Recognizing the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion


It is hard to disagree that many internal concepts define the success and performance of companies, and the workplace environment is of particular importance. One way to improve it is to spread workplace diversity and inclusion awareness. Employers are responsible for how their workers treat each other, and eliminating any kind of discrimination is vital. This proposal aims to discuss how the organization can improve the annual employee diversity training.

The Business Case

There is an increased necessity to address the recent issue. In an anonymous complaint, an employee stated that the “Diversity in the Workplace” short video the staff watches every year is insufficient to promote inclusiveness and raise awareness of diversity. The latter’s importance for a company is extreme – when employees know their differences and respect these characteristics, it is very profitable for the business (Cletus et al., 2018). Since the current practice is ineffective, it is required to introduce more engaging and encouraging activities that can promote diversity and inclusiveness in a more efficient way.

Mission Statement and Goals of the Organization

If a firm strives to promote diversity, the focus on the latter should be highlighted in the mission and objectives statements. According to Kanze et al. (2021), inclusion-oriented mission statements encourage workers to be more ethical and behave morally. Indeed, if a business officially proclaims its workplace diversity, it supports the differences between the staff members and should protect them. For example, it is possible to mention that all people are equal, and for this organization, personal qualities like intellect, talent, responsibility, decision-making, and creativity are much more valuable than gender, skin color, age, or sexual orientation.

Short-Term Actions

There are several steps the organization can take in the nearest future to change the impression of not being interested in its workers. For instance, it is possible to focus on the opinions of the staff – a beneficial action would be to interview the employees. It is essential to ask them both about their current views on diversity and the negative aspects of the firm’s approach toward training that they see (Cletus et al., 2018). The second short-term goal is to encourage the workers to better know each other by organizing small chatting events once a month.

Long-Term Actions

Further, long-term objectives should also be set and achieved in the following two years. One such action is to interview the workers again after at least six months of implementing the new diversity training program. If they are satisfied, then the mission will be successfully completed. The second long-term activity is extending the program and discussing other types of diversity, including genders, age gaps, and LGBT inclusiveness (Cletus et al., 2018). Overall, the key long-term goal is to make the organization’s attitude to these concepts more serious.

Annual Employee Diversity Training

Annual employee diversity training is significant because it reminds the staff of the differences between people and allows them to maintain their ethical attitudes. What is more, as noticed by Tuan (2019), “diversity training can enhance employee awareness of the organization’s fair and unprejudiced treatment and support for employees of different backgrounds and encourage them to expose their potentials” (p. 84). To achieve that, the organization needs to introduce some changes. First, it is required to make the training more extended and engaging – a twenty-minute video is not enough. The program needs to include various means of delivering information, including role-playing, group discussions, case studies, and other activities.

Celebrating Diversity Beyond Race

A good suggestion would be to make a cultural calendar and invite everyone to take part in it. Since the staff includes people of different races, genders, ages, and sexual orientations, they all have significant holidays to celebrate. Doing that together and supporting each other can promote mutual care, respect, and trust and acquaint employees with other traditions and valuable holidays. This is the way to let the workers feel that they are a team and everyone is accepted.

Other Suggestions

Other suggestions would include the creation of a special board for employees to make little notes and share their thoughts, praise other workers’ achievements, or explain their cultural traditions. Further, it is recommended for the organization to support employee advancement and pay special attention to minorities’ needs. Finally, it would be very beneficial to let the staff members better know each other. For instance, longer meal breaks or ‘Common Friday’ once a month is a great way for the workers to strengthen their connection.


To conclude, one may say that it is actually extremely significant for employers to address workplace inclusion. Workers are one of the main mechanisms that promote the successful work of companies. If the firm does not help its staff maintain mutual respect and trust, there will not be a friendly and productive workplace environment. Therefore, a diversity-oriented mission statement, correctly set short- and long-term goals, and an effective training program are the key components of inclusion promotion.


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