Leadership at Washington University School of Medicine

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Executive Summary

This report takes a participatory approach to better to comprehend the executives and assesses the Washington University School of Medicine and how nurse case management should advise patients about advanced directives. Patients benefit from the Nursing Unit Administration Agency’s optimal educational experiences. To safeguard the patient’s safety, they provide some interesting mandates. Nurses become more aware and committed to delivering care that considers multiple perspectives before determining the right decision. This project will bring meaningful change to many areas by recognizing nurses’ potential. Caregivers have distinct talents, which will be exploited as a tool to improve effectiveness. This will require a survey strategy to be taken, in which new approaches will be used for fostering and developing their talents, hence increasing the hospital’s offerings.


Healthcare practitioners at the Medical School of Washington University choose to become specialists in the hospital setting. This is true from the transitions of service to the executive, where they can collaborate with powerful individuals from a variety of other medical professionals while operating as full partners. Because nurse practitioners have traditionally been a female-dominated specialism, politicians, other medical experts, and the public, in general, may perceive them as knowledgeable decision-makers who operate freely based on education, research, and knowledge.

Assessments’ Findings

This development and training will help the faculty’s approach to leadership teach teamwork ideals and improve directions to clients. Top leadership and patients will benefit from the program, which will include views and recommendations for improving the health service. Furthermore, this will aid in the formation of partnerships that are committed to a similar aim. Internal rivalry in terms of schedule management, objectives, and aspirations will be greatly decreased. Nurse practitioners at the Medical School of Washington use organizational skills to ensure a successful transformation. As a result, the caregivers at Washington University of Medicine learn more. As a result, the physicians at Washington University School of Medicine become much more focused and committed to delivering care that considers a variety of perspectives before concluding on the best approach.


The goal of this study is to see how Nursing Organizational Management handles special instructions in patients. Individuals recover from the agency’s ideal circumstances, which include a collaborative approach and personalized care. The actual Nursing Unit Leadership model is linked to a variety of responsibilities. It is a prerequisite for hospital administration and a necessary component of the medical field. Layout productivity, health sector attainment, institutional authenticity, prompt patient care, and reliability are all part of it. The Care Managers of Washington University healthcare use a variety of methods to give developed instructions to sick people.


This initiative will undoubtedly expose, develop, and codify several recognized abilities among nurses. It will enable them to receive crucial training regularly. The summative proposal will assist caregivers in organizing, scheduling, and selecting while also ensuring that the patient’s management structures are in good working order. Registered nurses at Washington University School of Medicine use leadership skills to ensure that a transition goes well. The program also intends to enhance the workforce that supports maximum overall service delivery, staff engagement to support care standards, and ethical connection with groups that stimulate initiative participation. By doing this, the hospital will meet the goal of emerging as the best in the universe, offering top-quality services.

Leadership Portfolio

MGT 605: Leadership and Organizations

This study gave an understanding of management research as well as fundamental leadership ideas. It increased the opportunity to govern or manage effectively as a leader. This course gave renowned management and business experts access to critical articles and books on operating at a greater level. Leaders became acquainted with the concept of emotional intelligence as well as the various self-evaluation assessments available. In terms of business and conscious capitalism, multiple ideas that lead to societal success have been articulated (Resta, 2019). When it comes to companies and organizations, this is an intellectual movement and strategy. Another theory of leadership studied is the concept of transformational leadership, which involves transforming the underlying cultural and political frameworks to create something new out of something old.

On the other hand, transactional leadership encourages compliance with current agency goals and implementation desires through oversight and positive and negative reinforcement. Emotional intelligence, which refers to managing emotions and connections with those around, was discussed. It goes hand in hand with identity, which relates to how people feel and is the foundation for excellent discernment and final choice. When confronted with people, a mindful leader who applies emotional intelligence is more likely to remain calm and proactive in stressful situations—self-control aids in interactions with others and my temperament and personality (Ricciardi Otty, 2020). When antagonized with challenging or highly stressful conditions, as a leader, I learned to remain calm, take time to reflect, and most importantly, safeguard emotions and respond appropriately. In terms of self-appraisal in authority, I believe that I have the administrative abilities to lead a successful organization as a manager. The lessons learned have made me a brave and confident leader, developing a self-motivated personality to convince and inspire people.

LDR 600: Leadership Styles and Development

The governance profile exercise was by far my favorite part of this course. Its goal was to introduce leaders who exemplified specific leadership skills and allow for the reflection of attributes. It involved a mix of biographical study and identifying leadership characteristics. Great leaders observed often have standard features: vision and self-confidence (Miao & Tong, 2021). The primary displays of influence and power are similar in appearance but differ in action. One is the ability to inspire others by causing change, producing effects, and causing change.

