work place. If a worker feels that he is treated as being important, he will increase the effort he applies to his work. If the individuals are not rewarded equally, it may reduce the productivity of the worker. Management should do an early planning on the reward system. The management should not show favoritism in their way of rewarding employees.

Contentment in the work place will result to a positive job attitude. Contentment results from the evaluation of an individual’s skills. Self evaluation is very important for every worker. It helps one to understand his job and work harder. The environment should be conducive for the workers. Every worker is more productive in a good work place. Workers are more productive in an environment where they do not have much difference with each other. The differences between the employees may result from the way the different ways they are treated by the seniors. Employee’s feelings towards job must have a significant illusion on how a worker does his or her job. Research has proved job satisfaction as a force towards work. Every employer strives to ensure that his employees are satisfied with their work.

Satisfied employees are more likely to frequent workplace than unsatisfied ones. The rate of absenteeism for the satisfied employees is very low. If the salary one is paid is satisfying, he would not think of doing an alternative task. Salary is one of the major issues that influence job satisfaction. A well paid worker is more contented with his work. The person will be more committed to the organization when he or she is contented. An employee may serve in an organization for a long time provided that he is contented with his work. The behavior of an employee also depends on his satisfaction. When a worker is satisfied he tends to behave well. An employee may act rudely towards his employer as a result of not being contented with his work. The bad behavior lowers the performance of the worker hence the company’s general performance.

It is the work of the human resource to ensure that the workers are satisfied with their work and are willing to work to the best of their ability for the benefit of the company. He is the closest manager to the employees and should be able to listen to their grievances and forwarding to the executive.


A plan has been developed which will help the company to be a market driven organization. It helps the company I work for. Checking the performance of every employee and encouraging them to work even harder. Employees require compensation so that they can work harder. The performance metrics should be found. The human resource also repositions the workers. The performance check will enable the manager to know the performance level of the work and thus will tell the position each worker can fit. Repositioning of the employees should be planned and done well to ensure that they are not discouraged. It if a worker is not satisfied with his job, he tends to be lazy, dependent. He can never be trusted with any work. And on the other hand, he explains with theory Y that satisfied employee is hardworking, independent. An employee will do his work without much supervision. An employer can entrust the work to such kind of employee. Workers who work for longer hours than what is fixed should be rewarded.

The overtime payment should be put in a way that is higher than the actual pay. This will encourage the employees to do more overtime job hence becoming more productive. Employees may also be paid based on the amount of work they do. The work an employee does may be measured and paid accordingly. This will encourage them to work harder so that they may accomplish more work hence more pay. Payment may be done based on commission.A worker may be paid depending on the amount of work he/she does. This will act as an enticement to the worker. Every worker will struggle so as to get high pay. Employees who achieved the target can also be rewarded. This will encourage other employees to work even harder. Target should be set for every employee. The management should stipulate a way of recognizing an employee who works hard. Other companies reward the employees by offering them some shares in the company. Also the employees may be rewarded using the monetary terms. A company may also provide work security to the workers who work hard. There is nothing more discouraging in the workplace than being insecure about the job. Employee’s monthly pay may be increased. Rewarding the employees will increase their satisfaction. Good plan should be made which will be used in compensation. The plan should be made in a way that does not show favoritism to other employees.

Staffing of the company’s department is one of the major functions of the human resource. Different departments may need different type of employers, temporary or permanent, specialized or unspecialized. The human resource department takes part in the decision on which individual to be hired for a specific department. Human resource has an obligation therefore to keep the records of every worker in the company. The forms must be generated which are able to capture all the details that are needed from an individual. They should ensure that this information is filled accurately and correctly. The workers’ information is not only useful for that organization but also useful for the government. The government will require the workers information for taxation practices. An interview may be carried by the human resource through the phone before an individual is called for the in person interview. The in-person interview may be carried out by the employees in the human resource department and the department in which an employee will be employed to. Interviews the most important stage in hiring, it is through interviews that a new person is employed to work for the company. It should be conducted by a specialist so that the right personnel may be hired. Many qualified individuals may turn up for interview. The human resource should keep the resumes for these qualified individuals so that they may be hired incase ay position fitting their qualifications arises.

