Training Program for Adult Employees

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The development of an effective training safety program in the workplace is a priority for present-day companies. In order to ensure the presence of skills and knowledge among employees allowing them to deal with emergencies, such an initiative should address their specific needs with consideration of various circumstances. Hence, the proposed training plan incorporates the safety-related needs of employees with regard to the psychological aspect of the process.

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The efficiency of a safety-training program for adults in the workplace is conditional upon the orientation on a single need addressed through its implementation. For this initiative’s purposes, equipment safety as one of the principal components of business operations is used (Smith, 2017). The importance of this need is defined by the necessity to ensure the correspondence of skills and knowledge of the company’s employees to the rules for the use of special equipment.

The proposed program incorporates the ABCD concept by covering all its elements. Hence, the target audience is employees, and the expected behavior is performing group tasks and sharing the outcomes between the groups (“ABCD method,” 2020). The principal condition is the time limit (fifty minutes) for participants to learn the material and present their perspective, and the degree will relate to the speed of performing the tasks and the understanding of equipment safety by all employees.

This way, the first objective of the training program is to test workers’ ability to cope with daily operations, especially in the case of emergency, to ensure their safe actions related to equipment. The second objective is to develop cooperation between departments of the company that, in turn, will promote safety at inter-departmental level. The resources used in the training to define the need are related to the equipment used by the company and the data on employees’ qualifications.

Design of the Training

The orientation on adult workers implies the consideration of their psychology. In this case, it is vital to address the problem of their unwillingness to learn (Smith, 2017). The best method is to provide them with knowledge of how the new materials can foster self-development and promote them (Smith, 2017).

In this situation, it can be performed through bonuses to the workers who follow the requirements presented at the training and demonstrate the benefits of cooperation for personal safety outside work. Hence, the activity-based learning concepts using the specified methods for increasing motivation will include two tasks: to develop new mechanisms of increasing safety in groups and share them with colleagues.

Resources and Materials for the Training

To prepare the training materials, various resources for the objectives identified above will be used. The first and second resources are the questionnaires for employees to test their understanding of safety at work before the training and the main tasks presented to each department. The third resource is the PowerPoint presentation of possible situations that might lead to the violation of the equipment safety rules of the company.

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It will be followed by a short quiz assessing the understanding of the presentation. The last resource is the forms for feedback distributed among the departments to assess their colleagues’ contribution to the need. These materials will support the two objectives by providing comprehensive information on the role of cooperation in maintaining equipment safety and the ability to deal with emergencies.

Delivery of the Course

The proposed course will be delivered with the use of specific physical and educational resources. The former includes a room for the training that is large enough to accommodate the employees from all departments, projectors, and computers. The latter relates to the materials given in the previous section. The training process will be divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theory in the form of a presentation will be presented in the first twenty minutes of the course. The practice will include group tasks and the feedback forms, twenty-five and five minutes accordingly. As for the instructor’s feedback, it will be provided through correcting mistakes of participants in the quiz and assisting them in group tasks.

Evaluation of the Course

The training’s ultimate stage is its evaluation, and the proposed method is another feedback form addressing the most critical aspects. It will consist of five questions, including: How would you rate the pre-training preparation? How would you rate the course’s sequence and flow? How would you rate the course content? How would you rate the course delivery? Did you achieve the learning goals? In this way, the feedback will include the pre-training stages, procedure, content, delivery of materials, and the received knowledge on equipment safety. This information will help not only to ensure the course’s efficiency but also to improve it in the future.


To sum up, the proposed training program is an excellent tool that promotes equipment safety at an organizational level. It is based on the principles of cooperation and individual responsibility for one’s actions in emergencies. Moreover, the program’s design implies the consideration of actual situations that might happen in a specific company and elaborates a plan for employees to follow in each separate case. Thus, the training addresses the specified objectives in an efficient way.


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