The New Product Development


The New Product Development is the term employed to give explanation the whole procedure of bringing a very new manufactured goods or services to the marketplace. A new product is an entity in the market which is the result of the innovation or in making any additional features to the product. It is the product that consists of a complete market by replacing or adapting various changes in the product. The main intention in attending the American brainstorming conference is to launch a new product, which is on the small scale “brainstorming technique for breaking out and generating innovative business, product, or service ideas is to get all of the external senses involved. In the brainstorming session, break into small groups of three or four people, imagining how the sensory aspects could be incorporated into a new product or other new idea” (Kyle, 2010, para.5).

New Product Development Process

The NPD process consists of allied steps: They are:

Idea Generation

The Idea Generation is the new emergent ideas that are been in the individual minds. It takes an important place in the new product development. The idea generated is put across in the conference, which is considered for the discussion about the viability and the compatibility of the topic. The idea generated here is the pen with the multi-facility like the four colors in them, the eraser, calculator and the calendar within the same.

Idea Screening

The Idea Screening is the result after the brainstorming ideas of the various delegates present in the conference. The brainstorming in the Idea Screening is very important as they generate many advantages and disadvantages of the products and accessibility.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is very important as it includes the analysis of the marketing conditions and the trends along with the viability of the products in the market.


The manufacture of the prototype is very essential in the new product development and the prototype of our pen is made to suit various requirements and the methods to check viability and the extent to which they meet the requirements.

Product Testing

The Product Testing is done to identify any limitations and additions for the prototype, if the prototype clears all the requisites and the final manufacturing process is to be started.

Pricing of the Product

Pricing is the phase where the manufacturers and the customers come together; the manufacturers fix the price of the product by various business analyses, budget and budgetary conditions.


The product implementation is to be resumed at the stage when the products are tested. The implementation includes various kinds of operations to be performed like the operations, scheduling and time plan, selection of suppliers, logistics selection, resource planning and reviews, the controlling of various operations, and the contingency plans are also set at this stage.

Post Implementation

The Post Implementation consists of various services that are provided by the manufacturers after the implementation of the product. Here the post-implementation includes the warranty services that are provided by the company as the pen is breakable and can be used for any additional services. “A product development strategy provides the framework to orient a company’s development projects as well as its development process. There is no one right strategy for a company. The strategy takes into account the company’s capabilities, the competition’s capabilities (strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and strategy), market needs and opportunities, goals, and financial resources. As a starting point to develop a product development strategy, the company must determine its primary strategic orientation” (Crow, 2001, para.1).

Development of a Product

For the purpose of this research, we take into consideration the launch of a new consumer food product, a specific category of noodles called the “HotNodle” which is healthy, tasty, nutritious and can be instantly prepared and consumed by all age groups. Before launching the product, research was conducted as to whether the product will be acceptable in the market. The research was also conducted as to how this new noodle product called the “HotNodle” will be different from the similar noodle products available in the market. “New product development is often described as a risky venture and undue emphasis is placed on a number of failures. There are two distinct types of failure; development projects that do not reach the launch stage and products that are launched but which subsequently fail” (Mallett, 1993, p.142).

Library source was used in order for the best available food sciences information and technologies used in food manufacturing. The ingredients used for the production of the new product were finalized and the formula was developed. The ingredients that need to be included in the product “HotNodle” were wheat, pulses, gram, bread and chicken breasts. The inclusion of the ingredient chicken breast was optional as the noodles can be offered in both vegetarian as well as nonvegetarian flavors. It was also decided to include tomato sauce, ketchup and chilly sauce as additional tastemakers. The sauces as an additional tastemaker have not been implemented previously and therefore this is a new product and offers a variety to the consumers.

Laboratory tests were conducted and the standard measurements of each ingredient in the product were finalized. The savor, color, consistency and appearance of the food product were finalized. Instead of the traditional “S” form that is found in all noodles; it was decided that the appearance of the noodles will be in the “CC” form which will be easy to cook and take less time to boil making the food ready to eat within 2 seconds.

The concept of packing and packaging was finalized. It was decided to launch the product in both foil paper packs as well as plastic jars. The plastic jars would also be “C” shaped. The extra content of sauces “Hotnodles” needs to be kept at cool temperature or refrigerated. The idea of the Noodles was for commercial distribution. Then the volume of the product which will be launched initially was determined. Shelf-life testing of the food product was done. It was tested whether the food product could retain its quality at both high and low temperatures. The storage aspects of Noodles were also taken into consideration before launching the product. A new product label was created on which the net weight, a list of the ingredients, the name of the producer and the nutrition facts in the product like the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates were considered so that consumers can quickly identify the product. The expiry date of “Hotnodles” was also printed on the jars as well as foil paper packaging. The food labeling was done in such a way that it was not just easily readable but also understandable. That means it was very simply written and very informative. “The nutrition facts label in the US has a main top section that includes information that can vary with each product (serving size, energy content and nutrition information). The lower part contains footnote information with daily values per 2000 and 2500 kcal diets” (Jeukendrup & Gleeson 2010, p.36).

The product was priced reasonably which could be afforded by everyone; was for the total consumer group. The product was launched after advertising and sales promotion.

This was how the new product called “Hotnodles” was launched in the US market.


Use the brainstorming session to talk about a NEW product that is the noodle “Hotnodle” that wish to start on. Brainstorming is one of the accepted instruments that assists produce inventive solutions to a crisis. Brainstorming merges a comfortable, casual approach to crisis-solving by means of lateral thoughts. It inquires that citizens come up with thoughts and feelings that may appear to be a bit passionate.

Brainstorming can be an extremely effective setting up method; only with the appropriate direction and management. If the product or service is delivered to the marketplace, it is totally new to all the target audiences. Brainstorming can be an effective way to generate lots of ideas on a specific issue and then determine which idea or ideas form the best solution. Brainstorming is mainly effective by means of groups of 8-12 citizens and should be executed in comfortable surroundings. If applicants experience free to rest and yarn approximately, they’ll make bigger minds with an additional and consequently created more innovative thoughts. Brainstorming is a procedure for upward imaginative explanations to troubles. Brainstorming mechanism is the best approach by means of a wide-ranging collection of people. Members should arrive from a variety of sections across the business and have diverse surroundings. There are primarily four necessary rules in brainstorming, intended to reduce public inhibitions enclosed by panel affiliates. It gives confident idea development, and expands innovation:

  • No criticism: Criticism of ideas is withheld during the brainstorming session as the purpose is on generating varied and unusual ideals and extending or adding to these ideas.
  • Welcome unusual ideas: Unusual ideas are welcomed as it is normally easier to “tame down” than to “tame up” as new ways of thinking and looking at the world may provide better solutions.
  • Quantity Wanted: The greater the number of ideas generated the greater the chance of producing a radical and effective solution.
  • Combine and improve ideas: Not only are a variety of ideals wanted, but also ways to combine ideas in order to make them better” (Brainstorming: What is brainstorming, 2010, para.5).

The objective is to develop relevant ideas and construct a marketing diagram for your manufactured goods or service from the ground up. After the growth stage of the new product development, the next step is to focus on the introduction of manufactured goods or services into the market. “Many brainstorming sessions are not as productive as they could be, typically because they are poorly planned or managed” (McNamara, 2010, para.1).


The new product development is a big process that involves a number of pre-planned and careful steps which need to be incorporated at every stage. The steps in the development of a new product are similar; but not the same. The process is different for consumer products, automobile products and any stationery product. Each product should be launched after a brainstorming session in which the product’s launch and its intention should be carefully researched. Ideas should be generated from all corners to product or service.

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