Retaining the best employee is the dream of most companies. This process starts from recruiting. The recruiting process starts with the employment letters that are received from the applicants. Letters helps in selection of the candidates. Some candidates may be rejected. Another thing that may be useful in the recruitment process is the background of the candidate. Making a bad choice in the hiring process may cost the company a lot. An individual may be a thief and this will eventually affect the company. Research has been carried out in the US and it has been found out that 30% of the collapse in small scale businesses is due to the theft by the employees. New employees in the company may require training on the field. The human resource should plan for training of the employees. Training is also necessary for the workers who have been in the company for long. Training them will improve their skills and hence improve their performance. Training of the employees may also increase their cooperation with other employees. It is therefore the work of the human resource to ensure that the workers get the best training. He or she should work in a way that will attract the best trainers and facilitators.

The amount of money given to the trainer is the main factor that may attract the trainer to the company. Trainers should be paid well according to the work they do. The human resource however should plan well on the amount of money that the trainer should be given so that it may be satisfying to both the organization and the trainer as well. Employees of the company should be well selected as they are the core values of production. Hiring and firing of the employees is usually an activity of human resource. However, the executives of the company are included in the making of the strategic plan that is to be adopted by the human resource in the process.

Recruiting is a hard process, it is a dream for every employer to retain the most performing employee. The way the employee is treated will determine the period he or she will stay in the company. Communication is one of the factors which enhance the comfort of the employees in the work place. Good communication skills should be used in the workplace at all time. The human resource comes in contact with the workers most of the time. It is his obligation to communicate with them well so that he or she may act as an example to the other employees and hence encourage cooperation in the work place. Communication will enable the individuals to understand one another and hence providing a harmonious environment which is conducive for working (Mathis & Jackson, 2008).

Another way of retaining the employees is rewarding them whenever they do something good. The reward system can be essential rewards. This is where individual essential needs are considered in rewarding. Another one is the non essential reward. Individuals may prefer being rewarded with non essential things like. This may include things like a trip to some exiting places. The rewards must satisfy a worker. This shows the importance of to carefully plan for the reward process. A good plan will lead to a good rewarding system.

This reward focuses majorly on the financial reward system. The positive reinforcement is where someone is appreciated for doing something good. Negative reinforcement is whereby somebody is made to face the consequences of failing to do good job. An employee who is rewarded is likely to work well than an employee who is not rewarded. An employee may be given some money as incentives. Salary scale may also be raised if an employee has been working hard. Take an example of a company which has a rule that every employee will have his salary increased by a quarter when he meets the set target. Every worker will work hard to meet the set target so as to have his salary increased. An employee may be punished if he does something that may course a downfall of an organization. Punishment makes the employees shun away from doing mistakes in their work. An employee may also fail to get any reward. When an employee is doing a good job but fails to display a good behavior at work. He may not be rewarded for his good job. Failing to reward him may make him change the bad behavior like coming to work late. All these issues will motivate the workers to put more effort in the work place.


The amount of salary an employee is given is also one of the factors that determines the period an individual stays in an organization. An individual should be paid based on the skills and knowledge one has. An individual who is very much educated should b e paid highly as compared to the individual who is less educated. The business world is becoming very competitive and for I Media Integrated Media Solutions L.L.C Company to retain the workers the human resource should interact with other organizations to get the figures they give to their employees. Experience is one of the factors which will also affect the amount of money an individual is paid. Experienced employees are paid more money as compared to the less experienced ones. An employee should not be hired to work for the company and be given higher pay than the others who have worked for a length of time at the same level. The amount of work also determines the payment rate for the individuals. The company should strive hard to ensure that there is fair payment procedure for its workers. This will encourage them to work harder and hence the company will remain competitive.


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