Implementation of Iso 9000 Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program

Implementation of ISO 9000

ISO 9000 is an international standard organization centered in Geneva and is responsible for creating standards for the member states. The organization aims at establishing both internal and external quality assurance in projects. The quality model is in this case set out internationally as a move which emphasizes consistency. The main aim of ISO 9000 is to provide quality services and products to clients. My main objective in this paper will be to guide and advise the company’s clients on high rise building constructions in Dockland. As a consultant I will ensure that the client maximize their returns if they require construction of tenancy residential buildings, and incase they require own residential house, our firm assures efficient design which will effectively satisfy the needs of the clients. International Standards Organization (ISO) is primarily subdivided into three basic sections which make evaluation and monitoring of the project easier. There are three main quality assurance standards ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003 which had different operations the first one is mainly used in designs, installations, development and servicing. While the second one ensures there is quality production, servicing and installations of projects and the third one mainly concentrates on quality on inspections and testing of projects (Hoyle, 2005).

Raise organization Image

ISO implementation tends to raise organization image and reputation as it effectively conform to the internationally set quality standards (Nee, 1996). The standards comprise several quality programs which are all aimed at ensuring that the client gets the best products and services in the market. Quality management systems, client awareness, professional development are among the basic things that ISO advocates. In addition, the program emphasizes on the “right first time” contracts which seek to reduce construction mistakes while lead to the works being done again or poor workmanship.

Implementation Process

The ISO 9000 implementation process mainly follows set guidelines. There are various implementation steps which ought to be followed in order to assure quality management systems to the clients.

The top management in this case comprises of the key people who influences in the decision making process in an organization. ISO requires the top management to be effectively committed towards satisfying their client’s needs. This can be done by ensuring that the organization meets both statutory and regulatory requirements necessary for its operation. The top management are also supposed to establish the vision and mission statement which will effectively direct and coordinate the employees operations. Among the objectives that the management should emphasize includes the quality and profitable venture, provision of products which meets the clients satisfaction and thus increase their confidence.

Implementation Team

Since ISO is a people driven project, it is advisable to establish a team mandated to oversee the project implementation. The team members who should be considered in an ISO implementation include the design and development and production personnel responsible for meeting the consumer’s satisfaction (Nee, 1996). Marketing team should also be established in order to market the organization’s products and services to clients. The planning and quality control personnel are also valuable as they put checks and controls in the overall project implementation.

Roles of stakeholder in the implementation

The organization should ensure that the entire organization stakeholders are aware of their roles and responsibilities during implementation of ISO (Hoyle, 2005). Such awareness program will assist employees to focus on their duties and also assure the suppliers and the shareholders of their wealth maximization. It is also crucial for the organization conduct initial status survey in order to determine the viability of the project. The survey assures that the organization realizes profitable returns and also assist it identify some of the problems which might be encountered in the implementation process.

It is necessary to have an implementation plan which identify and describe quality management system within an organization. The plan mainly gives both the internal and the external stakeholder a true picture the implementation expectations. It also provides employees with detailed guidelines on duties and responsibilities to be followed. Additionally the plan provides the client with relevant materials required in the construction process together with the expected time frame which the project should be implemented. Organization may opt to develop an action plan to assist it operate efficiently.

Review of implementation progress

The management should regularly review progress of the project in order to ensure conformity. This can be done by encouraging complete and total disclosures in the organization accounting systems. Internal auditor should also be hired to ensure accountability and transparency in the employee’s behaviors. The regular internal audit will also enable the firm to identify errors and fraud at an early stage and implement corrective measures. The organization can then present its accounting records to the registrar for certification. As the consumer tastes and preferences changes, the organization should likewise change/improve its products/services to meet the needs of the changing market.


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