Under Armor Company on the Chinese Market

Microenvironment actors

When introducing a company to the Asian market, namely the Chinese sphere, the business faced a number of problems. First of all, it is necessary to highlight the peculiarities of both the worldview and the social element of Asian culture (Krokou, 2021). The fact is that China belongs to the philosophical family, where certain foundations and principles have the most important place. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the main actors of micro-invigoration are the cultural divisions of the organization. It is these bodies, which have the power to research and assimilate into Chinese culture and society, which must edit and modify some of the business goals and plans of the corporation, so as not to violate the general rules of the Chinese market (Krokou, 2021). In other words, this body sets the trend for the development of both the ambitions and the practical actions of the superiors in the relevant segment (Krokou, 2021). As a consequence of the above, it is necessary to distinguish other leaders of the microwave industry, namely Asian marketers. The fact is that the Chinese market is kind of book by the implementation by the local authorities of their own Internet. Consequently, for European and American corporations, activity and competitiveness are complicated at times (Li & Nie, 2019). It is explained by the fact that almost every niche is already occupied by local small and medium-sized businesses; therefore, in order to increase the effectiveness of our company’s activities, it is necessary to delve into Chinese marketing.

Microenvironment forces

The forces influencing micro-environment flow out, too, in a very narrow way. First of all, there are the peculiarities of the behavioral culture of the local population and the non-native population. The fact is that the Chinese tend to solve problems and raise misunderstandings through silence. In other words, people do not like to raise problems and grievances out loud, but this will be done in the absence of our representatives. Thus, the dialogue with the terrain is greatly complicated since there are neither confrontations nor open encouragement (Krokou, 2021). In order to overcome such a complex cultural barrier, we need to edit our own behavior according to local trends (Li & Nie, 2019). One of the most important forces can also be identified as Shanghai, as an industrial city that generates a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses by virtue of its successful management (Li & Nie, 2019). It is important to emphasize that it is Shanghai manufacturing and businessmen who occupy the overwhelming number of niches. Accordingly, it was concluded that this city and its market were irresistible to foreigners at this time.

Macro environment actors

Now it is necessary to analyze the macro environment, starting with the main actors. First of all, it is worth mentioning the lawyers with a bias towards Azinathian law. The fact is that in addition to linguistic and cultural differences, there is a huge difference in Chinese norms. It is uncharacteristic of Europe and America to have a great dispersion of legislation. In other words, all the norms are not gathered into a single code but have different documents underneath them. Only recently, China began to create a semblance of the Civil Code, but this greatly complicates research activities in the field (Forbes, 2020). Only specialists with the appropriate education and background are able to cope with the task (Krokou, 2021). The presence of them is necessary because the sanctions for violating the law are very severe and, in the case of novice businesses, critical (Li & Nie, 2019). The second point must be cultural anthropologists and methodologists looking for an approach to interaction and reconciliation of differences with the local club. This is vital because the philosophy of China predetermines both the worldview of the local population and is a vector for the thoughts and actions of its citizens. Consequently, the club cannot be ignored or Americanized but must be studied and applied to the actions of our organization.

Macro environment forces

Finally, the macro environment is the Shanghai media, which to a large extent, creates or destroys the reputation of corporations. China is characterized by propaganda and censorship, which is reflected in the way information is presented to the public. In turn, the public, including local businesses, trusts Shanghai sources, which means that the influence of the media is enormous (Krokou, 2021). It is worth analyzing all the subtleties in order to get the organization mentioned in newspapers and on television. Then it is necessary to control your actions and choices so as not to spoil your reputation. It is important to emphasize that many Chinese businessmen are against foreign integration and, therefore, will take the opportunity to survive a potential competitor (Forbes, 2020). At the same time, there is also a positive force, the essence of which is the policy of internationalism pursued in China (Li & Nie, 2019). In other words, the authorities and the population, in general, view the activities of foreigners in the country positively, treating it as a new experience and cultural exchange. This should be taken advantage of in order to create an appropriate image. Uniqueness and innovation will be a key advantage over local corporations, capable of achieving rapid growth, consolidating positions, and then expanding the zone of influence.


In general, it was pointed out that China is a difficult market to conquer, but also ambitious and potentially profitable. When interacting with Asian countries, it is necessary to study their non-standard legislation and local culture, which has a predetermining character. With the right balance of power and focus in the corporation, as well as an even distribution of responsibilities, it is possible to conquer the Chinese market, but it will not be lightning-fast.


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