Leadership Abilities Development Plan


Appropriate leadership abilities are vital for achieving success while preparing projects and in teamwork in general. A leader provides employees with essential orientation and organizes the working process effectively. In this context, the necessity to develop these skills is undeniable, analyzing personal traits of character and behavior. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to describe my leadership abilities and present a plan for improving them on a basis.

Reflections on Current Leadership Abilities

During the classes and discussions, I could analyze my leadership style and skills and indicate my strengths and weaknesses. In general, I prefer to adhere to a democratic leadership style and encourage all the participants to contribute to the process of creating or decision-making (Cherry, 2020). I appreciate an opportunity to share ideas and various perspectives on the same question, discuss different aspects of the issue, and help others to improve their incentives (Cherry, 2020). In addition, in this process, I may use my advantage, which implies rapid estimating the efficacy of suggestions regarding all the expenditures and expected profit. Therefore, I may filter the most beneficial ideas in short time frames.

Other strengths of mine are my responsibility and discipline, which allow me to pursue challenging and ambitious aims. I always keep my promises and never forget about my duties. Furthermore, I comprehend the influence, which the quality of my work has on other participants, and for this reason, I attempt to do my best fulfilling my tasks. In addition, I do not tend to laziness and plan my working day to complete all the goals. Therefore, while working in a group, I may organize the working process effectively and remember all the essential tasks. My adherence to morality and honesty allows me to gain respect from the participants and colleagues.

However, I have some weaknesses, which in some cases, may prevent me from fulfilling my duties conveniently. Occasionally, I find it too challenging to deliver a speech in front of an audience and feel extremely nervous. Moreover, sometimes, I may plan too many goals in a short time frame, which leads to exhaustion and the impossibility to fulfill all the tasks within the deadline. Thus, the importance of self-reflection on the topic of personal leadership style should not be underestimated. It helps to indicate personal advantages and disadvantages, allowing to choose the correct development path, which ensures better efficiency.

Development Goals

Based on my reflections on my leadership abilities, it is possible to choose the goals, which will be useful for developing my leadership abilities. I expect to pursue the presented objectives within a year, and therefore, the final results should be checked in June 2022 (Gardner, n. d.). In addition, it is vital to analyze my performance after each trial to provide the best possible result within a year.

Performing Ideas in Front of an Audience

First of all, it is essential to address the difficulty of delivering a speech in front of an audience. As a leader, I am required to explain the duties and plan clearly and motivate participants in case encounter hardships, which is my main objective for a year. To pursue this intention, it is advisable to explore several strategies, which can be found in articles and guide books, such as “10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills” by North (2020). Another effective approach would be watching videos of the presentation of various speakers, which can be an informative source and analyzing their performance (North, 2020). The key moment is a regular practice of delivering speeches and implementation of new knowledge (Delivering your speech, n. d.). In this context, a significant amount of attention should be paid to the preparation process to provide the best possible outcome.

During a year, it is important to monitor the progress and analyze the presentations. It is possible to do it via recording the speech on video and watching it after the event. In addition, the reaction and the level of interest of the audience can be a sign of progress (North, 2020). Another solution could be requesting feedback from the listeners, analyzing which information was easy or hard to understand.

Planning Effectively

When pursuing ambitious aims, planning appears to be a key factor, which allows one to take into consideration all the details and complete all necessary tasks within deadlines. For this reason, the objective for this year would be to get acquainted with time management and implement it into the working process. It is essential to have a diary with all activities for each day, which has a schedule regulating time expenditures on particular duties (Schooley, 2020). It should be noted that the period needed for completing them should be analyzed from experience to avoid too tight frames (Narlock, 2018; Schooley, 2020). In addition, the time to discuss, evaluate, and listen to participants’ feedback should be included in the schedule (Narlock, 2018). The most informative source for pursuing this purpose is practice and communication with participants. However, it is also advisable to read the relevant information on this topic, for instance, in the article “The Importance of Time: 3 Rules for Effective Leadership” (Narlock, 2018). The result of successful time management implementation would be evident. All the participants would be able to adhere to a convenient pace of work, and all the projects would be ready without delays and rush.

Adhering to Morality

The last aim included in the leadership development plan for a year is continuing to adhere to morality, honesty, and trust in the working process. Times of uncertainty is unavoidable, though the honesty and transparency of a leader may motivate participants to continue their work (Schooley, 2020). It is necessary to make all the money transactions clear and establish honest rules for completing a task. As a source, an example of a developed company, which sticks to ethical leadership, as well as appropriate literature, such as the article “What is ethical leadership?” (2020), could be taken. In addition, it is vital to monitor all the ethical concerns arising from the working process (“What is ethical leadership?”, 2020). The outcome may be noted by a high level of job satisfaction among participants and a low rate of turnover.


In conclusion, it could be mentioned that leadership abilities define the result of a project of collaboration. Consequently, it is vital to pay attention to these skills and use a variety of ways to improve them. Analyzing my leadership styles and personality traits, it is evident that I should spend time learning how to deliver a speech in front of an audience properly. In addition, I should explore time management and implement it into practice. The last important aim implies continuing to adhere to ethical leadership via different methods. Fulfilling these aims would make me a better leader in the long run, which would improve the result of projects significantly.


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