Importance of Management Process and Its Challenges

Defining Management

Management can be defined as a strategic method used in planning, controlling, organizing, and giving directions so as to achieve a certain goal in a business. It is associated with the process of working with people from other organizations so as to see a particular goal of the organization achieved (Gulati and Mayo, 2016).

Management as a Process

As a social process, it creates a working environment conducive for employees. A hostile working environment destroys the relationship between the organization and the employees.

As an integrative process, it harmonizes the employees to work together as one. It facilitates the integration of employees and financial resources while ensuring that the two factors are utilized so that the organization achieves its objectives.

As a nerve-ending process- management starts at the beginning of the operation of the organization and goes on as long as the organization is in existence.

Management as a Discipline

Discipline in management is a critical factor in the realization of the organization’s goals. It involves the process of carrying out a study and practicing principles required in management, as well as observing the code of conduct set out for managers. It outlines how the resources are utilized in an effective way and made to help the organization achieve its goals. It serves as a discipline and source of knowledge from scholars to learners. Educating and training students and people who are interested in getting into the field of management serves as a career subject. The manager owes a responsibility to the organization and employees. By doing this, the manager creates a conducive environment for the employees. For example, by interacting and listening to the employees’ suggestions and complaints and providing early payment of salaries and reasonable salary to the employees (Cho & Claughton, 2020)

Management as a Science

Management has principles similar to those of science which also has principles recognized worldwide and are universally accepted. For instance, there is a code of conduct that sets out how managers are supposed to behave and carry out their actions when in positions as managers. Management is regulated by a code of conduct that is universally recognized as well as accepted.

Challenges in Management

Challenges are inevitable in all fields of work, and therefore management as well faces a vast number of challenges. They are outlined as follows; Loss of finances especially occurs when the resources are wrongly invested or due to consumer taste changes. The loss of finance will be attributed to poor management skills of the manager and the entire management team. With the advancement of technology, as new technology evolves daily, therefore rising a need to change how things are carried out so as to cope with the new changes. Managers may not be well-skilled in the new field of technology, and therefore they need to advance their skills, creativity, and knowledge to cope with current technology.

There is also a problem of increased competition from newly formed and emerged organizations which creates stiff competition. Managers are therefore required to improvise new ways to cope with the competition from the organizations (Bateman and Shell, 2019). Moreover, changes in legislation by creating new laws will affect the older operations of the organization as they have to adapt to the new legislation, which may sometimes be costly.

Importance of Skilled Managers

The manager must have some particular skills so that they effectively carry out particular tasks that they are designated to perform (Certo and Certo, 2016). Management skills can be categorized into Conceptual skills, Interpersonal skills, and Technical skills. For instance, management skills include communication; managers are required to have good communication skills as they need to communicate with customers, employees, and other organizations. With such skills, the manager and the entire management will learn how to relate well with the employees, therefore leading to the success and achievement of the organization’s goals.

Planning is also another management skill; as a manager, one should be able to organize the activities of the organization, keeping in mind the resources as well as time. Moreover, decision-making is another skill for a good manager should be able to make independent decisions. Good decisions enable the success of the company, while poor decisions will lead to the failure of the organization. The manager should be able to delegate his duties to other people who can make decisions on his behalf; this reduces the wastage of time and resources.

Importance of Management Skills

It improves communication and transparency, making the employees feel part of the organization and receive the information efficiently and effectively without any delays. It also Increases productivity; for instance, decisions made by the manager affect the outcome of the organization as profits increase. Finally, management is a process that needs to be safeguarded so as to promote success in the organization. This is achieved by having skilled managers in the organization who can effectively manage the resources of the organization and put them to good use.

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