An Intervention in Remote and Hybrid Work

Remote working, where employees work from home, has become a trend in today’s job market. However, it does have numerous disadvantages and risks. The main problem is that employees will be more affected by work anxiety and burnout, which can cause many issues like internet addiction. Remote working has changed some of the significant features of the job, such as communication, which is an important part of a working relationship. There is less interaction between employees and other people, so there is less understanding of the work, which will cause some difficulties in getting along with others (Dewangan & Verma, 2022). On the other hand, hybrid working is where employees have to have some flexibility in their working patterns and have interpersonal, managerial, or organizational relationships with other people while working remotely (Dodgson, 2018). The intervention deals with remote and hybrid workers with their clients to prevent the negative effects of remote working on mental health and provide knowledge about social media platforms.

The possible interventions for remote and hybrid working are the development and implementation of online collaborative platforms as a way to integrate virtual and traditional teams. For instance, remote working can be made possible through virtual and face-to-face teamwork and benefit employees and employers (Muhammad, 2019). Many tools can be used for virtual collaboration. Virtual collaboration and online communities have created a way to easily co-create documents, spread information to their community members, organize their companies, and create new groups to meet up with other people in various industries. An example of a virtual collaboration tool is Google Drive.

In addition to the point above, Googe Drive can be a collaborative platform where remote workers can co-create documents, spread information to their community members, and organize their teams. Through Google Drive, clients can meet with other employees in various industries. Through Google Drive, employees and clients can interact by sharing ideas, discussing, and creating solutions to problems (Muhammad, 2019). Remote workers can also receive reviews of their work and get feedback on their job. It can be the ideal solution to decrease workplace anxiety by giving employees more opportunities for interaction and feedback. Thus, employees and clients can form an online community which is used as a way to enable interaction.

Another example of a virtual collaboration tool is WebEx. WebEx is a popular platform that allows employees from different countries to come together and share information. It is a great way for them to become more productive in the workplace. With the help of this tool, employees can develop more effective ways to reach out to one another (Dewangan & Verma, 2022). This virtual collaboration tool helps employees and clients communicate. It can help them to work together and make them more productive in the workplace. The WebEx tool can be a great way of coming up with and providing feedback on implementing your intervention. Viewing all available information about employees should help them notice if any improvements could be made in the process and product. It can also help you revise or develop an intervention for using this virtual collaboration tool to monitor and provide feedback to an organization. For an organization to properly use the WebEx tool, it needs adequate training and knowledge about how it works. Therefore, using this tool will enable employees to monitor how to efficiently and effectively deal with the trend identified in the first step.

The social aspects of working remotely help workers to be more productive, content, and clear about their communication styles. Remote work emphasizes productivity, which may help to attract some new users for this type of work arrangement. A survey conducted by Gallup showed that these work arrangements are currently being used by 25% of Americans who work outside of their home base (Dewangan & Verma, 2022). Another way this intervention can be applied is by creating a system of monitoring Virtual Workers’ performance and capabilities in terms of their online performance. Employees can create a virtual team of online workers/customers who can review their work product. This data can then be used to assess the effectiveness of the virtual work and confer upon the online workers and opportunity to adjust their interactions in light of their virtual experience (Dodgson, 2018).). Therefore, creating a system that helps the Virtual Worker and the offsite client understand how the other perceives their interactions and performances will allow the virtual workers to be more successful in their web job.

In conclusion, the virtual collaboration tool is an excellent example of a virtual team. The essential part of this intervention is to make it easier for employees to collaborate from various remote places, which can help them become more productive in the workplace and increase their daily physical interactions with their clients. This problem can be solved with a proper and innovative approach that would meet the needs of both parties. In addition, this tool can also improve the collaboration between workers, therefore coming up with a total solution. The virtual collaboration tools should be implemented in small steps so that virtual workers can gradually adjust to their new working environment. The important point is to assess what exactly goes well and does not work well. The intervention will help both parties improve their online performance and make workplace productivity improved for both parties. Therefore, this intervention will help make the virtual collaboration tool more effective and efficient.


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The primary audience of the intervention is the organization and the secondary audience is remote and hybrid workers.

The time frame for applying the intervention of the installation of WebEx as a virtual collaboration tool to this organization is six months. In the first month, the organization will receive training on WebEx. In the second month, the organization will purchase hardware and software for WebEx. In the third month, the organization will install WebEx. After three months after the deployment of WebEx, the organization will start using it in its place of collaboration. It is because, as per training, the organization will receive two months for customization and integration between hardware and software – their main application is Excel, similar to their present productivity tools. Six months after the implementation of WebEx, if all goes well, the organization will have finished integrating WebEx into its collaboration process.

The effectiveness of the intervention can be measured by considering the users’ feedback about WebEx. The organization can know the positive and negative feedback from the employee’s perspective. The second way an organization can measure the effectiveness of the intervention is by finding out if the employees are satisfied with the use of WebEx. It will help in knowing whether or not the employees are using WebEx, and if they are, then this can be used to measure the effectiveness of WebEx. If there is a lack of usage and no feedback about the product, it can be concluded that this is an ineffective evaluation.

My plan for proving the effectiveness of the intervention is that I will research using WebEx as a virtual collaboration between my organization as a case study in which my team will witness the effectiveness and application of WebEx in office collaboration. Through this, I will prove whether WebEx is a good model for office collaboration among organizations. I will also encourage the organization to use WebEx as a virtual collaboration tool. The organization will incorporate this tool into its offices, and the management will use it as an extension of its present productivity tools and applications.

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