The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company’s Quality of Services

The Ritz-Carlton trademark was founded by Cesar Ritz. The entrepreneur opened the first Carlton Hotel in London in 1899. During the Great Depression period, Johnson Company secured rights to the name of the hotel, and it was instrumental in developing entities under the name internationally. Marriott International purchased the Ritz-Carlton Company later, and by 2000, they had 38 hotels under the name across the globe.

Marriott International’s strategy was to acquire contracts for management of other hotels across the globe after achieving great success with Ritz-Carlton hotels. One of the reasons for success for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is its contracts with Millennium Partners, a renowned real estate developer.

The Partners Group is a company that has perfected the construction of luxury hotels, and it has added value to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company’s services. The tremendous success may also be attributed to the aggressive marketing strategy that the CEOs of the company have assumed since its establishment. The prevailing business strategy in the company has been the development of individual-based services for the clients.

The management of the company also emphasises on efficiency in the human resources affiliated with the company. The quality of the services and customers’ satisfaction is a reflection of the performance of the human resources of the company. One of the core values held by the human resources is respect for the leaders and the clients. The leadership reciprocates by providing the employees with personal growth opportunities.

The company has quality indicators of performance that reveal the efficiency of the management in influencing the delivery of the required services to the customers through the employees. The locations of the hotels owned by the company must also be reviewed before the development of the sites to ensure they are viable markets for hospitality services.

Using information systems to enhance the quality of services

After the W.B. Johnson Properties had purchased the Ritz-Carlton trademark, the company set out to build Hotels that satisfied the luxury standards of the most discriminating consumers in the market. The company embarked on a mission to develop hotels with the most appealing views and facilities, as well as offering the best services in the world.

Over the years, the hotel industry has faced numerous challenges, and the companies with the most feasible business models have triumphed through the problems. Ritz-Carlton is one of the companies that have maintained their competitive power in the industry for the past several decades. The company used two types of information systems. One of the systems, known as COVIA, is used to handle guest reservations on a global scale.

The encore system is used to deal with reservation records in the local markets. The simplicity of using both systems made it possible for the entire employee base to gain skills in handling the database. After some time, the management of the company realised that the COVIA system had many loopholes, especially in the identification of different clients with similar names. After dealing with this problem, the management focused on using the system to enhance its marketing strategy.

The plan was to use the database for mail marketing. The company has assumed a futuristic approach in the application of information systems to improve its competitiveness. While other companies may have the capabilities to offer the same products to consumers, Ritz-Carlton has focused on distinguishing itself through the quality of its services. The information systems of the company provide easy access to services for customers across the globe.

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