Project Management: Solving Team Issues

Project management recommendation is a proposal of the best cause of action, more so when put forward by the known body. Project management has been facing many challenges due to new inventions. The project management leaders have been passing a lot of challenges when new inventions evolve as they still use the inventions they are used to. The customers prefer the products made in the new inventions because, for example, they are of different quality. Leaders will always try their level best to prevent the closure of the project. The paper will emphasize the option that allows the leader to call for a meeting and consensus with the team members, seeking them to arrive at a final decision that every one of them would agree on.

Through an open discussion, the team members will be able to speak their minds on the matter. This will increase the morale and relationship between the leader and the team members as the team members will be talking about the problems they are encountering when coming up with the new invention. The leader will work on the issues they have talked about and arrived at. This may help prevent the closure of the project because, when the leader received the notification from the top management, the leader included all the team members in an open discussion showing the team members the seriousness of the matter. Since the leader is the one who gets first-hand information from the top management, through the meeting, the leader should outline the issue as early as possible to the team members. Through this, the leader will arrive in a particular way that would enable them to improve the project before the competitors overtake them. In a meeting, many issues will be outlined to improve the project; hence they will eventually reach a consensus. When many issues have been outlined on improving the project, this will usually help since they will arrive at a most effective way of preventing the project from closure.

Project management leaders should be able to talk with the team members and come up with a proposal. Through the meeting, they will arise on the critical issues that would enable them to discuss and clarify the matters of the project. The proposal will enable all the people to know the scope and the purpose of the project. Those willing to help the project more, such as government agencies and non-governmental agencies, will go through the proposal and see where they can help. Considering what the project may face, the leader calls a meeting and reaches a consensus that everyone would agree on through coming up with a proposal that everyone would understand.

Please choose an option that is understandable and doable, and then discuss it with the group members. In the meeting, the leader should be able to come up with an option that is discussable and eventually arrive at practicable matters. Since most of the team members do not understand the new invention, choosing a viable option will enable them to see that they are learning new things, increasing their morale. Choosing a better option will enable team members to have a good plan that will succeed. The option chosen may be undoable, so the meeting conveyed will help them arrive at an option through consensus that is agreed upon by all.

Develop and finance the option the leader and the team members arrive on. Since the proposal was written and many people now understand the project. The government and non-governmental agencies that are willing to help the project from failing will be able to reach the project’s demands (Larson and Gray, 2014, 407). To accomplish the mission, they should be seriously working on a developed plan and finance it. Those who know the importance of the project will work tirelessly to enable the project to survive. A meeting with the team members will eventually discuss the various ways of financing the project and preventing it from falling.

Include the write people and set expectations on the areas that cannot lead to the project failure. The people attending the meeting should be the team members; any outsider should be excluded since they will easily discuss the project’s weakness to the competitors that may lead to failure. Every member should be assigned the role and the responsibility to play (Larson and Gray, 2014, 407). This will increase the efficiency of the work since the leader will be able to develop a timeline. Expectations of the project should be more on areas that can be achievable. An accomplished expectation will reduce the rate of work done by the team members hence failure.

Engage the group problem solving when any matter arises in the project. Since the leader is the one who gets the first-hand information on any matter, is it good or bad. On matters of the project, the leader is called by the top management and gets the information about the possibility of the closure of the project. When the leader passes this information to the team members, there may be a conflict within the team members on hearing this news from the leader. They will start blame games that may rise to a conflict between them. Leaders should engage in group problem solving that would enable the team members to live like brothers and sisters. Group problem solving between the members will enable them to build trust in one another and hence work as a family and achieve the project’s goals.

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