Teamwork Performance Problem

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Performance problem is a gap existing between the strategies that had been laid earlier by an organization towards achieving its goals, objectives and its actual performance within a given period. Such problem may emerge at individual, team force, unit or organizational level and are mainly brought about by difficulty of task, negative attitude towards work, low level of skills among others (Smith& Katzenbach, 2003). These factors are influenced by external factors such as changes in political, environmental, social, technological and even legal framework. This calls for urgent action from the management failure to which the organizations performance would be affected.

Designing a team

Due to continued poor performance of the Ace consulting company in the global world, designing a new team emphasizes on the ability and motivational level of team members towards the company goals. Ability of the members ensures that team members have the required skills to undertake various duties assigned to them (Scholtes, 1998). To achieve this, as a human resource manager I will recruit sales experts with problems solving skills capable of reconstructing the company’s image in the global regions. This will be accompanied by motivational measures such issuing certificates of recognition to most industrious members of the team. The designed team will constitute positively minded individuals working towards achieving the set goals.

After designing the team, every member will be assigned responsibilities according to the goals of the company aiming at finding solution to the poor performance noted (Scholtes, 1998). This forms the basis through which the team members will be evaluated. Evaluation techniques will be as follows. First, evaluation based on the achievement of goals and the objectives company by the team members. Due to poor performance in the global regions, the main objective for the team will be reconstructing the image of the Ace Company by attracting customers and reestablishing the lost trust in the global customers. The team then designs a strategy and drafts a budget for guidance on carrying out promotional activities. The team then designs a marketing plan for executing the designed strategies according to the objectives of the company. During the execution of the activities, every team member reports to the Human Resource who monitors the feedback and evaluates performance at the middle of every financial year. The meeting provides a forum for evaluating the performance of every member in accordance to the goals and objectives of the company.

In case of poor performance, corrective measures are taken to ensure every member works according to the set objectives. The Human Resource Manager takes the responsibility of communicating to the members on how to improve carry out their duties to maximize performance improvement (Smith & Katzenbach, 2003). To achieve this, the manager ensures all the team members have the resources needed for efficient performance improvement such as pamphlet indicating the activities of the Ace consulting company to be supplied to the clients.In addition, training of the team members on the recent developments in sales techniques will be considered for faster improvements in company activities.

The information about poor performance will be acquired through various ways. To start with, since performance will be evaluated according to the set goals, increased number of customers indicates a positive move by the team members. This will be reflected by the number of customers responding for the services of the Ace consultancy (Smith & Katzenbach, 2003). An increase in the number of customers indicates a positive feedback from the global team members. Secondly, the data will be gathered through customers. This will be done by getting information from customers through road shows and public events such as trade fairs and exhibitions. These events will provide the team with suitable opportunity to meet our global thus enabling them to get the right information about the poor response to our services. The findings from customers will later be included in the strategic short and long term plans of solving problems of poor performance of the company.

To ensure continuity in performance improvement, these improvements must be monitored and encouraged. The quality assurance departments in all the global regions will be responsible for evaluating the input of all the team members (Scholtes, 1998). This will be done by considering increase in the number of clients reporting for the services of Ace Company at any given time. The information gathered are then recorded and stored for future comparison to note the degree of performance whether positive or negative. The department also evaluates the motivational level of the team members that promotes their commitment towards achieving the goals of the company.

To sustain positive achievements of the organization, the resource manager designs a scheme for compensating the team members.This is meant to promote their commitment towards achieving the set goals. The compensation includes giving of incentives such as hardship allowance to team members working in remote areas in the global countries (Scholtes, 1998). This motivates the team members and improves their commitments towards achieving the objectives of the company. In addition, team member who contributes in providing the largest number of input receives a certificate of recognition. The input depends on the number of new customers brought to the Ace Company. This is intended to motivate the other members to work harder as well as providing the company with stable work force.


Improving company’s performance calls for unity among the stake holders in the creation and provision of clear guidelines for work accomplishment. It entails vivid understanding of the factors leading to poor performance as well as vision and vision of the company. It therefore improvements communication by designing new strategies and promotes accountability among all workers. Teamwork performance therefore calls for activities that provide harmony among workers thus ensuring achievement of goals.


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