Staffing Organizations: A Coffee House’s Practices

The employment relationship and terms

My coffee house will recognize my employees through a signed contract recognized by law. By them agreeing to work at the gourmet coffee shop, I will be obligated to pay them for their work. The contract will contain contractual terms that will obligate me to give reasonable instructions for the job. Upon adherence to the terms, they will receive a payment as well as other benefits accruing to them. The contract of employment will be made up of express and implied contractual terms. The express terms will cover issues to do with the remuneration amounts including deserved bonus payments. In addition, they will cover agreements on the sick and redundancy payments, the period of time one is allowed off and the amount to be paid while on holiday. Before dismissing an employee, at least three warning notices will be availed. This is because everyone deserves a second chance. The standard hours of work will be sixteen hours, and the employees will therefore work in shifts. The business will not overwork any employee. Any overtime covered will be paid for, and it will not exceed the legal time limit. All these will be written down and signed by the employees, upon their agreement with the terms. The implied terms will not be put down in a particular document though they may appear in other documents. These other documents include the job advertisement, staff handbooks, payslips, and announcements made during meetings. The employees will be expected to know that the relationship existing between them and the coffee shop is professional.

Ways to avoid disparate treatment

To avoid claims of disparate treatment, measures will be put to enhance fairness and sanity in different areas of operation. Proper records will be maintained regarding the time one check in, and the time they check out. This will prevent cases of some employees working for longer periods than others. Those who work for long hours due to the nature of their area of operation will earn overtime benefits. There will also be bonus payments for work done exemplary. Every employee’s salary will be subject to a 25% hike after every two years. Rules and regulations will be made accessible to everyone, to ensure that all stakeholders live in harmony. Any employee found abusing the rights and dignity of a colleague, such as cases of sexual harassment, will be handled by the law. No employee’s contract will be terminated without having been warned twice before. All terminations will be through a formal letter of termination.

External influences hindering staffing

Staffing will be vital to the coffee shop. Some external factors which could be out of my control may however affect the process. For instance, if the economy will be too bad such that other restaurants will have laid off their employees, I would have a larger-than-standard pool of qualified applicants. This could force me to employ more resources during staffing, such as lengthy or many interviews. I however plan to do the staffing within the next two months because the economy is stable. Government regulation could affect the process due to rules regarding affirmative action. As much as the government’s intention would be to provide a chance to the minorities, it could seriously complicate the staffing process. To ensure that the minorities are represented in my workforce, job advertisements will be made in various ethnical backgrounds. Public opinion could as well complicate the process because the industry is not perceived to be a solid employer (Heneman, Judge & Mueller, 2011). This could force the most qualified applicants to shy away. My coffee shop will however make its employees financially comfortable.

Plan to deal with employee shortages and surpluses

Creating a plan to deal with employee shortages and surpluses can be complex. However, the expectation is to match the available labor supply with the human resource demand in the coffee shop. A shortage or a surplus of employees will indirectly affect the profitability of the business, the morale of the other employees, or even create employee mismatches. In case of a surplus, I will initiate strategies that include: employing freezes, laying off some employees, creating lesser working periods, and initiating across-the-board wage reductions. In addition, the employees who leave for individual reasons will not be replaced. I would consider hiring freezes as a matter of last resort since hiring them overloads the current staff that already have too many tasks to take care of. Failing to replace the workers who have left the company would be ideal because it is inexpensive and does not give a bad impression that the coffee shop is firing workers. To manage employee shortages, I will: staff new employees on a permanent basis, create more hours of operation for the current staff, recall former employees to work on a part-time basis, and maybe hire some on a temporary arrangement. Reducing working hours will result in lower profits for the business, and less pay for the employees (Bechet, 2008).

Strategy for workforce diversity

The business is in a very competitive working environment. I will therefore try to attain optimal workforce diversity in order to gain an advantage. This will create a culture of trust, equity, and a sense of respect among workers of different ages, ethnicities, religions, geographical origins, and races (Caruth & Pane, 2009). It will also expose them to diversity in ideas, skills, and practice. During staffing, the process will seek to identify the most qualified persons from various groups of people. The workplace environment will allow all the persons to perform their skills and practices, as long as they respond well to the customers. I will also analyze and understand the diversity of my customers so as to respond to them in their own selves. The customers will therefore associate with my coffee shop and policies.

  • Job requirements for the store managers
  • An associate degree in hotel management.
  • A team player.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Must have good customer service.
  • Must have at least basic computer skills.
  • Must have at least three years of experience in the same position.
  • Job analysis for the store managers
  • To ensure that the right types and amounts of coffee and other beverages and snacks are in stock so that desired inventory levels are reached.
  • To prepare and maintain the financial records and produce management reports.
  • Managing the coffee shop by upholding the standards of performance.
  • To drive sales and ensure that the coffee shop’s revenues go up.
  • Job requirements for the coffee servers
  • Must have at least a high school diploma or GED.
  • Must have at least two years of experience.
  • Must have good customer skills.
  • Job analysis for the coffee servers
  • To replenish the beverages at their service stations.
  • To prepare bills for the beverages and take payments.
  • To deliver the customers’ orders to the kitchen and ensure it is made ready.
  • To ensure that the counters and tables are clean at all times.
  • To fill the coffee and tea containers depending on the order.


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