Leavitt Group Enterprises Inc.’s Organization

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Modern organizations are frequently experiencing unrelenting challenges characterized by economic crunches, market volatility, and tough market competition that make them keep eyeing better ways of improving their performance (McCoy & Elwood, 2004). As the world industrial realm seems globalized and changing at a dramatic pace, the need for organizations to remain focused on improving their productivity coupled with gaining customer confidence becomes a prerequisite. Examining organizational profile can help in examining the company’s ability to impact change management within the organization. These organizational aspects are eminent through an examination of an organization through the organizational DNA. In this paper, Leavitt Group Enterprises Inc. is the case of this study.

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Decisions and Norms

Decision-making is one of the integral aspects of modern companies. Reaching the appropriate decisions in organizations normally helps organizations to accomplish its intended mission and set objectives (Hollnagel, 2010). Based on a profile of Leavitt Group Enterprises Inc., the company quickly translates strategic and operational decisions into accomplishment, each partner in the organization possesses the responsibility of producing good ideas and actions, and discipline is a key aspect of the organization with members focused on improving the organization’s image (Booz&Co, 2013). Also, the company struggles to ensure that it fits its strategy and capability into emerging opportunities, thus decisions go through responsive discussions during rethinking and a distinctive culture guides the organization.

Such factors inherent in Leavitt Group Enterprises can reveal its readiness and preparation to change within the organization. When the responsibility of decision-making is shared among all organizational workers, working out for progressive changes and eliminating challenges becomes much easier due to the informed decision-making process (McCoy & Elwood, 2004). Everyone sharing certain opinions and ideas that impact organizations is normally aware that the responsibility for triumph or failure of such opinion hinges upon them, and thus caution in decision-making remains integral (Parsons, 2010). As noted by McCoy and Elwood (2004), organizational change becomes a considerably positive one when all workers feel contented about transformations and impacts contributed by such changes and it is only through collective decision-making that members remain prepared for changes.

Motivators and Commitments

Among the modern organizational aspects in frequent discussion are aspects of employee motivation and empowerment that have proven inseparable from employee commitment and organizational performance (Hollnagel, 2010). Motivation in the organization is achievable when both employers and employees appreciate their progress at work. In Leavitt Group Enterprises, colleagues appreciate and consider each other’s commitment at work, employees receive rewards based on performance and merit of a specific unit, and employees with greater innovation receive recognition through rewards (Booz&Co, 2013). In the organization, incentives and rewards are major motivational techniques used in recognizing and appreciating the talents (Booz&Co, 2013). Also, senior officials discuss organizational affairs and individuals’ ability to deliver on performance commitments, which normally influences one’s career advancement and compensation.

Employee motivation is critical in organizational performance that becomes achievable through different stratagems including reward schemes. According to Parsons (2010), success in a significant change in an organization will depend on how members are willing to receive it and most probably, the rapport between organizational member counts in this case. The features present in Leavitt Group Enterprises Inc. can enable an organization to approach a demanding economic or market problem more comfortably, knowing very well that members are motivated to handle critical matters arising in the organization (Booz&Co, 2013). Motivators enhance employee commitment that gives them morale to approach emerging issues.

Information and Mindsets

Organizations thrive when members have the culture of fluent communication and information sharing across departments that keep the organizations’ processes running as programmed (McCoy & Elwood, 2004). Based on the Leavitt Group Enterprises Inc’s profile, information within the company flows freely across all organizational departments. Important information regarding the company including bad news such as the competitive environment reaches headquarters promptly, line and field employees acquire the needed information, and employees rarely send conflicting messages (Booz&Co, 2013). Moreover, the organization is client-oriented, as company leaders remain focused on immediate objectives that make it adapt successfully to the changing environment, and there are metrics for evaluating business performance.

The abovementioned features in Leavitt Group Enterprises make it an organization ready to meet current demands and changes as the free flow of information enables managers and subordinates to keep each other updated on the company’s progress (Booz&Co, 2013). Information sharing enables organizational processes to move smoothly with minimal confusion. Bad news and good ones are both significant for organizations as they are capable of understanding their potency and weaknesses that allow them to assess their overall progress based on their strategies. Leaders who remain focused on the immediate objectives move with the trend and changes within the business paradigm.

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Structure and Networks

Organizational planning that becomes eminent through structure and networks inherent in the organization are integral to the entire success of a company. As demonstrated in the Leavitt Group Enterprises profile, people collaborate effectively and the organization contains the right number of layers in its structure with employees having articulated roles with no overlapping responsibilities (Booz&Co, 2013). Influence in organizations depends entirely on an individual’s reputation, credibility, and relationship with an organizational focus on process and internal issues enabling a company to meet market demands and customer satisfaction needs. All work processes in Leavitt Group Enterprises follow the company’s regulations and unauthorized processes are not tolerated.

Organizational structure influences performance and enables employers to handle issues systematically as aspects of collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork, enhance objective achievement. An organization with the right number of the workforce can barely experience confusion and hence a change remains understandable by all members throughout the departments that possess succinct arrangement (Fiksel, 2003). A clear structure enables the free flow of information and understanding among workers. Recognizing and appreciating the individuals, efforts based on an individual’s reputation, credibility, and relationship enable other workers to emulate and create considerable change in organizational culture.

Company Demographics

Leavitt Group Enterprises profile indicates that the company is trailing a considerable sustainable economic environment that persuasively one can consider it as a prepared organization based on its annual revenue capacity that accounts to a maximum of $IB to $10B (Booz&Co, 2013). Finance is normally the controller of every important economic aspect of an organization and a company’s financial capacity matters when it comes to performance. According to Fiksel (2003), the changes experienced by organizations in modern days entail market pressures and economic challenges where a company requires financial stability to manage to triumph in such economic and market pressures.


Leavitt Group Enterprises Inc. stands out as one of the performing companies that can affect change management within the organization. From the results obtained from Org DNA Profiler, Leavitt Group Enterprises qualifies to be a resilient organization with a coherence index score of 100%. Based on the presumptions of the Org DNA Profiler, a resilient organization is one that is forward moving, self-correcting, and normally anticipates changes routinely and addresses them most appropriately and proactively. A resilient organization is one that possesses a distinctive culture, with discipline in focusing its efforts based on its capacity and ability.

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Results obtained from Org DNA Profiler® Survey

Based on your responses, your organization is a Resilient Organizational Type and your Org DNA Coherence Index score is 100%

The Resilient Organization “As good as it gets”

Flexible enough to adapt quickly to external market shifts, this organization remains steadfastly focused on and aligned behind a coherent business strategy. This forward-looking and self-correcting type of organization anticipates changes routinely and addresses them proactively. When it does hit a bump in the road — as all companies do — the resilient organization distinguishes itself in its response, which is immediate, thorough, and constructive. It attracts motivated team players and offers them not only a stimulating work environment, but also the resources and authority necessary to solve complex problems. The Resilient organization has a distinctive culture that is disciplined in focusing its efforts on areas in which it can win. Senior people “walk the talk” and deliver consistent messages. Collaboration and commitment run high across the resilient organization with influence based on reputation, credibility, and relationships. This is the healthiest organizational type. The firm is in good working order, but that is no invitation to complacency. Consistently, resilient companies know better than to believe their own press. They are always scanning the horizon for the next competitive battle or market innovation.

The Coherence Index specifically measures the coherence or consistency of your organization’s strategy. Most Resilient organizations will score high in this area. Coherent companies have a clear set of capabilities that are in line with their strategy and that they use repeatedly in their portfolio. Please visit the Coherence Profiler to learn more about the strengths of coherence.

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