Java Corporation’s Recruitment and Selection Plan


Assuming one is appointed as a new HR manager for Java Corp, a company that specializes in cold coffee and ice tea. The company requires new supervisors and managers, one in IT, one in marketing, two in operations, and one in the security department. The CEO requests the new HR manager to prepare a recruitment and selection plan and provides them with an organizational structure she has created to guide filling up the positions in the firm. As the recruiter, the HR manager has to take note of the internal employees who are eager to compete for the jobs but are not as experienced as external candidates. Developed here is a recruitment and selection plan that best fits Java Corp’s situation and the recommendations to be given to the CEO.

The Role of the Recruiter

As a recruiter, one should study Java Corp keenly and use various analysis tools like the SWOT analysis to know its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in recruitment and other areas. Java Corp specializes in cold coffee and iced tea, a growing industry (Claassen et al., 2021). Moreover, the company is expanding and currently has 300 employees. The rate at which employees leave Java Corp to seek employment in other organizations is meager. A recruiter must consider these three factors since they present opportunities and threats. It is also the recruiter’s role to formulate a plan to recruit employees from the external environment and set up a system that will successfully promote internal workers.

Java Corp has recently added 200 employees but has gaps in several supervisory and managerial positions. These positions need to be filled, and the role has been given to the recruiter. The employer has to decide whether to hire qualified external candidates to fill these positions or choose internal ones who may be well acquitted to the company’s culture. This decision may lower the morale or promote seasoned internal candidates who are likely to be less qualified. In conducting the aforementioned SWOT analysis and using other relevant tools, the recruiter should develop a plan that serves the two groups of prospecting managers.

For recruitment and selection to be efficient, the difference between the two should be well outlined. The employment process aims to locate possible candidates to fill available positions; thus, they ought to be sufficient (Nikolaou, 2021). On the other hand, selection aims at choosing the best appropriate employees from the recruited pool for hire. As a recruiter, a six-step recruitment process can be used to fill the five managerial job posts. First is knowing the exact job positions available and the roles and responsibilities of each. The second is listing all the available recruitment options and methods and critically analyzing them to choose the best. The third step after selecting the best recruitment method is advertising the vacancies. The fourth step is recruiting the applicants and organizing and analyzing their documentation. In the fifth step, previous experiences monitor and evaluate the process and the candidates. The final phase of the recruitment process will be shortlisting the candidates for the selection stage.

The first stage to ensure the best recruitment practice for Java Corp is to secure interest for both external and internal employees. Attraction seeks to maximize the quality and quantity of the applicant pool by designing optimal systems, processes, and strategies for recruitment (Nikolaou, 2021). For external employees, advertisements would be made through social media platforms and other internet-oriented platforms. The internal recruitment process entails using hiring tools such as the intranet. Additionally, it may involve the transfer of employees from one department to another or management, as in this case study. Proper incentives need to be rolled out to ensure a large pool of potential employees both internally and externally, and the methods for both groups will differ. For the external attraction, social media reach, making the job offer exciting, and selling the company’s values may help the course. On the other hand, providing motivation using internal communication tools will boost the candidate pool for the internal employees.

Of all the attracted applicants, only twenty-three in IT, marketing, and security will pass this phase, with forty-six passing from operations. Six of the twenty-three in IT, marketing, and safety shall be internal employees, with twelve internal employees selected among the forty-six in operations. The second stage involves screening applicants chosen from the first stage. Among the 23 chosen in IT, marketing, and security, 15 will make it past stage two based on the qualifications, with 30 being passed for operations based on the same rationale. Stage three will involve reducing the number further based on the candidate’s suitability for their preferred role. The recruiter should match the employees’ education, previous job experiences, skills, and talents with what is needed for the organization. Those who pass this stage will qualify for the interview and include; seven for IT, eight for marketing, seven for security, and thirteen for operations.

The fourth stage will involve conducting interviews, after which the company shall offer employment to those that are chosen. Aptitude, personality, intelligence, and group tests will be conducted using written forms after when personal interviews shall be completed. The interviewees shall seek to eliminate incompetent and unsuitable candidates by measuring their psychological, mental, and analytical capabilities (Charles & Florah, 2021). Based on the tests and the interviews, one candidate will be selected for IT, one for marketing, one for security, and two for operations. These will be offered the employment contract and, upon accepting it, will become the new hires for Java Corp.

A recruiter should ensure all the applicable laws and regulations are followed in conducting this process. First, they should check all employees and ensure they have no past criminal record. Moreover, they need to check if the selected individuals have a right to work in the US. Any discrimination based on age, gender, race, sexuality, or religion should also be shunned (Kanagavalli, Seethalakshmi, & Sowdamini, 2019). The vulnerable populations, including those living with disabilities and those who are differently abled, require care as well. Other vulnerable groups, including the women and the youth, also deserve a chance; however, retirement laws ought to be followed. In obtaining data from different individuals’ data protection laws should to be abided with and the storage and use of an individual’s information need to be performed legally. The advertised roles should match those available and the pay, if used as an incentive to attract candidates, should be accurate. In addition, the laws regarding employees under the age of majority ought to be understood and followed.

How to Measure the Success of the Chosen Selection Method

The chosen recruitment method gradually eliminates the less qualified employees using different metrics until the allocated number is achieved. One way to know how this approach is successful is by considering how it has performed in previous recruitment processes. Moreover, it can be analyzed by measuring the selected workforce’s competency. For Java Corp, it would be essential to consider if both internal and external applicants have been chosen to fill various managerial positions. Other methods in which the strategy’s effectiveness can be shown include sending applicant satisfaction forms where the potential employees give their feedback on the process. Measuring the quality of hires where their performance is rated against supervisors appointed using different recruitment and selection strategies. Studying the number of applicants to determine how good the method was and also accounting for the total recruitment costs.


As shown in this paper, the recruitment and selection process involves a lot of activities and variables that contribute to successful hiring. Top among these is the recruitment and selection plan used by the organization. By adopting the elimination strategy, Java Corp can first gain a large pool of prospecting employees and then eliminate them using the specified merits. In doing so, legal requirements on recruitment must be followed to avoid punishments. Additionally, it is essential to study if the chosen recruitment method for Java Corp is effective using the methods mentioned above. As the HR manager and the recruiter, it is also important to follow up on the employees and decide if the method is to be used in future. Java Corp can gain tremendous benefits if it adopts the elimination strategy in picking its workers.


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