On the other hand, influence is the extent to which attitudes, virtues, convictions, or behavior change. A leader needs to have the resources and ambition to exercise power, including money, talents, and intelligence. A leader can acquire and use authority when both are well-matched. Democratic philosophy reinforces taking part in leadership strategies to have associates of the team partake in judgment calls. As an outcome, employees feel represented, motivated, and motivated to contribute. Unlike in most leadership styles wherein decision-making processes, the commander has the final say.

After understanding these leadership attributes, I learned that honesty is the most crucial factor because it entails a significant duty. People that have authenticity are moral and ineffectual of betraying the confidence of others. Other characteristics include effective communication, a great sense of humor, truthfulness, transparency, perseverance, and a sense of inadequacy. Throughout this course, I pledged to work hard to accomplish the objectives and aims I set for myself over the next three to five years. By the end of the training, I had improved my attention skills and developed into a more profound thinker. The lessons have helped me develop broadened thinking talents, allowing thinking more innovatively and creatively.

LDR 630: Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is essential in any firm because it allows employees to communicate with one another. This is critical because it brings employees from many departments together to work as a team and achieve the agency’s vision and goals. It includes effective communication and manipulation of people’s ideas, views, and respect for the work of other workers. It also serves as a mentorship program via which employees can learn from leaders. Reading many publications on transformational leaders has aided me in completing my task (Randevåg & Boström, 2019). The projects that steward management implements have a consistent impact throughout the organization. Following the completion of the assignment, there are specific lessons to be learned.

As a role model, I have learned that effective communication is essential. As a result, I will have to include staff in the life choice process. It is critical to allow them to express their opinions about the company. This is because of the aid of their feelings in the development of a new approach. I also discovered that guiding the workforce is quite beneficial. This is accomplished by volunteering for tasks that are not required of me. This allows employees to recognize and appreciate that you, as the leader, are aware of what they encounter at work.

As a result, I have developed into a leader since I have learned that volunteering as a professional is important because it fosters relationships between employees and employers. As a leader, it is preferable to attend to employees’ opinions regardless of their level of seniority. This is because you may receive suggestions to enhance the organization, which will help it accomplish its objectives and ideals. The lesson learned has allowed me to collaborate better with employees, thus creating a positive working environment.

LDR 615: Leadership and Innovation

In any business, innovation is critical since it enhances the effectiveness of services and speeds up the production process. It is undeniable that information sector innovation has improved the relationship between a firm and its company society. It has helped firms learn more about their customers’ demands by bridging customer relationships. For example, the Internet has increased communication between customers and the agency by establishing websites (Kopacheva, 2021). I have discovered that a success of an organization is dependent on its ability to innovate. As a result of completing the work, I have learned more about innovation.

First, I have discovered that incorporating relevant innovation that involves employees speeds up service delivery. This is evident when workers are seen attempting to improve their skills through the use of appropriate technologies. Furthermore, innovation establishes a link between the company and its customers. Consumers are drawn to a company that uses a reasonable technology because it gives performance and excellent services. Individuals are more attracted to innovations and, as a result, are more likely to adopt them, which helps to market the business and its operations.

Finally, innovation motivates people to complete their tasks with enthusiasm. This is because it aids in the improvement of their work and the development of their talents. It encourages people to be more inventive at work. This has helped me develop as a leader, as I have understood that societal consequences develop suitable leadership traits. As a leader, I must incorporate and push for appropriate innovation in areas where it will aid in the achievement of my medical ambitions and goals. The lesson learned also helped me use my leadership and creative talents to restructure the hospital. The outcomes have been excellent since the agency has been able to retain its clients.

Personal Call to Action

After graduation, my career development goal is to work in an international nongovernmental hospital, eventually rising to the governor’s position. I aspire to be that influential leader who is prepared to take command for the first time. I will help to boost the institution by using efficient tactics. I approached the task by reviewing the professional strategic development paper and learning some essential development skills. After getting the work done, I learned a variety of facts.

First and foremost, I realized that effective communication is critical in any workplace. As a leader, I must engage people and learn about their perspectives on the firm. Furthermore, strengthening multiple means of communication, such as social networks, aids in employee interaction. This is beneficial since one can gain knowledge and make strategic judgments in a changing environment. Another skill I noticed is that a corporation may reach its specified goals and ambitions by implementing an efficient leadership development plan. This is reflected in corporate strategy and employee participation in the new approach. In a variety of ways, learning has shaped me as a leader.

Management and leadership training are the professional development opportunities that will help me increase and update my knowledge, skills, and ability to perform roles throughout my working life. This professional development will also ensure my knowledge and skills are relevant to newer work, social and other conditions. I will volunteer to work with American Medical Association (AMA), a professional organization. This national organization will help me to provide timely, essential resources to empower my skills in leadership. My mentors are great leaders like Jeff Bezos, Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis, and Brian Check, the Airways CEO. These leaders are well-known due to their brilliance, self-confidence, ambition, loyalty, and friendliness.


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