Managements of the Meadows – Aged Care Facility


The Meadows–Aged care facility has a lot to do to get into the position that it needs to get to. The kind and nature of the problems it is facing are normal but quite complex in themselves. The management of this facility has a lot to do. In the first place, it has to initiate change. Secondly, it must ensure that the policies and strategies are reviewed and implemented. Thirdly it must learn that it always works with the correct, accurate, and suitable information. This can only be achieved if the upper management, middle management, and lower management work in harmony (Narton, 2002, p.19).

To start with the upper management through the department of human resources should ensure that it has the right and correct information about the problems that Meadow – Aged Care facility is facing. Since the difficulties that it is facing range from an aging workforce to other major difficulties. The management should ensure that to get the correct, precise, and right information in about the nature of the difficulties it is facing. It must ensure that the staff in the human resources department and information technology department is qualified and competent. This is the only way for the information that they need. (Narton, 2002, p.50)

In the performance of those duties and rules, the whole management should ensure and maintain teamwork. Team spirit is important as it boosts the morale of working (Baum, 2001, p.45).

After getting the information needed about the nature of the problems or difficulties faced by the facility, the human resources management in collaboration with the upper management should, first of all, start implementing its policies and strategies. If in case the policies and strategies at hand are obsolete, they should form and create new ones, which are still fresh and more flexible. (Sanders, Rabuk, 1945, p.180)

They should first try to reduce the number of staff positions; this can be achieved by allocating some money aside for this purpose. The money will go in meeting the expenses, of giving early retirement benefits to the staff in question (Negiel, 1986, p.97).

If the management as a whole is also not effective, the shareholders should elect a fresh and better Board of Directors who will always give an enabling environment for the rest of the staff. The stakeholders will not regret and their money will not get lost. They should ensure they have an efficient and hard-working Board of Directors. A better and well-placed board of Directors will automatically ensure a performing and working management that easily gets the assurance of the Australian Government in any of their professional matters. It is usually bad to break the laws. It is a bad thing normally and so the management that works better can not in any way break any laws of the country. If this happens, then it is a dynamic, fresh, and better management in every sense of the word. (Negiel, 1986, p.256)

After positions of the staff have been reduced by about ten percent, and new and performing management introduced the next step is to recruit new staff, train and develop the existing staff, and manage staff performance. This will ensure a reliable change at Meadows.- Aged- Care Facility. The new staff should and ought to be as young as possible in order to inject flexibility into the whole workforce. The existing staff should be put in continuous training and development. As for their management performance, it should be well managed (Fogel, Melson, 1986, p.465).

Another important step is motivating the whole staff. The staff may be unenthusiastic as well as demotivate but this should not serve as an excuse for the management to ignore any areas of motivating them. The management must ensure that the staff is well renumerated. Also, it should ensure that the working environment is as ideal and perfect as possible. A better working environment always boosts the morale of working; and with such an environment, the Meadows – Aged Care facility will always win the confidence of the government, and things will always move in the right direction (Narton, 2002, p.143).

The management must also ensure that it has management and staff who are creative. A creative and working management ensures flexibility and clearness in the working environment. A creative staff is easily motivated and achieves efficiency quite faster.

The management in question should stop working with an aged staff and make sure it injects the whole staff with fresh blood. Young and qualified staff will bring in so many desirable changes at work because it is highly flexible. Also, always the objections and aims of the facility will always be met and realized. (Baum, 2001, p.90)

The facility must also ensure that the current difficulties do not come back again, this is only possible through continuous reviewing and rechecking of its strategies and policies. It should try to forget the bad and poor as much as it is possible, and work for the present and future of the better facility. The work of the management is also to bring effort and vision to the facility. It can ensure and achieve this if it has the interest of the facility at heart. Having the interest of the facility at heart means being able to clearly deal with conflicts, risk threats, and any other related factors that pertain to the organization. (Sanders, Melson, 1986, p.125)

In this age of civilization modernity is something to focus on. This means that the management should make sure that they also introduce modern facilities at the Meadows Aged- Care Facility. These facilities should mainly be technologically based. In so doing the management will realize a lot of changes that are modern based, and then it will start once again to attract new residents as well as staff. In the same sense, it will no longer break the regulations of the government. Any difficulties will be past tense issues (Fogel, Melson, 1986, p.190).


Once the management of Meadows–Aged –Care facility follows the aforementioned factors and steps, then it will have no more problems or difficulties. It will be and remains the best facility in Australia; and will always be second to none.

The management must always realize how possible it is to become the best. It must also learn fast enough to save the facility from collapsing. A lot can actually be achieved by the management once it believes in itself and makes things happen.

It must also accept and be ready to start from scratch. Anyone who lives purposefully can whatever he or she wants in life. The Meadows Aged –Care Facility can achieve greater heights than can be thought possible. The sky is the limit for this facility. There must be co-operation from all those concerned to make the dream of reviving this facility possible (Negiel, 1986, p.200)


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